Does Salt Kill Fleas

Does Salt Kill Fleas? Remove Fleas with Salt!

Does salt kill fleas? When looking to eradicate fleas, you are often confronted by a wealth of information, but what is correct and what is not? If you have fleas in the lawn – check this flea spray for the yard

Does Salt Kill Fleas

In this article, we will be focusing on the truth behind whether salt kills fleas. Check these images of fleas and their larvae – here’s what fleas look like.
One of the significant points of concern when trying to rid your home of fleas are their eggs. These are notoriously difficult to get rid of and can often be a source of the infestation returning. 

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Does Salt Kill Fleas? – Get Rid of Fleas with Salt!

If you have heard the rumor that salt can kill fleas, you will be pleasantly surprised to learn that there is some truth in this. Using salt is a more natural way of treating the problem effectively – dawn soap for fleas

Fleas can be a real nuisance, and often the use of chemicals and sprays to kill them off can be just as hazardous to the more welcome members of the family. Read Also: Does Salt Kill Bed Bugs?

How Does Salt Kill Fleas? 

Most notably, salt can dry out the fleas, and this, in turn, kills them. Let’s look at this in a little more detail – review these foggers for fleas

Salt is something that we are all aware of can draw moisture out, and the reason that this is particularly useful in eradicating fleas because these tiny creatures have little air holes through which they breathe.

These holes need to remain moist; otherwise, the flea will die. By using salt, you can soak up the moisture and effectively end the flea’s life. The salt acts quickly, and the fleas cannot replenish the moisture soon enough to survive.

How Can I Use Salt To Kill Fleas?

If you are suffering from a wave of unwelcome house guests in the form of fleas, you can use any of the following methods using your usual household table salt to remove them.

  • The use of salt is great for large areas such as carpets and area rugs as the product can be sprinkled on and left to work its magic. You can also do this in other areas of the home, such as soft furnishings and bedding.
  • As you are probably well aware, a most flea infestation can be found on your pet, so it is highly relevant to treat them with salt. To have the most success from the salt treatment, you should give you pet a salt bath.
  • This can be achieved by mixing salt and water (one part salt to ten parts water) in a suitable container such as a basin or bathtub.

You can then bathe your pet in the water paying particular attention to areas where the fleas are most dense, for example, behind the ears.

After the salt bath, you can then brush your pet and allow the salt to take action. Read Also: Do Fleas Stay On Humans?

Some great tips to ensure that your salt treatment works to an optimum level are as follows;

  • Using a highly refined salt will work much better than salt, which has not been ground down.
  • A shaker container will enable ease of distribution.
  • Make sure to target areas underneath furniture that might get missed.
  • Thoroughly vacuum the area before beginning the treatment as this will remove some of the eggs first.
  • The best way to tackle a room is to begin at the door and work inwards to stop any fleas from getting out.
  • Make sure that you evenly spread the salt around the area you are dealing with.
  • Using a brush to work the salt through the carpet will further encourage its ability to dry out the fleas.
  • It would be best if you left the salt for as long as possible, with 48 hours being the minimum amount of time.
  • To remove the salt, thoroughly vacuum the room once again.
  • It would be best if you repeated this treatment until you are sure all the fleas are gone. 

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What about Flea Eggs, Does Salt Work For Those Too?

But can salt assist you in the removal of the eggs as well as the live pests? In short, the answer to this question is a resounding, yes! 

The salt will act in the same way as it does with the adult fleas and will dry out any eggs, causing them to die off before they have the chance to hatch.

More often than not, the majority of the flea eggs will fall off their host once they have been laid and will remain around the home-in carpets and nooks and crannies until they develop into adult fleas, which then reattach to the host, and the process begins again. 

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You may have thought that using salt to kill fleas was simply a myth, but in truth, it is a very effective method of dealing with these annoying little pests

Not only is it a natural solution, but it is also extremely cost-effective. This is once again, a very effective treatment for areas around the home.