Flea Repellent for Humans

9 Flea Repellent for Humans; Deet, Picarding, Lemon Oil?

Get a quality flea repellent for humans or avoid fleas hitchhiking; their bites are itchy and carry diseases like anemia, typhus, and plague.

But most flea repellents contain harsh chemicals like DEET that can cause serious side effects on humans (mammals) and pets when applied directly to their skin or fur.

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1. Repel Insect Repellent Sportsman Max Formula 40% DEET

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Using its innovative 8-hour protection, this 40% DEET spray ticks all boxes for a good flea repellant: it can protect against fleas, chiggers, gnats, ticks, no-see-ums, and mosquitoes.

NB: Fabric is easier to treat than human skin. For complete protection, invest in a high-quality fabric repellent (40% DEET) and your skin will thank you – combine it with sunscreens.

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REPEL Sportsmen is a revolutionary way to protect yourself and your children from the dangers of West Nile and Dengue viruses, Zika, and Chikungunya by repelling fleas.

The repellent is non-greasy and odorless, so it will not irritate most people. I recommend REPEL Sportsmen for outdoor lovers, hunters, fishermen, backpackers, and campers.

  • Applying the repellent is pretty easy. You just spray it on 6 inches away from your body and make sure not to focus on any of the face, ears, mouth, or eyes.
  • In addition to this, you should only apply it on exposed skin or clothing; you must never apply the repellent on sunburned or broken skin, wounds, and cuts.

For an odorless and non-stick alternative, this REPEL Sportsmen repellent is great for outdoor environments like parks, golf courses, etc., where there’s likely dirt or sand on the ground.

  • That’s why I switched to this DEET-based REPEL Sportsmen, which not only protected me from flea and mosquito bites but also the unknown bug varmints that may have attacked me.
  • The best way to avoid breathing it in is to hold your breath during application. Once applied, it needs to be reapplied every hour or so when outside due to continuous sweating.

The chemical spray still has a strong odor after application, but it gradually dissipates and washes out of clothing with much ease.

How Do I Keep Fleas From Biting Me?

Flea bites are common in households that have pets or neighbors with pets.

You should refrain from going outdoors and to other houses without flea control as you can carry them to your home. Here are other measures to take to avoid flea bites:

a. Wear Long Pants – Tuck them in!

Fleas can be a major problem in hot weather. So, wear long pants and long-sleeved shirts to protect your skin from insects.

Wearing closed-toe shoes and long pants (tucked into socks) is the best way to keep fleas from biting your lower legs, feet, and toes.

The best way to prevent fleas is to cover your skin, limit contact with pets or animals, and avoid sitting on the ground. Also, wear clothes that conceal skin such as long-sleeved crops.

Fleas do not like sunlight so keeping homes well-lit with natural light can be one more step towards deterring these pests from entering your space.

b. Spray Flea Repellent

Spraying flea repellent with DEET (N, N-diethyl-meta-toluamide) or permethrin on your clothes, pet bedding, and house can help prevent an infestation.

It’s important to note that the spray won’t kill any adult fleas – it only prevents them from biting you or your animals.

You’ll still need to treat the home with a good all-purpose pest control product after spraying for best results.

If you have young children in your household, make sure the insecticide is safe before spraying inside because some products are not appropriate for use around kids aged six months and younger.

  • If there’s no label specifying safety near infants or toddlers, don’t assume anything – always ask first!

You may also use natural flea repellents (as approved by scientists) made from essential oils such as myrtle oil and thyme oil as opposed to using DEET or permethrin.

c. Launder Bedding and Clothing

If there’s a chance that fleas made their way to your spaces, clean all bedding and clothing that have been in contact with the flea-infested pet.

  • Use soap + water in laundering for fleas.

Launder all of the dirty laundry together (bedding, towels, clothes) on a hot water wash cycle for at least 20 minutes.

  • Also, use the hot dryer setting for dry bedding, dog beds, and clothing.
  • Be sure to clean out any items such as drawers or closets where they might be hiding.

If you can’t launder everything right away, seal off those items in plastic bags until you get a chance.

d. Vacuum Carpets and Furniture for Fleas

Vacuuming is a great way to kill the eggs, larvae, and adults all at once.

When you vacuum your carpet or upholstery, make sure that it is possible to thoroughly clean the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner afterward so that any live flea will be killed by sucking up into its trap instead of being released back onto your floor.

