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Carpenter Bees‘ stings, just like those from snakes, are truly terrifying. Their huge size and the aggressive nature of the male carpenter bees cause even more fear among people.So, do Do Carpenter Bees Sting or Bite?

Carpenter bees drill holes on people’s houses, wooden fences. Additionally, if a wood pecker passes by the drilled holes, they would enlarge the holes left by the carpenter bee and thus cause damage to you wooden structure. For most homeowners, the million-dollar question is: do all carpenter bees sting or bite?


[thrive_text_block color=”note” headline=””] Only female carpenter bees can sting, but they only do so when they provoked or mishandled. However, the contrast between carpenter bees and other bees is that they don’t lose their stinger after the stinging action. Therefore, carpenter bees can sting you or your pet multiple times. [/thrive_text_block] 

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Male carpenter bees will only make frightening moves in response to any sudden movements but can’t sting.

The holes the carpenter bees dig also weaken the wood structure as they continue to return. Also, multiply fast and attract woodpeckers, which cause even more damage.

To help you know the best bee traps that can help you manage your carpenter bee problem around the house, we’ll outline the top 5 best sellers Best Carpenter bee traps.

Best Carpenter bee traps 

Carpenter bees are not only an irritant around the home but can also cause immeasurable destruction to your home, log cabin, or other wood structures. 

There are a lot of affordable, efficient, easy to use, and beautiful bee traps to protect you from carpenter bee stings and your home from damage.

1. Artisan Carved Face Carpenter Bee Trap

The beautiful Artisan Carved Face Carpenter bee trap is not only good at trapping bad guys but also aesthetically gifted.

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The chainsaw-carved cedar wood trap is available in a range of sizes and comes fitted with mason jar receptacle.

Each piece is distinctive with its character and sure to beautify any area where it is installed.

It is available in two diameter size ranges and a height of 10-15 inches.

The trap enjoys rave reviews across the internet, with users testifying to its effectiveness.


  • Excellent quality
  • One-time investment (no bait required)
  • Requires little to no maintenance
  • Each piece is unique work of art
  • Easy to use and very effective at trapping carpenter bees.


  • None

2. Best Bee Brothers – Best Bee Trap Carpenter Bee Trap

Arguably the best bee trap on the market, this premium product is fashioned along the lines of a atural bee nest. It is very efficient at trapping and killing carpenter bees and will serve you for a very long time.

Do Carpenter Bees Sting or Bite
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Once the carpenter bees enter the trap, the ingenious funnel makes sure there is no escape.

Apart from its utility as a carpenter bee trap, it has a beautifully polished design which complements and beautifies any area where it is installed.

Unluckily, carpenter bees will always evade pesticides and raid. However, carpenter bee straps present a humane alternative to capture the insects.

Carpenter bee trap will allow you to catch the carpenter bees, after which you can kill them using sprays. Also, you can let the bees to die in the bottle in the trap.

However, do not confuse carpenter bees with bumble bees as they are not the yellow back type, but are browner on their back.

To get the best results, the manufacturer recommends installing a single trap for every 15 ft. radius. Apart from being easy to use, you can easily attach a range of bottle sizes to the grommet, from 12 and 16 ounces to even 2 Liter capacity bottles.


  • Premium quality
  • Made from high quality all-weather materials
  • Little maintenance
  • Zero toxic chemicals
  • Affordable


  • No known issues

3. Bees N Things – Carpenter Bee Trap

Another excellent carpenter Bee trap from a reputable manufacturer of bee traps, this piece comes with a small circular hanger.

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It allows you to hang it on walls or trees. It can be hung, mounted, and sat depending on the location of the bees that you want to capture.

It has the appearance of a birdhouse and features a detachable jar that allows you to monitor and remove trapped carpenter bees.

The trap doesn’t require the use of any bait and it’s solid built guarantees that it will serve you for long.

The jar can be simply unscrewed to remove trapped bees. The carpenter bee trap comes with a hook for use if want to hang it.


  • Good Quality and effective against Carpenter bees
  • One-time investment (no bait)
  • Easy to use
  • Zero to little maintenance
  • Does not attract or harm honey bees
  • Affordable


  • Not designed for all weather

4. Wood Be Gone II

This is another product that is doing well on the market. Wood Bee Gone II is manufactured by a Veteran owned company in Nicholasville, Kentucky, USA.

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It also features the favorite birdhouse design with the jar attached at the bottom.

One notable design element that separates from the competition is its ability to be water sealed through the simple addition of a Thompson’s Waterseal.

The seal comes at an additional cost of approximately $4. The exceptional quality of the Wood Bee Gone II Carpenter bee trap is apparent even at first sight. The ¾ pine lumber body is kept together by a combination of nails and glue.

