How Can You Tell If You Have Moles in Your Yard

How Can You Tell If You Have Moles in Your Yard

Maybe in your yard, you spotted a mouse or a rat, or it’s a mole but you can tell the difference. How can you tell if you have moles in your yard?

Well, here are the signs of moles in the yard; moulding, drying plants and grass, and sighting a mole. You need to deal with them, the moment you spot them before the level of damage can be extensive.

In this regard, there are a few questions to answer to help you understand what we are dealing with. Check also the gopher traps. If you want to know you have moles in your yard, here are some commons things you have to look out for.

Common Signs of Moles in Your Yard

1. Moulding

The first and the most visible signs of mole infestation in your yard are moldings. These are heaps of soil comes as a result of moles burrowing up the soil from the underground tunnels.

From the molds, you are likely to find the opening to the tunnel, though it’s not a 100% guarantee.

Tactically, the moles and raccoons do this when looking for food from underground. They can dig these tunnels of up to 8 ft. in an hour leaving several heaps of soil above the ground.

2. Drying plants and grass

Another sign is the drying of grass and other plants in your yard.  As the moles burrow underground, they destroy the roots of anything they find on their way.

Most tunnels are shallow and easily reach plant roots. This destroys the grass and other plants along the tunnels leaving them dry and weathered.

With their strong and sharp claws, moles can tear down even the strongest of the plant’s root system turning them yellowish and weathered.

3. Sighting a mole

Moles spend a lot of their time in the underground and it’s a rare occurrence to spot one

They are mostly active in the evening and early morning. At this time, you may chance to spot them. Alternatively, they have a preference for loamy soils especially when the ground is moist.

Also sometimes after a light rainfall, you may spot them coming to get some warmth from the surface. Moles are loners and mostly move alone. Sometimes, most of the damage you see in the yard could be the work of just a single mole. 

What are moles?

Mole is basically some burrowing animals that are found underground. They feed on underground insects and worms for survival. They vary in sizes between 4-11 inches.

Some people confuse moles with rodents like mice or even rats.

However, you can also identify them by their physical appearances like a thin and a long snout, strong front feet, small eyes with grey to brownish or black fur. 

Their eyesight is poorly developed but their snout compensates for that by being oversensitive to touch. If this is what you have spotted in your yard, then you are dealing with moles in your yard.

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What attracts moles to my yard?

The reason why moles will burrow into your yard is that they are looking for food. As I said, they feed on earthworms, immature insects, white grubs, beetles, crickets among other insects. 

They will dig multiple tunnels as they search these insects.

Another factor though not common is moist and loamy soil. Moles love to inhabit these kinds of soils. They burrow to keep their bodies cool since they spend most of their time underground.

What is the fastest way to get rid of moles in your yard?

To eliminate moles from your yard, here are quick ways of doing it;

1. Traps

Traps are one of the best and the most effective way to eliminate moles and stop further destruction. You can get these traps from local retailers or from animal experts

2. Baits

Baits are used to attract moles into the traps. For the best baits, you can use what moles love best and that is worms, grubs, and crickets. This is a good way to lead them into a trap and capture them.

3. Removing the food sources from your yard

By removing what the moles come for in your yard, you actually starve them giving them no opportunity to be in your yard. You can achieve this through lawn maintenance and observing good landscape hygiene.

This can be a preventive measure as well as a way of eradicating them in an already infested yard.

4. Using Repellents

Repellents are a polite way of telling the mole, you are in the wrong place. It makes the environment inhabitable for the moles leaving them no choice but to leave.

You can purchase these repellents from retailers or use a homemade one. If you buy from retailers, you are likely to get them either in granules or liquid form.

Though am not an expert in homemade repellents but I know soap and castor are used to make them. The good thing with these repellents is that they are safe without causing harm to either the human or moles.

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How do you naturally get rid of moles?

In a bid to control moles from getting into your yard, there are several natural remedies for you.

1. Planting repellent plants

The mole’s snout is very sensitive to smell and touch which makes use of repellent plants very effective. You can use plants such as those from the allium family that produce a stringent smell. You can also plant other repellents like marigolds, daffodils, etc.

By planting them along the borderline, will keep off the moles from coming into your yard. If you are unable to get these plants, you can get more information from your local gardener.

2. Digging border trenches

You can do this trench along the border of your garden to keep the moles. For convenience, dig the trench at 2 ft. deep and at least 6 inches wide.

To improve it, you can fill it with stones reinforced with wire mesh to create a strong barrier which moles cannot pass.

Though the process may be tiresome and also consume your time it’s worth protecting your lawn and beautiful landscape.

3. Keep your lawn clean

Last but not least keeping your lawn clean also serve as a natural way of keeping the moles off from your yard.

Some maintenance practices like mowing the grass, keeping large chunks of mulch, and maintaining a relatively dry yard can be very helpful in keeping off the moles.

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In conclusion, how can you tell if you have moles in your yard? By taking note of all the possible signs listed above, it becomes easier to spot moles infestations and deal with them.

Moles are capable of doing much damage to your yard more than you can think. You can employ either natural or artificial ways to eliminate them. If worse comes to worst, you can engage the animal experts for help.