How to Get Rid Of Ants in the Bathroom

You must have noticed some ants, maybe little or black, in your bathroom. Did the ants in the bathroom appear at the same time last year? Are the ants also in the upstairs bathroom?

Well, this is a worrying issue, mainly when you have yourself, kids, and pets around the house and kitchen. Therefore, how do you get rid of ants in the bathroom?

First: Ants appearing in the bathroom is not an uncommon occurrence. They are attracted by human hair, stagnant water, or drains. Also, ants are attracted by lotions, perfumes, and toothpaste due to their sweet taste and smell.

Characteristic features of ants

Ants can bite and sting, but most are harmless, with no venom. Ants measure about a length of 0.6 to 0.9 cm and have six legs and 3-4 abdominal segments.

A characteristic feature of ants is the metapleural gland that produces phenylacetic acid to fight bacteria and fungi.

– The metapleural gland is created from 2 cell clusters that point to 2 chambers at the back of the insect’s middle section. However, the metapleural gland is not present in all ants, particularly among the arboreal species.

The ant’s head connects to the thorax through the as thin neck. Further, the thorax connects to the abdomen through a thin “waist.”

However, the main distinguishing feature of ants is their waist pinched down at the back in the link with its abdomen.

Get Rid Of Ants in the Bathroom

1. Understand the ant colony 

Knowing the specific insect that is in your bathroom will be important, particularly when determining which pest control product of the method to use.

Notably, ants have over 12,000 species globally. For example, there are black and red ants. Ants are considered eusocial insects that are in the Formicidae family.

Other insects in the Formicidae family and order Hymenoptera are ichneumons, sawflies, and wasps.

Where is the queen?

Ants live in a colony with the drones, soldiers, queen, and worker ants. The queen bee is a critical part of the ant colony as it lays all the eggs that hatch into ants. The queen does not leave its nest and is thus difficult to eliminate.

However, to wipe out the ant colony from your bathroom, you should devise ways to kill the queen and stop the ants’ reproduction process.

Therefore, if you only spray the visible ants, the ant colony will continue growing.

2. What is attracting the trailing ant?

You’ll need to trail the ants and determine what is attracting them to your bathroom. Therefore, you’ll need to watch the ants determine their origin and destination in your house.

Notably, an ant that finds food leaves a trail on its way back to its nest, and thus, other ants will follow the same trail to come for food at the same location.

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