It is primarily designed not to attract or harm honeybees or use any harmful chemicals in the form of a trap.

A 6 inch, 14-gauge jack-chain is included to help you easily hang the trap wherever you see fit.


  • Great design and solid build
  • Easy to use and effective
  • One-time investment – catches bees naturally
  • Works perfectly in all weather
  • Does not attract or harm honey bees
  • Veteran owned business


  • None


5. Bees N Things Plastic Bottle Carpenter Bee Trap

This simple but effective carpenter bee trap design is a favorite for many people. It is designed to work with any plastic bottle, making it easy to use and convenient.

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The birdhouse design accommodates the plastic bottle through an opening on its side.

It can be hung, mounted, or sat anywhere in an area that bees are swarming.

The area of coverage is approximately 5-15ft, which must inform the number of traps you need to install in the affected area to get the best results.


  • Built to last a long time
  • Effective
  • Easy to use
  • One-time investment (Doesn’t require a bait)
  • Affordable (one of the cheapest)


  • Has the appearance of a DIY job
  • Plastic bottles don’t look that great as opposed to jars

How Carpenter bee traps work

Carpenter bee traps are the best way to deal with carpenter bees as they are free of pesticides and chemicals. This makes them safe around the home and a humane way to deal with carpenter bees.

Traps give you the option to catch and release the bees if you so wish. Carpenter bees prefer colonizing existing holes to make their nests as opposed to digging one. That is why the traps are designed with a hole that mimics the holes drilled by carpenter bees.

Most Carpenter bees are solitary, but when they cooperate, they dig one entrance hole and tunnels that lead to other holes. The entrance hole measures 0.63 inches in diameter.

Once a bee finds its way through the hole, it lands in the jar or bottle with no way to escape. The traps will not attract new colonies of carpenter bees.

What to do

When you identify new colonies or areas of high carpenter bee activity, mount or hang your carpenter bee traps according to the specific coverage area of the product.  For the best results, especially when installing your trap outdoors, spray the active nests with WD40.

After that, block all the entrances to the nests so that the carpenter bees can turn to your trap for a new home. Manufacturers of carpenter bee trap also sell special plugs to close previous tunnels and repair the structure. Monitor the trap a periodically detach the jar or glass bottle to remove captured bees.

Important Carpenter Bee Information

Difference between male and female carpenter bees

Carpenter bees are prevalent worldwide and belong to approximately 500 species. They have a characteristic shiny abdomen, a quality which distinguishes them from bumblebees’ hairy abdomens.

Male carpenter bees can be identified through their yellow or white faces. While female carpenter bees have a stinger, their male counterparts are harmless. However, the female is docile and will not bite unless it feels threatened.

Do carpenter bees pollinate flowers?

Yes: carpenter bees pollinate open-faced flowers. They need pollen and nectar to make bee bread to feed the larvae. They cross-pollinate flowers while collecting the pollen and nectar, making them invaluable for the ecosystem.

That is why it makes sense to catch and release them if you can, as opposed to extermination.

Do carpenter bees make honey?

Female carpenter bees feed pollen and regurgitated nectar to their larvae. Only honey bees make significant amounts of honey. That is because they are not solitary like carpenter bees and live in large colonies.

Apart from being solitary, carpenter bees do not need to keep large quantities of honey as the queen and workers die during late fall. The only survivor is the newly hatched queen who will survive by hibernating underground throughout winter.

 Carpenter bee sting treatment

The female carpenter bee can repeatedly sting as it does not lose its stinger after delivering a bite. However, like most bee stings, the result is often a painful local reaction. Sometimes the result can be an acute allergic reaction. Its venom, like that of the bumblebee, contains melittin.

Melittin induces pain, redness, and swelling in the affected area. According to the Abrons Student Health Center at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, the best way to treat a carpenter bee sting is to rest and elevate the affected body part.

It is also advisable to apply cold packs now and then for the first 24 hours. Protect your skin from the direct contact with the ice pack by placing two layers of fabric. Pain and swelling can also be managed by taking over-the-counter antihistamines and painkillers respectively.

The situation may be more concerning if you are allergic to bee stings. In such instances, more severe symptoms may appear. These include whole body rash, nausea, burning, weakness and in some cases, difficulty breathing, unconsciousness, and shock. Such symptoms demand immediate medical treatment. 

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Timing is king!

Taking preventative action is always the best approach to controlling carpenter bee infestation. Coat all untreated wood structures in early spring before the bees dig their nests. If you wish to use carpenter bee traps, also do so before they take residence around your home.

If the bees have already dug nests, it is advisable to use a pesticide instead. Plug all the holes and deploy your traps afterward. Take all the required precautions when using the pesticides or call a professional exterminator to do the job.

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