Ecosmart Organic Horse Fly Knockdown Review

Ecosmart Organic Horse Fly Knockdown Review

This is an Ecosmart Organic Horse Fly Knockdown review. EcoSMART Organic is also an effective horse fly repellent that qualifies for our noble list of the best fly spray for horses

The Organic name points to the Green nature of quality products with no chemical and hence safe for your horse.

This product allows natural botanical defense against the horse flies and hence won’t use chemicals.  

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Ecosmart Organic Horse Fly Knockdown Review

In addition to controlling horse flies, EcoSMART Organic will also prevent attacks from horn flies, house flies, face flies, deer flies, and stable flies.

The organic plant oils will work wonders, thanks to the scientist who developed and patented this organic formula. Therefore, the procedure is not toxic and will not produce a d chemical odor or irritate your horse’s skin.

Effective but not toxic

EcoSMART Organic is safe around both pests and other animals. If you’ve been searching for a product that’s both effective and is not toxic, then you’ve just found EcoSMART Organic.

Ease of Application

With Ecosmart fly repellant, your horse can now pasture the whole day without disturbance from horse flies, ticks, and gnats. All you need is to brush your horse lightly to remove dust and dirt that they may have got from the stalls overnight.

However, ensure you shake the fly repellent real well for better effectiveness since it is made up of blended liquid plant oils

Finally, get your Ecosmart horse fly repellent and spray, but avoid the animal’s face and eyes.

Also, put the repellent on a cloth to moisten and treat the horse’s face. However, do not spray the eyes, face, or ears.

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