Harris Bed Bug Killer Review

Harris Bed Bug Killer Review

Harris Bed Bug Killer won’t stain your clothes, fabrics, or linen. The spray formula won’t damage furniture finished despite leaving a residue that’ll be active for long.

The long residue effect (7 to 10 days) means that the formula will continue killing bed bugs over time and won’t require frequent re-application after the first day.

2. Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Spraying

This product will kill bed bugs excellently for both your outdoor and indoor spaces.

However, Harris Bed Bug Killer is more effective in controlling bed bugs in indoor spaces where roaches tend to create their safe havens.

3. Liquid Spray formula

Being a spray formula, this product will be suitable to spray places that bed bugs are hiding or have created a bug nest.

  • I found the nozzle to be highly convenient in distributing the liquid.
  • Luckily, the liquid spray tends to dry out just about 5 minutes after the application.

Therefore, it’s great to apply to your bedding, mattresses, and furniture.

4. Odorless formula (or mild smell)

In addition to being effective against bed bugs, this product is odorless and non-irritating to both human beings and your pets.

However, some customers note that they experience some mild (though non-irritating) smell, which would disapprove of the “odorless” claim.

2. Harris Bed Bug Killer vs. Proof Bed Bug Spray

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