How Much Does an Ant Exterminator Cost

Having an ant infestation in your home or office could be problematic, especially when ants invade large colonies. Though ants are classified as a non-disease vector, ant stings are painful and often trigger allergies in people. How so you get rid of ants then?

Well, the question at hand is, how much does an ant exterminator cost? The direct answer would be accost range that would go to as low as $70 and as high as $1250.

This cost is a function of factors such as level of infestation; the type of ant species, location, elimination method selected, and associated inspection services.

While it’s important to get a near-accurate cost estimation, contacting a professional exterminator is recommendable for overall success and consequent long-term solution to the ant infestation menace. Further, consider an imperative comparison with another service provider online just to gain insight before awarding an exterminator of your choice the task. In order to gain detailed information, let’s get started.

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Details: How Much Does an Ant Exterminator Cost

a. Average Cost Estimations

The table below shows various costs of ant exterminators:

National Average cost$300
Cost Range$100-$500
Minimum Cost$70
Maximum Cost$650

b. Prices Determinants

Pest control costs are not simply random numbers that companies showcase in their various marketing campaigns since many dealers fix ant exterminator charges depending on various factors amongst which could be listed below:

i. Level of Infestation

The market rule of the thumb is that large ant infestation requires more pay. This is attributed to the fact that, naturally, the expert will need more time and pest killer to deal with ants.

The level of pest infestation is best measured by the surface area covered and/or the number of ants found in a given square foot.

ii. The Type of Ant Species

Consulting ant experts is highly recommended in the initial identification of the type of ant species infestation in your place.

By so doing, you will easily settle for the best method to go, bearing in mind that there are more than a dozen species of ants, whose specific behavior and associated risks demand a well-thought remedy in order to achieve complete elimination.

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Amongst ant species include:

v  Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants bore into wood and nest in it. Although their perforation can not be counted as feeding on the wood, they eject it in the form of extra-fine sawdust which you can notice from outside their hideaways.

v  Pharaoh Ants and House Ants

Pharaoh ants are mainly brown in color and target sugary substances and meat. However, you shouldn’t confuse them with the odorous house ant, which also picks on food and water.

You can tell if you are dealing with odorous house ants if you perceive a rotten coconut smell upon crushing the ants.  

In addition, you should notice these ants roaming about countertops, dining areas, and the kitchen closets too.

v  Fire Ants

Famed for their painful sting, fire ants are reddish-brown and pose great dangers to children, pets, and even adults.

Fire ants are attracted to warm conditions and moisture, and they are common around food scraps. You can easily spot them around scattered food or kitchen garbage within your home, or when it rains.

iii. The Location

Ideally, the location attracts transport costs above normal service rating. Expect an extra charger if your ant exterminator is outsourced from very far.

Further, outdoor areas attract a lesser fee because of their ease of access, and in fact; a short time is spent since the professional is free to deploy stronger outdoor control measures.

On the contrary, the exterminator encounters huge barriers when dealing with indoor treatments, which trigger extra charges. Some of the hindrances that may disrupt the streamlined work of the technician include:

  • Presence of children playing, or pets
  • Uncovered and used or dirty utensils in the infested area such as in the kitchen
  • Inaccessible walls, corners, crevices, and electrical equipment
  • Disorganized or muddled areas

Understand that the longer the time an exterminator takes in your place, the more cost you expect to pay for that service.

iv. Method Selected

In some selected scenarios, an exterminating company may inspect the infested location and resolve to use some special method, technique, or machinery aside from the ordinary ones like home make ant killers.

For example, professionals may charge 500 dollars to use specialized equipment to deal with a specific species of ants in your home, such as the carpenter ants.

Alternatively, you may pay 200 dollars in case you go for the chemical method.

v. The Frequency of Control Service

You will pay less per visit to ant-infested if you contact the same exterminator for every control service for future inspection.

For instance, when you engage the exterminator on three-month regular service visits, you’ll realize that it will cost you less than 1/2 of the corresponding charge for a one-time treatment. Instead of paying $500 dollars for a visit, you will actually end up paying 250 dollars.

Assuming you opt for a yearly plan, you will be shocked your monthly charges will be as low as $50- $70. The benefit of such long-term contracts is that they cover a variety of pests and not just one kind. Common pests that may be covered in these agreements include:

  • Ants
  • Spiders
  • Scorpions
  • Cockroaches
  • Other crawling bugs

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vi. The Square Area Under Infestation

Generally, ant exterminator experts use, among other factors, the size of floor area under an infestation – 50 square meters may cost 100 dollars.

