Green Gobbler GGDIS2CH32 Dissolve Liquid review

Green Gobbler GGDIS2CH32 Dissolve Review

Green Gobbler is conveniently packed in two packets that you’ll find easy to use on your clogged pipes and drains. Luckily, this product also tops our list of the best drain cleaner available in the market.

The powder formula was great, but this new liquid option is even simpler to use. Just un-cock it and pour the contents one of the chambers, and you’re done. Check top drain cleaners. 

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Green gobbler Liquid instructions

Interestingly, you don’t wear rubber gloves, no nothing – it’s all safe. Most traditional drain cleaners may bore the clog (with heat) to allow some water to move through it but don’t clean the pipes. However, Green Gobbler won’t produce heat and will clean the pipes too.

How Green Gobbler Liquid Works

Green Gobbler will clear drain clogs in the tubs, showers, sinks, and toilets. It works through emulsification and dissolution of paper, oils, grease, feminine products, toothpaste, hair, and organic matter stuck in the clogged drain pipe.

Shower Drains & tubs

I recently discussed how to clean a shower drain clogged with hair. This post noted that Showers, Drains, and tubs are mainly clogged by hair, soap scum, grease, and shampoo oils. Therefore, an enzymatic cleaner like Green Gobbler will be the best solution to emulsify and dissolve all those debris and organic matter.

So, after pouring the cleaner into the clogged drain, give it like 20 minutes (check the product label for instruction) and finally pouring hot water to flush the foreign materials.


Most times, we’ll accidentally flush female products such as sanitary pads down the toilet. This leads to confusion; do you use a plunger, hot water, or acidic cleaner to eat away the product’s fiber? Luckily, you can unclog the pipes by pouring down the Green Gobbler powder into the toilet, even without removing the water remaining on the toilet basin.

Sink Drains

In addition to the hair, grease, and shampoo oils, sink drains will also be clogged by toothpaste as you brush your teeth. A major differentiating factor for Green Gobbler is that it is eco-friendly as it doesn’t use chemical but just natural enzymes. Sadly, I have to tell you that you’ll need to avoid vinegar and Baking Soda remedy because it doesn’t work.

The Good: 

  • 1. Pre-measured Liquid bottles: As you may have noted, this green gobbler liquid is packed in a plastic bottle that is conveniently divided into two compartments with separate lids. Luckily, each of the packets is enough for a single treatment or drain unclogging.
  • Therefore, no mess and no measuring. You’ll use one chamber for your kitchen or shower sink while you’ll need to empty two chambers when cleaning any toilet clogs.
  • 2. Environmental friendly: Green Gobbler works through enzymatic action and does not produce dangerous fumes while in action. It’s not basic, acidic, or acoustic-like your regular drain cleaners. This has earned this cleaner the prestigious EPA approval for being environmentally friendly and biodegradable.
  • 3. Great for PVC and metal pipes: Contrary to common belief, this liquid drain cleaner will work well in both PVC and metal pipes – this includes cast iron, copper, and aluminum. It also dissolves most clogs and hair fast enough. It’s also great for big toilet clogs.
  • It has fast dissolve technology that will help to clear the drain clogs effectively. So, if you have regular problems with toilet clogs and are environmentally conscious, then this Green Gobbler dissolve should be your ultimate drain cleaner.

The Bad: 

  • 1. Requires hot water: Green Gobbler comes in a liquid form. After 20-30 minutes, you’ll need to flush the toilet (not activating) using hot water. Therefore, if you’re not on solar power, the process could be delayed by power blackout or gas unavailability.
  • 2. Slow on fully clogged drains: I noted that when the drain or sink, if fully clogged, you might need to use a snake first or a bent hanger wire, or else the process will be too slow.


It’ll dissolve fast, oil, soap scum, hair, and grease – in its amazingly two pre-measured portions. Being heavier or denser than water, the Green Gobbler cleaner will move through stagnant water and clean your pipes and drains.

Further, it is non-flammable and odorless, making it so much better than the acidic, basic, or acoustic drain cleaners. It’ll be great for shower drains, bathtubs, toilets, or kitchen sinks.