How to Find a Roach Nest

How to Find a Roach Nest and Get Rid Of It

If you are reading this, you must be worried as you’ve seen some roaches running around your house. 

It is common knowledge that roaches love dark, moist, and dirty places. Could you, unknowingly, have created a nest for the roaches in your house?

That is a tough question. But now, you have to find the roach nest and wipe out the whole population of the nasty bugs. You are asking: but how do I find the roach nest? You can find the roach nest without the help of an exterminator! 

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  • However, you’ll need to read on to know the step you should take while finding the roach nest. Check the best roach bomb.
  • First things first: You’ll need to know the type of cockroach species and the kind of nests they create. This will enable you to conduct a thorough analysis of your space and flush out all the nests. Also, check this post on which cockroaches can fly.

Finding Nest for the different types of roaches

First, cockroaches, regardless of the particular species, measure about 0.65 – 2.9 inches in length with an oval-shaped body.

Many of the cockroaches range from reddish-brown to black. However, most cockroaches are mainly whitish. You can try different types of roach killers for your apartment.

American roaches

American cockroaches are also named “palmetto bug” or “water bug.” Adults are about 3 inches in length; they are winged but only fly at above 84-degree temperatures.

Male roaches in the species have longer wings than the females, but all have winged their bodies’ length.

Like all roaches, American roaches’ appearance is reddish-brown to dark brown. American cockroach mainly feeds on plant and garbage matter. Also, they like sweets, books, and wallpapers.

German Roaches

German cockroaches are smaller in size, measuring about 0.5 to 0.7 inches in length.

Their color ranges from tan to black with about two parallel lines on the pronotum that runs behind the head up to the wings’ end.

The German roaches are known to be the most difficult. It looks like the Asian cockroach. But the Asian cockroach can fly and is attracted to light.

German cockroaches are common in kitchens and bathrooms, which also implies that you can easily eliminate them. They mainly like feeding on grease, meat, and starch.

Brown-banded roaches

Brown-banded cockroaches are among the small cockroach species, and an adult has about 0.5 inches of body length. Its color ranges from golden-tan (for males) to something like dark brown (females). 

Also, like the German roaches, the brown-banded roaches have light-colored bands across their abdomen and wings. However, the bands could be hidden by the wings.

Brown-banded roaches love warm indoor spaces such as inside hollow furniture, inside electronic appliances, and clutter piles.

The key differentiating factor between brown-banded roaches and the other species is that the former does not require a moist environment to survive.

The roaches love to each glucose and starch from items like books and pictures. Therefore, brown-banded cockroaches are very common in office spaces with little moisture and many paper products.

Oriental Roaches

Oriental roaches are also named the “black beetles” or “waterbug” and are among the large cockroach species—the adult cockroach measures about 1 inch in body length.

They have a brown to black appearance. The female oriental roaches have non-functional wings and a wider body than their male counterparts. On the other hand, males have long wings and narrow bodies. However, both males and females do not fly.

The Oriental roaches have been named the waterbug because they love cool, moist, and dark environments. Therefore, you will mainly find them in damp locations, bushes, drains, and sewers. 

Notes that oriental roaches are poor in climbing smooth surfaces, and you will thus find them in sinks. However, they are also slower in the running compared to other cockroaches. The cockroach identification process is a critical part of the roach nest search and the bugs’ ultimate prevention and control.

Finding Cockroaches Nest

Depending on the roach that you identify in your home or space, you’ll note that roaches love to collect inside home spaces that have moisture and with some food and hiding places.

Therefore, if you note some roaches in your space, check inside cracks and crevices, inside sinks, drains, pipes, and behind furniture such as cabinets.

However, it is possible to find some cockroach species in outdoor spaces, particularly on trees and dog barks. Such roaches will live and lay eggs in the moist spaces under the trees and logs while feeding on decomposing organisms.

We analyzed the various species of roaches that are common in the household and outdoor spaces. Notably, knowing the feeding habits and the environment in which each species prefers will help you know which nest roach type each will create.

– For example, German roaches love warm and moist spaces. Therefore, you will find them inside cracks in the kitchen and bathrooms.

– The Oriental cockroach-like cool, dark and moist environments. Therefore, you will most likely find the roaches in places like basements and crawl spaces.

– The American cockroach loves warm places and will thus be in more commercial spaces such as heating ducts.

– Brownbanded cockroach is known to create nests all over the house, particularly inside electronic appliances.


To wipe out the roaches from your house, you can use roach traps. Therefore, if you observe that the roach trap fills up quickly, you are near the roach nest. Check near the traps for cracks and crevices and fill them up.

Also, avoid leaving any food open to ensure that the roaches starve to death. Further, clean all water that could be spilled on surfaces or in the sink. Finally, remove the clutter since it can act as a nesting and hiding place for the roaches.