How Fast Do Bed Bugs Spread From Room To Room?

As long as the bed bugs get a blood meal, they continue to multiply and increase in numbers. But how fast do bed bugs spread from room to room? Bed bugs don’t thrive in dirty places but rather warm environments.

Bed bugs are wingless and crawl to move to their destination. They can move up to a speed of 4 feet per minute which can translate to an average distance of 100 feet per hour.

But how fast they spread in your home varied with how fast you apply the control measures. So long as there is blood meal and a warm environment, they will keep multiplying and spreading in your home and other areas too.

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Detasil: How Fast Do Bed Bugs Spread From Room To Room?

There are several control measures that you can use to cut the increasing population of bedbugs.

Therefore, when you get the sign of bed bug infestation, you need to act fast before their numbers increase and also start spreading. Read through this article to understand more about how to deal with bed bugs.

Though bed bugs don’t have wings, they crawl very fast to get to their preferred destination. They can move up to 100 feet within one hour. Basically, this means that within an hour, a bed bug will have moved to several rooms.

They can also hide under the clothing of the host where they suck blood and when not on their host getting the blood meal, they will hide on crevices, cracks, wardrobes, furniture, and other dark areas. 

1. Do Bed Bugs Stay In One Room?

No, bed bugs don’t stay around one room. They like to move and attach to a host where they can suck blood for survival.

They will move from living room to bedroom, kitchen, and any other resting area looking for a blood meal. When not on the human host and pets, they will hide on crevices, cracks, on clothing, on the furniture.

They will crawl into these places and immediately they feel the presence of a host, they will quickly rush to have an attachment to it.

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How Fast Do Bed Bugs Multiply?

A bed bug has the capacity to lay up to 5 eggs during the peak days and at least an egg when conditions are not favorable. In its life span, a single bed bug is likely to have 400-500 eggs and greatly multiply in your house.

Bed bugs have a life span of 4-6 months. When an egg is laid, it takes about 15 days for the eggs to hatch. After hatching, it will take approximately 6 weeks for the female bed bug to start laying eggs.

An effective bed bug control will take approximately 14 days to properly eliminate the bugs. Therefore, based on their fast multiplication of the bed bugs, sitting a bed bug within your house should be taken seriously.

How to Stop Bed Bugs from Spreading

If you have to be successful in eliminating bed bugs in your house, you have to combine different techniques and products as well. However, it is much better to prevent their entry into your house.

Checking furniture, clothing, foods, and anything you bring to the house should be thoroughly checked for bed bugs.

Isolating the infected area and products. Could be your house is already infested by bed bugs.

Apart from humans and pets, bed bugs like to hide on furniture, curtains, cracks and crevices, and any other products which should be isolated for easier treatment.

What Should I Do If I Find Bed Bugs In My Home?

Sealing of the cracks and the crevices and all the hiding places for the bed bugs. This will be a huge milestone in controlling bed bugs because that is where they hide and multiply.

Vacuum the furniture, curtains, and any other hiding places where bed bugs are. Make sure to dispose of the vacuum bag in a tightly sealed bin to avoid them finding their way back into the house.

Heat treatment – after you have identified the infested areas a heat treatment would be very ideal to eliminate the bugs. In this case, you can either heat up the whole room at temperatures of 120 degrees Fahrenheit which kills the bed bugs.

However, you need to keep turning some wares like furniture and others for effective control of bugs. Cold treatment could also work very well to treat bugs.

Sealing mattresses with bite-proof covers. It’s clear that bed bugs like to come at night when we are sleeping and also hide under the mattresses. These covers will suffocate the bed bugs which can neither come out nor bite through them. You can also choose a white-colored cover for easy identification of bed bugs when you are infested.

Using natural and essential oils. Fortunately, essential oils like cedarwood oil, tea tree among others are so good in repelling bed bugs and other insects from your house. There are safe and also effective when used indoors for control of bed bugs.

General hygiene and cleanliness. Though bed bugs are not necessarily attracted by dirt, house hygiene keeps them off among other pantry bugs.

Engage a pest control expert. If the infestation levels are too high and you are having challenges, you can call an expert to help you.  An expert will always seek to build on the reputation by offering the best services. They are also better skilled with the necessary equipment for the job.

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In Summary

How fast do bed bugs spread between rooms? Bed bugs crawl very fast and can hardly stay in one place. It’s estimated they can move about 100 feet in an hour making it very easy to be in the next room within minutes.

Other than moving fast, they are multiplying fast and you are only safe if you control them early enough.

That said and done, there are multiple options to use when controlling bed bug infestation in your house before they get out of hand. When worse go to worse, seek the help of an expert. 

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