How to Get Rid Of Bed Bugs Fast

How to Get Rid Of Bed Bugs Fast

Here’s how to get rid of bed bugs fast. When you wake up and discover blisters, red rashes, bed bug bites, or small itchy spots, there is every possibility that bed bugs are around your living domicile. 

A bedbug infestation can cause restless nights and spread panic in most homes – and the bed bug bites could last for longIn this post, I outline how to kill bed bugs that are disturbing your peace. 

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How to Get Rid Of Bed Bugs Fast

These bugs suck blood from humans and leave them with itchy welts. Bed bugs can invade your headboards, box springs, bed frames, and even sleeping mattresses. It’s no surprise that my readers asked me to craft a comprehensive guide on how to get rid of bed bugs.

1. Vacuuming to Kills bed bugs

An excellent step to eliminating bed bugs is by vacuuming your home. Concentration should not only be in your bedroom but in other areas of the house. Also, you can use a bed bug steamer that’s appropriate for the job.

Remember that bed bugs can move from one room to another within an apartment.

On this note, it is wise to stop their tracks by vacuuming every item in each room—seal photo frames, toys, books, clothes, and other materials at home when vacuuming. Also, you might need to check drain cleaners that’ll help you clear drain clogs.

2. While Traveling Take Proper Caution:

It is easy to pick bed bugs around metros, hotels, planes, buses, and trains in most developed nations. There’s a common saying that reads, “prevention is better than cure.” This means that avoiding any way of adult or baby bed bugs getting into your property can stifle them to death.

Prominent and reputable motels are battling with bed bug issues. So when lodging in a hotel, ensure that your luggage is not exposed on the floor or bed.

3. Diatomaceous Earth Powder

It is important to note that the diatomaceous earth powder will not pose any health threat to human beings. This is because the powder remains safe and designed to only kill bed bugs.

Besides, not allowing pets and children to play in an environment where the DE powder is applied makes it safer. Besides using diatomaceous earth, you can use flea foggers to kill fleas and bed bugs.

Pour the power inside your box springs, headboards, furniture legs, bed frames, and other hard to reach areas of the home. One thing about the DE powder is that it will kill the bed bug in an ephemeral time. Other options include rubbing alcohol, and Ammonia, steamers.

4. Pest Management

In the battle against bed bugs, using only one method may not resolve the problem. Like the DE powder, spraying, vacuuming, and other pugnacious ways, the pest management control method can also help kill bed bugs.

By hiring pest control experts to clean your home, you can finally end the infestation of bed bugs. These experts know where to find bed bugs in your house and do away with them for good.

5. Treat Crevices and Cracks

The ability of bed bugs to hide in secret places is beyond despicable. In window sills, electrical sockets & outlets, curtains, sofas, mattresses’ lining, carpets, floorboards, crevices of furniture, and cracks, there is no place difficult for bed bugs to hide.

Ensure to check the mentioned areas and cover any cracks on items in your house. Crevices of furniture and wall cracks can keep bed bugs alive for several years. Use sealants, cement, and other tough measures to cover crevices and cracks.

5. Hot Water Treatment

If you suspect an item in your home to be infested by bed bugs, then waste no time to wash it in hot water. Washing with hot water will help to destroy the larvae and eggs of bed bugs.

Ensure that the affected item is placed into hot water for better results. Pillow covers, bed sheets, linen, clothes, and other apparent items should be put into both the dryer and washer and run through the highest temperature.


Apart from the methods mentioned above, you can trap bed bugs and don’t pick up things in awkward areas. Ensure not to make use of bed bug pesticides and bombs. Repeating the treatment process every three weeks can also help.

Items that are under serious infestation by bed bugs should be discarded. Knowing the signs and symptoms of bed bug presence is the first way to get rid of them. Give it a try now.