Harris Boric Acid Roach Powder With Lure Review

In this post, I’ve reviewed Harris Boric Acid powder as an effective roach killer. Harris Boric Acid is one of the historic roach control method, at least the chemical side of the composition.

In addition to killing roaches, the boric acid powder will also exterminate other bugs such as silverfish, palmetto bugs, and water bugs.

Boric Acid for being highly effective in killing roaches yet also budget-friendly and thus topping the list of the best roach killers available today.

Special lure/ Attractant

Harris boric acid contains a special lure that’ll attract the roaches to the poison and trick it into feeding o its death. Further, the cockroaches tend to carry the boric acid back to their nests and thus cause the secondary kill effect on the whole roach colony.

The included straw has a tube-like design that’ll allow the homeowner to place the roach killing powders to the deepest of the cracks and crevices. But, being a chemical, boric acid must not be ingested by humans, pets, and livestock as it can be poisonous to them.

Condensed milk mixture 

For top efficiency, you should mix the boric acid roach killer with condensed milk creating a thick paste that’s highly attractive to the roaches. This will help confuse some roaches and bugs that will readily avoid eating some roach baits with a specific smell, color or shape.

This roach powder offers high-efficiency rates where you can see dead roaches in like 2 days after you’ve applied in the right locations.

Harris Boric Acid works

You’ll find this boric acid very simple to use in killing roaches and other bugs. On application, you’ll need to pour a portion of the roach powders in the designated surface. The killer’s lure will attract the bugs and hence allow the chemical to kill them on contact.

The cockroaches will be dead in the next 48 hours after getting into contact with the boric acid. As noted above, the chemical has a long residue effect lasting even for like 5 days.

You’ll need to treat the areas that are difficult areas to reach such as under the sofa set, on countertops, in cupboards, and under the refrigerators. Harris Boric Acid is EPA registered, which means it’s suitable and safe for home use.

Is Boric Acid roach killer Safe for Humans & Pets? 

Despite that this roach killer is highly toxic to roaches and other insects such as fleas and bed bugs, the products have low-toxicity levels that would not poison humans and pets (either cats or dogs).

Therefore, roach acid will be safe around pets and humans if its in low dosages. Further, boric acid causes no carcinogenic impacts on the roaches. However, boric acid powder must not be used near breastfeeding or nursing women. 

Ingesting high amounts of the roach acid powders can cause a coma, seizures, tremors, skin rashes and diarrhea – and thus care is paramount. Further, the roach killing powder may trigger a burning or irritating feeling on your skin and eyes.

Therefore, when doing the boric acid application, you’ll need to wear protective goggles and gloves to safeguard and block your eyes, mouth, and nose. However, exposure even to low levels of boric acid may cause hives, rashes, burning sensation on your nasal passages and dry throat.

Compare Borax vs. Boric Acid 

First things first, both borax and boric acid are extracted from the mineral boron. Further, you can both of these chemicals to kill roaches and other insects. 

But borax is used in toothpaste, laundry detergent or dish soap in addition to its ability to kill mildew and molds as a suitable fungicide. 

Therefore, borax incorporated in the regular use products comes in very low quantities and hence will pose very limited risk to both pets and human beings. However, you must follow the product label instructions before using this boric acid powder to kill insects such as roaches.


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