Does the Dryer heat Kill Fleas, their eggs and larvae?

After I posted this article on “how to remove fleas in clothes and beddings,” a reader sent me this question –  “do fleas die in the dryer”. To answer the questions, I conducted some experiments (on my dryer) and consulted my local vet.

So, the short answer is YES – heat in the dryer does kill fleas, their eggs, and larvae. First, launder the beddings and clothing at 140°F for 10 minutes. Then,  put the dryer temperature at the highest setting possible, depending on the fabric. 

In the Clothes Dryer

Does Dryer heat Kill FleasAs I’ve pointed above fleas will definitely die when placed in a hot dryer. The laundering process (with water and detergent) will drown fleas or wash them away. The heat drying process will cause flea desiccation and hence death. 

What about room dryer?


Heat on the Outdoor environment?

Adult Fleas

However, in the outdoor space, fleas die at a temperature above 95°F and humidity below 40% for over 38 hours. 

Flea Eggs and flea Larvae


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