Do Water Purification Tablets Kill Viruses?

Do water purification tablets kill viruses? Water purification tablets release free chlorine into the dirty water to kill pathogens, just like municipal water treatment. 

In summary, water purification tablets with chlorine dioxide will kill micro-organisms like cryptosporidium, bacteria, and viruses. But are the tablet safe?

The tablets will be safe or used by human beings in the purification process – kill dangerous micro-organisms and treat the water. But store the tablets well as recommended by the manufactures to avoid damage or poisoning. 

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Do Water Purification Tablets Kill Viruses? 7 Tips

1. Chlorine Dioxide-Based Purification Tablets 

Chlorine dioxide-based purification tablets kill cryptosporidium, bacteria, and viruses due to chlorine dioxide that’s highly effective against microorganisms.

Chlorine dioxide is highly effective as a water purification and cleaning water with tablets. However, chlorine-dioxide tablets take a long time (4 hours) to treat water.

2. Chlorine-Based Water Tablets 

Chlorine-based tablets contain chlorine that helps purify the water. But water treated with these tablets may become contaminated when stored for a long time. 

Further, chlorine-based tablets will have some aftertaste with the chlorine taste. But it’s possible to eliminate the chlorine aftertaste by allowing the bottle to remain open and evaporate. 

3. Iodine-Based Water Tablets 

Iodine-based tablets are considered to be more effective when used with warm water. However, you’ll require to allow about half an hour to purify the water for use with cold water. Further, these iodine tablets will equally kill viruses and bacteria in your water. 

Equally, the iodine tablets will allow some after- taste in your water. Options to remove the taste include waiting for the taste to escape to thin air or using vitamin C that’ll readily neutralize the after- taste following the completion of water purification. For thyroid patients – avoid iodine tablets. 

Benefits of Employing Water Purification Tablets 

1. Tablets are Portable and Mobile 

Luckily, water purification tablets are easy to carry. You can easily fill some containers or pockets as you travel or go camping to purify water for your whole family. Further, it’ll be straightforward to use the tablets as you move around your job or hobbies.

You won’t require additional ingredients or expensive machines to undertake your water purification process besides killing the dangerous viruses. Just drop one or more drops, as recommend, into the water bottles and shake to treat.

Further, you can easily and in a hassle-free way prepare your purified water at any location within 30 minutes. So you’ll drink water with no impurities, or viruses, or other micro-organisms. So, enjoy your clean, fresh, and purifies water at home, hiking or camping locations, or outdoor spaces.

The water tablets will kill the viruses if you let the treated water settle overnight – and you’ll get clean, healthy, and safe water in the morning – ready to drink. So, it’s impossible to jump the strenuous processes like ultra-violet radiation, boiling, and filtering.

2. Kills Dangerous Pathogens 

Water purification tablets will kill dangerous pathogens, including bacteria and viruses, which could otherwise make human beings suffer from water-borne diseases, including cholera, dysentery, and salmonella.

The Chlorine dioxide and iodine chemical used in these tablets will readily kill the pathogens, parasites, bacteria, and viruses. The iodine and chlorine will kill cryptosporidium, E. coli bacteria, and giardia found in water mainly contained with animal deposits. 

Further, water purification using the tablets also kill weeds in your flower bed since they have chlorine and iodine as their main active ingredients – so that other micro-organism won’t grow in the water or its surroundings. 

3. Great for Emergency – Purify and Kill Viruses 

If you need to kill pathogens and viruses in your water during disasters such as hurricanes or floods, water purification tablets will come in handy. In such disaster cases, it’s usually a challenge to get clean and purified water.

The tablets are portable and simple to carry around, making it easy to ship them to disaster-prone areas. Further, the tablets will kill viruses and purify even pond or well water to make it ready for human beings’ drinking. 

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So, do water purification tablets kill viruses? Yes, these water purification tablets, particularly chlorine or iodine-based water, will kill most water micro-organisms, including viruses and various types of water-borne bacteria. 

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