Does Flea Treatment Burn Cats Skin

Does Flea Treatment Burn Cats Skin?

On how to flea treat kittens with sensitive skin? Kittens/cats with sensitive skin are delicate animals to handle, even with kittens’ best flea treatment. These skin sensations are triggered by some causes such as: 

  1. Allergens – cause irritation and itching.
  2. Flea infestations – Flea bites my case diseases like Bartonella, Anemia, or Flea Allergy Dermatitis on your kittens.

Details: Does Flea Treatment Burn Cats Skin?

You can use some of the ways highlighted while treating your skin sensitive kitten/cat:

  1. Select antifungal shampoo for cleaning your kitten – the cleaning product should be free from parabens, ethoxylated, or sulfates. 
  2. Avoid using creams, serum, or paste options of kitten flea treatment products (this may cause injuries on their skin during application). Instead, go for spray, powder, chewable, or table flea treatment options.
  3. During the application, press the flea killer gently on the surface.
  4. Treat kennel for kittens often with flea-killing products.
  5. Cover your kitten after treatment to avoid any possible inspection.
  6. In case your kittens are food allergic, try to use a non-processed diet that is rice, fish, and basic vegetables based.
  7. Engage veterinary or pest professionals for further treatment in case your kitten’s conditions deteriorate.
  8. Avoid covering your kitten with a large coat – this offers hideouts for allergens.
  9. Desist from taking your kitten to public places or clouded places.

Alternative Flea Treatments For Kittens?

1. Diatomaceous Earth

The powder diatomaceous earth, manufactured from microscopic remains of fossilized algae, is a non-toxic flea treatment product that causes dehydration on the flea on application.

  • All you need is to sprinkle all over on the skin-sensitive kitten/cat. Leave is enclosed for 1 to 2 days, the, clean it using the washcloth gently.
  • NB: don’t vacuum the kitten – it may cause injuries on the skin due to suction.

You can administer this treatment per week. Not that diatomaceous earth is irritated when it touch your eyes or is inhaled. You will need to use a facemask during the application.

2. Using Rosemary powder.

The herbal rosemary plant (in powder) is known to produce smells that repel flea.

  • Therefore, you can make your homemade powder by grinding a mixture of rosemary with other additives like fennel, rue, peppermint, or wormwood and sundry them. 

Sprinkle or rub the powder over the skin-sensitive kitten/cat to administer treatment. The main effect of rosemary powder is to repel flea than kill.

3. Flea-repelling plants.

The use of flea-repelling plants is an environmentally friendly way of inhibiting/preventing flea in your kennel or home. These plants are capable of releasing a specific scent that keeps off a flea.

  • You can have many of these plants in your compound or house as a preventive/treatment measure since fleas won’t dwell where they grow.

Flea-repelling plants include Chrysanthemums, Penny Royal, Thyme, Sage, Clove, Basil, Lavender, and Spearmint. 

Suitable Chemical Flea Treatment for Cats

Pet scape Organic Cat Flea Collar

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Pet Scape collar flea treatment for your kitten is one of the best flea treatments for kittens – with another daily dosage. Nieko flea collar will work magic for you as it can treat your kitten for 8months. 

The collar is waterproof and safe for all kittens/cats – it does not cause irritations.  It won’t be affected by sun exposure or bleach due to its high-resistant fabric material.

Nieko flea collar is non-greasy, hypoallergenic, and odorless. The collar is made of organic essential oils that do not harm your kitten. It has a natural oil that inhibits/prevents the infestation of the flea.

The durable collar comes in a sizable length that works for all cats/kittens – you will need to cut and fit the kitten’s neck size.

Nieko flea collar is eco-friendly and assures you continuous protection for your kitten 24/7.

Nieko flea collar is light in weight. This product won’t cause any discomfort to your kitten/cat during the entire time of use.

The Good:

  • No irritation and Natural/organic – no pollution.
  • Waterproof/water-resistant.
  • Non-grease and Hypoallergenic
  • Adjustable size and Quick acting – in 24 hours.
  • Inhibits flea infestation and Eco friendly.

The Bad:

  • Relatively Expensive.

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Wrong treatment or Wrong medication may cause a skin reaction or discomfort on your kitten. Harsh grooming.

  • Therefore, you need professional know-how or skills to kill flea infestation without harming them.