  • If you have hard floors (tile or wood) then there are other methods with which one can remove adult fleas from these surfaces without having to use harsh chemicals such as sticky paper traps.
  • There are also contraptions made out of little plastic cups placed on top of each other with some

Be sure to discard the vacuum bag in a sealed plastic bag or trash can so it doesn’t reinfect your home.

To prevent future flea problems from developing, make sure to keep up with regular vacuuming of carpets, furniture, and hard surfaces as well as monthly treatments for carpeting.

Do not forget about your pillows! A thorough vacuuming is essential in controlling an infestation on any surface where you spend time resting such as an armchair or bed.

Can Fleas Bite Through Clothing?

The short answer is Yes and No. Fleas can bite through clothing, but they cannot bite through most types of fabric, but they can stay on tight fabrics or thin clothing that hugs your skin such as skin-tight, stockings, and thin fabrics while bitting.

In most cases, the fabric will not actually stop a flea from biting and you’ll end up with an itchy red welt on your skin nearby where the parasite bit down.

  • However, there are some fabrics that resist bites better than others when it comes to the material’s thickness or its chemical composition.

Thick cotton, wool, and leather are resistant to bites. So if you’re wearing any of these types of fabric it’s possible for a flea to stay on the surface without biting in.

On the other hand, silk is not as good at resisting attacks from fleas because its slick texture allows it to bite onto it easier than cotton or leather would allow.

What Kills Fleas Instantly?

a. Rubbing alcohol

Rubbing alcohol and dishwashing soap can be used to kill fleas on your furniture, floors, and bedding.

Pets that are infested with fleas should be taken to the vet for treatment of their condition.

If a pet is not able or willing to go outside at all times, it will need an indoor area cleaned by using pesticides or insecticides designed specifically for pets (and people!)

  • It’s also important to think about what you wear when going into areas where there might be lots of flea activity like parks, dog runs, and woods – especially if you have children who play in these places often!
  • Fleas can crawl through clothing so it’s key to dress appropriately. When wearing light-colored clothes outdoors during warm months and

b. Boric Acid

Boric acid kills fleas by dehydrating them and slowing down their metabolism.

  • It’s usually used as a roach killer but can also be used to kill fleas on animals, so it works for home use too!

Sodium borate is a salt of the acid boric, HOBr. Boric acid doesn’t work instantly like some other insecticides because it’s slow-acting and dehydrates fleas over time.

You can use borax around your home if you don’t want to purchase commercial pesticides such as sprays and powder. Boric acid is toxic to humans and should be used with care.

Borax can also be found in some laundry detergents, which would kill fleas on clothing if it’s mixed into the wash water.

2. SALLYEANDER No-Bite-Me for Fleas, Mosquitoes, & Ticks

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SALLYEANDER No-Bite-Me cream is a great insecticide for anyone expecting to spend time outdoors! Pack it with you camping or traveling and it’ll offer flea protection for your entire family.

The Deet-free flea repellent is safe for humans including kids that’ll leave no fuss or mess. You’ll need just to dot the cream on some exposed skin – it’s natural and safe.

SALLYEANDER No-Bite-Me preserves sensitive skin using quality essential oils like lemongrass, rosemary, mint, and cedar – forming the perfect blend of scent, effectiveness, and safety.

This flea repellent provides protection from both bugs and bug bites. The dual product provides lasting relief of the itchy skin caused by biting insects including ticks, fleas, and mosquitoes.

I lived in a flea-infested apartment. Every day, I was bombarded with fleas and they would be on my bare feet within seconds as soon as I put them down. You could say that the carpet was a hazardous waste!

  • The worst part about this all is that being showered or bathing didn’t help, so for weeks, it felt like stepping on lava when I woke up and tried to go get breakfast.
  • SALLYEANDER No-Bite-Me worked miracles though and helped me regain control over my own home without having to cancel any social plans.

3. 3Ultrathon Insect Repellent Lotion

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Despite the apparent dangers associated with high levels of DEET, this 3M Ultrathon has been proven to be highly effective in killing fleas and other insects such as deer flies, biting flies, ticks, and no-see-ums

The cream is designed to interrupt a bug’s nerve receptors thus making it more difficult for them to sense that they are surrounded by a human scent.

The 3M Ultrathon flea repellent will be effective for over 12 hours and can be used on clothing, boots, and other gear.

It’s created and used largely by the military to keep insects away from troops at base camps or while they are deployed in areas infested with insects.

The 3Ultrathon flea Repellent Lotion is designed with 3M’s Polymer Technology to provide long-lasting and effective protection against fleas and mosquitoes.

