How Do I Get Rid of Fleas in My House Without Bombing

How Do I Get Rid of Fleas in My House Without Bombing?

The Pyrethrins in the flea spray kill the adult fleas targeting the fleas’ nervous system and thus kill or paralyze them – with IGR – 0.1% pyriproxyfen. 

  • An IGR in Ultracide-flea, the pyriproxyfen, will stop various biological triggers, making the flea evolve to its next life cycle stage.

On how do I get rid of fleas in my house without bombing; check the detailed explanation below. These are the flea fogger or flea bomb alternatives.

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1. Pesticide Sprays

Pesticide sprays kill fleas and are suitable for home use. Watch out for ingredients like resmethrin & permethrin – unsuitable for cat flea treatment. Ensure that any spray you use will kill the flea eggs on cats.

  • The combination of pesticide sprays and vacuum is another effective method of removing fleas from your home.
  • Areas such as those under the bed, furniture, and even hard-to-reach areas cannot be treated.
  • Vacuuming these areas will ensure that no traces of dead fleas and eggs will remain – check flea eggs vs. dandruff.
  • You can also use flea traps to remove fleas. There are many brands of flea traps available in the market. The light easily attracts fleas. 

Flea bombs with IGRs like S-methoprene in Precor Plus will also inhibit the flea’s life cycle, killing the flea larvae and their eggs – check the flea-killers

2. Flea Combs

Combs provide alternatives to topical treatments  & Dog flea-killers. Use the flea comb on the cats (or even the Electronic Flea Comb) and run it through the fur of your pet. 

  • You can also check for more fleas by looking into black specks in the fur and skin of your dog. If there are indeed, then it’s time to act.
  • In the battle against these creatures, time plays an important part. There are alternative treatments for puppy fleas– comb the dog thoroughly. 

While combing your dog’s hair, you should have a standby bowl with you so that you can have something to place the contents of the comb after. Once you’re done, you could drown the remaining material in the toilet.

3. Flea Collars

You can try them all – including flea collarsYou could also combine these natural methods using foggers that have also proven to eliminate fleas in the entire house effectively. 

  • Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is a finely ground powder with sharp edges that rapture the flea’s skin and absorb its moisture. The powder is sourced from the ocean floors from algae.
  • There is no doubt that DE plus borax is an excellent natural flea control method that can offer all-year-round protection against fleas.

You’ll need to sprinkle the DE powder in the pet houses. Further, do not assume that locking your pet will prevent fleas from infestation. It is important to control the fleas inside the pet house too.

Suitable Fogger – BASF 671858 PT Ultracide Flea Insecticide

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BASF 671858 PT is classified as a premise spray, covering about 2625 sq ft that can control indoor insects, such as fleas, at all their life stages. Ingredients are 0.58%Permethrin & 0.09% IGR. 

The Good:

  • Removes all fleas 

The Bad:

  • Requires repeat application


Further, the spray is highly effective in killing fleas that will be hiding under your carpet, particularly the various stages such as pupae, larva, and eggs.

However, Ultracide-flea has the same action and composition as the Virbac Knockout and Siphotrol Plus II and will all thus kill and prevent flea infestation.

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