How Long do Fleas Live on Humans – Fleas’ FAQ

Human fleas (Pirritans) and cat fleas (C. felis) are ectoparasites (host Dipylidium caninum tapeworm) that cause allergic reactions, anemia, and host other pathogens.1 ….I know, so many and dangerous effects…..but you ask, how long do fleas live on humans?

The simple answer is a maximum of 7.5 minutes before jumping off for safety. . Male fleas will spend about 4.3 minutes on the human beings feeding while their female flea counterparts will spend about 7.3 minutes feeding.1 After this the fleas jump off.

1. Fleas on Humans

Cat fleas (Ctenocephalides felis – the most common fleas’ species) love hairy and furry hosts (which humans are not) and dark places. Therefore, fleas will not live on the human skin but could bite you (2 – 3 times) for blood and then jump off before they get killed.2 However, fleas will not breed on the human skin. Therefore, control massive flea attacks in your house using the best fogger for fleas. Prevent fleas from hitchhiking your clothes using the flea repellent for humans.

2. Fleas Survival


3. Fleas Reproduction



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