Unlike alcohol-based repellents, the DEET (slow release in 3M Ultrathon will not evaporate when it comes into contact with water or heat; providing people with a more lasting form of relief.

The high residue coverage in 3M Ultrathon will keep you protected from bugging insects and the cream is sweat and splash-resistant – perfect for use in tropical regions without pain or irritation.

  • 3M Ultrathon proved to be sticky because it is not well absorbed by the human skin. Some objects would stick to my skin and eventually require much effort to clean the area. 

4. Avon Skin-So-Soft Bug Guard + Picaridin & Vitamin-E

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To help you battle itchy skin from flea bites, the next item on our list is the Avon Skin-So-Soft. While this lotion has an itchy feeling on human skin, will also relieve irritation caused by scrapes and bug bites.

But in addition to these properties, Skin-So-Soft from Avon is a healthy option for households with children because it’s made without harsh chemicals and can serve as sunscreen or moisturizer.

Avon Skin-So-Soft is, however, not suitable for repelling fleas during a major infestation. Fortunately, the flea repellent will be absorbed in a human’s skin immediately upon application.

The spray does not leave any residual scum or greasy feel on the skin. If you are engaging in more active outdoor activities, like gardening or camping, this is a very suitable product.

Avon Skin-So-Soft is a budget-friendly, effective flea solution for your summer flea problems.

People are worried about what this flea repellant will do to their skin and clothes but don’t because Avon Skin-So-Soft leaves a light floral scent behind in addition to being highly effective as a flea repellent.

Natural Flea Repellents for Humans

1. Lemon spray – Human Flea Spray

The lemon spray is an effective flea repellent that you can use on your skin. Luckily, the spray has desirable and safe features including being:

  • Natural and Safe
  • Cheap
  • Environmentally Friendly

To remove fleas from your home, make a citrus spray to use on infected furniture. To make the lemon solution, slice a thin lemon and add water.

  • Bring it to a boil and let it sit overnight in order for the juice to complete its chemical change through fermentation. Pour this into an empty spray bottle, then shake before spraying.

Lemon is a great way to not only control wasp stings but also get rid of fleas. The lemon spray is an effective natural and safe way to repel those tiny blood-suckers.

You can add eucalyptus Citriodora oil to the lemon spray to make it more effective.

2. Catnip oil

Catnip oil is a great repellent that has been shown in lab experiments to have excellent flea-repelling properties.

It is also natural, so there are no worries about possible side effects associated with chemical insecticides.

  • The downside of this method is the potential for cats to ingest too much oil and become ill or vomit it back up on your furniture.

The ‘minty’ smell in menthol, peppermint, mint leaves, and catnip are all strong enough to make fleas want to crawl away.

You can plant catnip in the backyard, where it will repel fleas.

Secondly, you can rub a catnip leaf over your bedding to repel fleas or cut up some leaves and let them suffocate on the carpet.

To deter fleas, you can use either catnip oil or lemon spray – plus you may combine this with a flea collar.

3. Peppermint

Peppermint essential oil is a popular topical choice for repelling fleas in humans.

Some people find that adding several drops of peppermint essential oil to their shampoo helps keep them from scratching and soothes itchy skin caused by bites or allergic reactions.

  • It can also be applied to other parts of the body as long as you avoid sensitive areas like your eyes, nose, mouth, genitals, and open wounds.

A few years ago I was bitten really badly at a concert during some heavy moshing (you know how wild those metal concerts get) when one of my friends accidentally stepped on me while we were crowd surfing together over the barricade.

The next day my neck had swollen up into this gross bumpy rash with a bunch of pus-filled blisters.

A few hours later I discovered that the bites itched like crazy, and my neck was so swollen.

I knew I had to get some relief fast because if this kept on going much longer, then there would be a lot more clean-up than just killing all those fleas!

Lucky for me, peppermint oil is one of the most popular methods people use as an anti-itch treatment when they’re bitten by bugs or are suffering from allergies.

It also helps relieve stress and anxiety which can sometimes happen in situations where you’ve been attacked by these bugging little fleas – (because who wouldn’t freak out?)


In summary, Flea Repellents for Humans are now available in many forms.

  • The variety ranges from sprays, dips, creams, and powders for clothes to topical ointments that are applied to the skin.

Flea Repellents for Humans can be purchased at many drug stores and gardening centers.

  • The best Flea Repellent for Humans in our opinion is the REPEL Sportsmen Max because it’s easy to apply, smells pleasant, does not irritate skin or eyes, and lasts a long time! We hope this article has been helpful and informative!

If you have any questions please feel free to ask us below!


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