Normally, companies would measure the entire area before setting charges. Therefore, it is worth noting areas you need ants elimination prior to cost negotiations.

vii. Ant Exterminator Price Comparisons with DIY

DIY extermination products are especially useful if you want to get rid of ants in a small area in your home, such as the kitchen. Here is an overview of some of the DIY treatments that you can consider for your home use:

TreatmentAverage cost per unitProsCons
Granule ant baits$10-$25Easy and effortless to spread over larger areas e.g., yard and the perimeterSome forms of granules can only be used outdoors only
Gel ant baits$20-$35Can reach hidden, tight, or narrow areas such as cracks and crevicesCovers a lesser area as compared to other treatment techniques
Bait stations$20-$35Is easier to use and has a long-lasting serviceIs less effective for narrow spaces

Note: These, as well as other at-home treatments, are quite effective for small areas or small infestations. They may not be up to the task when facing large infestations.

The best thing you can do is to seek a pest control company once you notice your at-home remedy is doing very little to solve the problem.

What Are the Benefits of Deploying a Professional Ant Exterminator?

Some of the advantages that you will reap by hiring a licensed expert include:

a. Cheaper Costs.

Contracting a pest control company for a long term (say a year or two) will lead to a reduction in costs – most companies offer discounts on annual or long-term contracts.

Besides, you will save some dollars from the fact that you’ll no longer be treating repeated infestations.

b. No Damage

Ant exterminators have proper know-how when handling ant infestation – there is zero or minimal damage to your property.

c. No Safety Concerns

Throughout the treatment, a professional will safely handle all the dangerous chemicals used during the exercise. Thus, you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals and repellents.

d. Saving on Time

Tackling an ant infestation in your home will take longer if you do it yourself than when it is an expert handling it. Also, it’s tiresome. Getting a professional further saves you energy.

Which is the Typical Process of Ant Removal?

The process of ant removal follows two distinct steps, which are:

I. Inspection

At this stage, the expert pays you a visit for your home inspection. This inspection visit serves three purposes:

  1. Finding out and verifying the ant problem. The expert will also inspect to confirm whether indeed what you see are ants and not termites or any other pests.
  2. Generating a proper action plan. Having done the inspection, the exterminator then comes up with the appropriate course of action that will most effectively solve the ant issue. This often involves identifying the origin of the said ant colonies and determining which method to be deployed in order to eradicate the ants.
  3. Point of sales and clarification. Some companies use the inspection as a means to promote their exterminator services. However, it is not as ridiculous as it seems, since they will have a first assessed infestation.
  4. Then, they will propose products or services that are going to help you eliminate the ants. You can as questions or seek clarification were necessary at this point in time.

   II. Actual Ant Treatment

Based on the findings of the inspection, the professional selects a suitable treatment method. This decision depends on ant infestation level, the location, square footage, and also the type of ants.

For outdoor infestation, the expert may use residual repellant insecticide. The Exterminator may opt to use ant baits and traps for in-house applications as well.

To tackle ants in crevices and cracks, the best exterminator experts use earth-based borates coupled with insecticide dust.

Some companies will even recommend sanitation measures for you to ensure long-term control of the insects.

The basis, and certainly your guiding principle, is for you to understand that a licensed professional can better handle the ant problem.

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Are There Health Risk Associated with Ants Infestation?

Ants are classified as non-disease vectors – they bear no disease in them. This makes ants harmless in disease transfer to humans.

However, it has been established that close to 5 percent of the overall U.S population can suffer allergic reactions due to ant stings.

Ant stings vary from minor to severe and sometimes can be fatal if not attended to immediately.

Red imported fire ants have the most severe stings, which often trigger welts and non-life-threatening skin dermatitis that last longer, and up to 14 days.

Note: Ants can be extremely dangerous to pets such as dogs due to their fluffy nature.

Ways to Prevent Future Ants Infestation

Although treatment methods are efficient and all, it is always wise to prevent the ant problem from reoccurring. This is done in either of the following ways:

a. Practicing proper sanitation measures such as:

  • Cleaning all soda and sugary spills immediately
  • Proper and prompt refrigeration of leftover food
  • Covering all trash receptacles
  • Sealing food containers that may attractants

b. Sealing pipe entries

        Flooring pipes are susceptible to ants due to their moisture – seal all pipes with steel wool.

  • Applying Caulk on Doors and windows. Ants can access your house through narrow openings, be it on your window sills or on door jams. One sure way to keep ants from crawling into your abode is to smear silicone caulk on door and window drafts.
  • Sealing electrical outlet plates. Ants often find a way into your residence through electrical outlets – ensure that they are tightly fastened. Alternatively, you can seal them using transparent caulking.

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In summary, on how much does an ant exterminator cost, professionals rely on factors such as square footage, the location of ant infestation, level of infestation, and the type of ant species in the area.

The actual ant’s elimination cost varies, it may drop as low as 50 Dollars. Alternatively, you may be forced to pay up to 1000 dollars or more for the service, especially when an infestation is on large scale.

Having a professional exterminator is highly recommended in order to avoid future infestation. You can also acquire a yearly inspection contract from pest experts, which is a wise way of dealing with other pests in your place too.

Remember to go for the best ant elimination method; one which is budget-friendly and environmentally safe.

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