How Does Capstar Work

How Does Capstar Work? Flea Treatment

If you need to keep fleas off your cats and dogs, then the Capstar Flea Tablets is highly recommended by pet owners and vets – even when you sleep with flea-infested dogs in your bed

Capstar is manufactured by a company known as Novartis which is a DIY flea killer that targets adult fleas in cats and dogs.

  • Novartis is a Switzerland-based pharmaceutical company with a range of products for both human and animal health. 

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Details: How Does Capstar Work? 

The easy-to-use Capstar flea tablets (that contain nitenpyram) will knock down the fleas in about 15 minutes.

You are advised to administer a single tablet for 6 days when you notice your cat or dog scratching and itching.

Despite having a quick knock-down effect on adult fleas, Capstar won’t offer long-term protection against pests.

  • Besides, the nitenpyram Capstar will kill flea larvae and flea eggs since it’s designed to target just adult fleas.

Also, since Capstar is aimed to kill for a short time (including for emergencies), most homeowners consider its price to be relatively high.

If you have been active in flea prevention throughout the year you won’t have to worry much during the flea season – but Capstar can help exterminate those stubborn adult fleas.

  • Veterinarians such as Dr. Stuart after analyzing various tropical flea tablets on treatment have classified Capstar tablets as a highly effective tick and flea killer.

So if you stop using flea prevention medications in winter and you noticed some flea on your dog or cat, then the Capstar tablets will be a great lifesaver for killing the mature fleas.

The Capstar flea treatment may be prescribed for your dog at the vet but you can also purchase it over the counter.

Choose Capstar tablets that are appropriate for the weight of your pet.

  • For example, they are Capstar tablets at all ends for cattle dogs that are over 25 pounds.
  • Another version of the Capstar tablets is aimed for flea treatments in cats and dogs that weigh between 2 pounds to 25 pounds. 

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Tips for flea-treating cats & dogs using Castor tablets

Below I’ve outlined the critical information and steps you should know and take when you purchase the oral Capstar flea tablets.

1. Capstar flea tablets are easy to administer:

  • Crush the Castle tablets on sprinkle the powder on the dog’s food
  • You can also wrap the tablets onto some yummy cream cheese or peanut butter and feed them to the dog.

Cats are more challenging to fool and thus it will almost be impossible to feed them the Capstar tablets concealed in foods or treats.

  • Therefore you need to tilt the head of a cat and open its mouth to drop the Capstar tablet inside.

2. Capstar tablets are quick in killing fleas for cats and dogs:

Once the cat or dog has swallowed that Capstar tablet, the active ingredient (nitenpyram) will have moved into the animal’s bloodstream in under 30 minutes.

Therefore, as the fleas continue biting and sucking blood from their host, they’ll ingest the nitenpyram ingredient.

  • The nitenpyram insecticide will paralyze the flea’s nervous system and finally cause its death.

Thanks to its quick action and fast knockdown on fleas, the Capstar flea tablets will have killed about 95% of the flea population that is in the adult stage.

3. It’s a safe and effective flea remedy for cats and dogs.

Safety and maintaining the good health of your cat and dog is an important consideration when administering anything to the pet.

So from the onset, I have to say that the Capstar flea tablets are very safe and effective for use on cats and dogs.

Notably, Nitenpyram doesn’t remain for a long time in the pet’s body and you can use it daily until all the plays are exterminated.

  • Capstar tablets may also be administered to kittens and puppies weighing over 2.2 lb and they are more than four weeks old.

Also, if your cat or dog is pregnant or nursing you can still safely give them the Capstar tablets to control fleas.

4. Capstar Nitenpyram will not control or kill ticks.

The Nitenpyram Capstar ingredient does not kill fleas in either cats or dogs.

  • Therefore, I advise you to consult your local veterinarian for advice on how to remove fleas on pets effectively. 

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What next after administering the Capstar flea tablets?

Well, after administering the Capstar flea treatment tablets, you’ll still be required to do some follow-up treatment on your dogs and cats.

The nitenpyram insecticide will only target and kill adult fleas.

  • But due to its fast killing action, the female bed bugs will not have laid their eggs.

However, a follow-up flea treatment will be very important to avoid leaving any female fleas that could continue the reproduction.

  • I recommend that you flea comb the cats or dogs to remove any remaining fleas. But ensure the comb is designed for safety and effectiveness in removing fleas on cats and dogs.

Bathe the cat or dog thoroughly to help to remove all the flea debris including the dead fleas and flea dirt.

  • Wash the pets using either a flea shampoo (ensure it’s specific for either a cat or dog) or use just like the regular pet shampoo.

Veterinarians caution pet owners against using flea shampoo that is specified for another type of pet.

Flea Treat the House and Carpets

If you want to win the flea battle, you will require to pursue persistence in the flea control journey.

  • So fast you need to persistently give the Capstar flea treatment tablets to the cats and dogs daily until there are no more fleas.

The next step will be to flea-treat the house including the bedding and carpets since the fleas could be hiding in such places.

If you don’t eject and kill the fleas from the hiding places using chemicals or thorough vacuuming, they will continue attacking your pets for a blood meal.

So wash the bedding using hot water and dry them at the highest temperature.

In addition wash and vacuum your carpets thoroughly to kill the flea eggs, the floor larvae, and the adult fleas.

Veterinarians advise that you should only stop administering the Capstar tablets to your pets only when you can’t spot any fleas are around. 

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In summary, Capstar tablets will help exterminate fleas in dogs and cats either in the season or off-season of the fleas.

  • But remember to pursue flea prevention all the time to prevent the build-up of a flea population in your residence.

Success in controlling the fleas on your cat and dogs using Capstar flea tablets!


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