How to Get Rid Of Sweat Bees (Quickly) – Trapping, Killing

Sweat bees are common in many homes, especially in gardens. They are a common type of bee and get their name from how they are attracted to salts that are present in human sweat.

These small members of the bee family are essential to our eco-system although they can sometimes be a nuisance around the home.

Female sweat bees can cause a mild sting. However, but the males sweat bees can only bite as they do not have stingers.

Pain caused by sweat bee stings rank the lowest in severity. You will require getting rid of the sweat bees when they a pose danger to you, your family member or pets. However, here are some handy tips to help you go about it in the best way possible.

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Identifying sweat bees

Although some species of sweat bees resemble wasps, honey, and bumble bees, they are a mostly solitary type and mostly make their nests in hollow wood trunks and underground.

The bees take over such areas that are left unchecked. Sweat bees exits in Hymenoptera Insect family and commonly found in North America, Australia, and Asia. They have a notable yellow face and feature a variety of sheen colors such as brown, bronze, black, red, metallic, and green.

The size of the sweat bee ranges from 0.125” – 0.5” and they have characteristic long hairy legs that are instrumental in the transfer of pollen.

What do sweat bees eat?

According to Discover Magazine, sweat bees use humans like a salt lick. The salty human diet makes them prefer humans over animals. Sweat bees drink tears and nutritious human perspiration.

Their main diet, which also goes for the larvae underground, is mainly nectar and pollen. The nutritious human sweat and tears act as a dietary supplement.

Common methods of controlling sweat bees

There are some standard methods adopted to get rid of sweat bees. These include preparing before they invade, killing on contact, catching them, repelling them, and extermination.

1. Killing on contact – How to Kill Sweat Bee

This is not a very efficient method as it constitutes eliminating isolated bees as and when they make contact through the use of household insecticides.

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It is a short-term solution that also has the disadvantage of exposing you to the same pesticides you use to kill the bees. Most pesticides can be extremely dangerous if used for extended periods.

2. Repelling them – How to Repel Sweat Bees

A humane way to eliminate sweat bees is to repel them. However not all repellents are made equal, which is why you need to go for a product whose ingredients have been registered with the EPA.

Talk to a doctor if any member of your household is negatively affected by the type of repellant you are using. Exterminators can also recommend a host of superior quality options for the same purpose.

You can also keep sweat bees away from you by rubbing some mint soap on your skin.

3. Trap the bees – How to Trap Sweat Bees

Another humane and effective method to eradicate of sweat bees is to trap them. There are many resources online that tell you how to build your sweat bee trap; it is advisable to go for commercial options.

This is because traditional and some DIY sweat bee traps will not work with these tiny insects. Search online for options and don’t forget to look at customer reviews before settling for any particular product.

4. Preparing the ground

A sure way to keep sweat bees away from your home and property is to locate the areas in which they like to build their nests. Once you find the potential nesting ground, you need to make it unconducive for sweat bee habitation.

Sweat bees like to colonize dry and thin soil and will mostly show up in humid weather. As they love to burrow under the ground, adding layers of mulch is sure to dissuade them from colonizing the area any further. It makes the soil much harder to penetrate.

5. Hire a professional exterminator

In most instances, it is wise to leave the job to exterminators as they have the training and experience to deal with dangerous insects and pesticides.

Exterminators will take all precautionary measures, including wearing protective clothing. Make a shortlist of reputable exterminators who know how to wipe out sweat bees in your pool, yard, or garden.

Do your groundwork before hiring an exterminator and ask if you need to do anything to prepare for the extermination.

So, what if bees ceases to exists? 

Wrap up

Whatever the method you choose, always make it a point to seek expert help if unsure of how to proceed.

Check out all the options including using a sweat bee trap, depending on whether you strive to prevent colonization, repel, eliminate, or trap the bees.

Professionals know best how to get rid of sweat bees from your pool and other areas that may prove complicated for a DIY approach.

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