Espree Aloe Herbal Fly Repellent Horse Spray Review

Espree Aloe Herbal (one of the best fly spray for horses) is a horse fly repellent contains Aloe Vera and botanical oils, which are natural ingredients. In addition it has conditioner and sunscreen to protect the coat of your horse. The unique aspects of this Espree horse fly repellent come ready to use and thus won’t require additional mixing and has sunscreen and natural Aloe Vera. 

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Espree was invented by Teri Payne Jones in 1989 who loved Aloe Vera natural ingredients and his horses. Therefore, Teri was directly involved in the development of care for horses, which created top satisfaction in his career.

Natural Aloe ingredients

Espree Aloe is created from purely natural Aloe ingredients. Therefore, since it has no dangerous chemicals, the horse repellent won’t be toxic to the animal’s body or skin if it’s absorbed. Further, the formula won’t be toxic to the environment as its all natural ingredients.

Definitely I love my horse but most time flies cannot give them peace of mind to graze and enjoy life in the stalls and pastures. But I have realized that this Espree Aloe Herbal will prevent that toxic interaction between your horse and flies.

Ready to Use

Espree Aloe comes in its ready to use form and thus you won’t require to mix things up before your start spraying your horse. In addition, this horse fly repellent has a sunscreen that allows it to protect you against harsh sun rays.

The horse fly repellent has conditioner to assist keep your horse’s coat in a healthy and shiny state. This will be great for both pasturing and when you’re going for a horse show and may even give you additional favors over there.

Its scent is heavenly, which you and your horse will love. Notably, the great smell in the horse fly repellent will also last long enough to give you great service both at the farm and at the horse show.

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