How to Get Rid of Cockroaches in Apartments

How to Get Rid of Cockroaches in Apartments

Roaches are notoriously difficult to get rid of. But don’t let them win! In this article, I outline How to Get Rid of Cockroaches in Apartments. If roaches find shelter, food, and water in your apartment, they are staying for as long as they want to!

First, notify the property manager about any roach activity on their property so that they can take action against this pest infestation. Next up, try using some baits (roach traps), dusting with silica powder or diatomaceous earth (DE) as well as a boric acid solution for long-term control measures. 

You may also want to set some glue traps around your apartment if you’re not too keen on using toxic chemicals. Finally, if you want to get the roaches out for good (and your landlord doesn’t have any better ideas), hire an exterminator! 

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Details: How to Get Rid of Cockroaches in Apartments

1. Notify the property manager or landlord; Know Your Rights

To control them, first, notify the property manager (or the landlord). The property manager or landlord will handle the roach infestations as outlined by their lease agreement or offer some quick tips on how to deal with these bugs themselves (for example, sealing up cracks around doors).

It’s important to know your rights as a tenant in regards to pest control.

Some leases may require the landlord or property manager to provide roach extermination services, while others just offer some tips on how you can manage them yourself (or not!). Read your lease agreement carefully! 

For example, if you pay monthly fees to cater to pest control – the property manager may owe you some roach control rounds for that month. 

2. Locate the Roach Nest and Seal it off from human contact

Find that elusive roach nest – their breeding and hiding location; and eliminate it. The inspections for these nocturnal bugs must be undertaken at night. 

Try to identify if you have a high infestation in one area or if there are scattered sightings throughout your apartment; different strategies need to be used for each scenario.

An Integrated Pest Management approach would work better for a low-level infestation while complete elimination may require hiring exterminators with stronger chemicals like Cypermethrin. 

Dispose of any exposed food or water sources, including anything that is spilling out of your garbage can (in particular those moist foods) – as they will also be attracting more roaches. 

3. Clean Up the Apartment

The most important thing is getting rid of the food sources roaches are looking for in your apartment: crumbs on counters, pet food bowls, spoiled produce (especially potatoes), dirty dishes left overnight…anything that might attract roaches!

Dispose of garbage properly-use more than one bag if necessary because roach infestations usually start from trash cans outside that have been improperly disposed of away

Remove clutter and provide a clear path for these pests as they roam around seeking out food or hiding places (for example, keep dishes on top of shelves).

Make sure all surfaces are clean – including floors, walls, window sills, countertops/sinks…everything! Not only will this help with any infestations but it also helps prevent ants and other insects from coming inside.

Roach droppings can carry diseases like E-coli so be careful not to stir up dust bunnies while cleaning too close to where people eat when mopping up spills.

Clean up behind the cabinets, dishwasher, fridge – these would make great hiding places for cockroaches.

Keep your counters and sinks clean – this also helps prevent ants from making their way inside.

Don’t leave dishes in the sink to collect dust or harbor bacteria, rinse them off as soon as possible after each use.

Clear away clutter (think pantry shelves) that could be hiding cockroaches or other pests like spiders! Cockroaches are opportunistic so they will take any opportunity to come inside if there are food sources available for them.

4. Seal all Holes and Cracks in Plumbing, Windows, and doors

Roaches can get into small spaces, so sealing up as many of these areas as possible will help. You should also look for other potential openings or cracks in your home’s foundation.

Covering any gaps with steel wool is a good temporary solution to keep them out while you seal the area permanently.

Use a caulk gun to fill cracks and holes where cockroaches could enter. Make sure you are sealing all sources of entry, including plumbing or electrical outlets – roaches will make their way inside if they smell food!

Inspect your home for any drafts that might be coming from the window sealings or door frames. Tighten up these areas using weather strips, caulking, or foam insulation to keep the roaches insects out.

Look around windows as well for signs of insect pests such as small piles of sawdust near them which may indicate an ant infestation right outside the wall in between things like wood siding and brick homes.

Seal openings in the plumbing system (particularly under the sink) – as the roaches will be attracted by water and food droppings.

5. Use baits, sprays, and treatments

Consider a pre-emptive bait that will create an environment lethal for roaches – one well-known in particular is Combat Roach Killing Bait Gel which can be purchased at most hardware stores.

The process usually starts by placing bait stations such as apple cider vinegar & soap in areas that roaches frequent (though these can also attract other pests like ants).

In a few days, they will come back with either poison bait or glue traps for capturing them alive so they may not pose any future problems if released into the wild. This is important because some poisons used in extermination could lead to secondary poisoning among pets who eat poisoned bugs.

Keep it out of reach of children as, if handled improperly, this could lead to poisoning or even death!

Sprays and other treatments will also work to kill roaches but are not always as effective. Some effective roach sprays include the Bengal Gold and the Ortho Home defense.

The insecticide sprays mainly contain Permethrin or pyrethroids (comparable to botanical insecticides – pyrethrins). Sprays will also kill other insects, so be careful with where you are spraying.

6. Sprinkle Diatomaceous Earth

Some people have noticed success by using Diatomaceous Earth (food grade) sprinkled around their house but this treatment can take months for visible results. This should also only be used when pets are excluded from the spaces.

Diatomaceous earth powder will create that abrasive effect which will break the roaches’ exoskeleton and exoskeleton.

Sprinkle the DE in areas where roaches are present, including all cracks and crevices around cabinets, behind refrigerators (baseboards if possible), along walls underneath appliances, especially under sinks.

Consider pouring it into any holes or gaps found on your countertops so that they can not crawl back out again. You should also sprinkle some inside of drawers for those places hidden from sight.

7. Cockroach Traps – Boric acid or Dish soap

For an extra effect set a trap with either boric acid or dish soap mixed with apple cider vinegar as bait by placing them at strategic points like corners and near drains.”

You can make the DIY roach killer – from boric acid (⅛ Cup) & peanut butter (½ Cup). Boric acid powder, if ingested, will exterminate the roaches while the peanut butter acts as an attractant.

8. Roach Treat the Perimeter Walls and Environment

If you have already been successful with getting rid of them from inside the house but are still seeing signs outside (like small piles of sawdust), then you may need to take care of some around the perimeter.

This might involve using insecticides like cypermethrin on trees or shrubbery near. You may apply some insecticide dust on the exterior walls, inside the wall void, electrical outlets, and the light switch plates.

9. Hire A Roach Exterminator

If you have tried everything else and are still seeing signs of cockroaches, it might be time to hire an exterminator that uses bait stations and commercial grade insecticides with pyrethrins or cypermethrin like Tempo Ultra Max Insecticide Spray Concentrate.

The pest control company will inspect your home for any areas where there is activity -including inside walls- before beginning treatment in those locations.

They typically spray along baseboards, cracks in corners (especially near doors), door jams, window frames.


So, on how to get rid of cockroaches in apartments – If you are a tenant in an apartment, be sure to notify the property manager immediately when roaches are spotted.

Use baits like boric acid or traps including apple cider vinegar mixed with soap and placed near drains. Also, conduct a thorough cleaning of the apartment. 

Consider using diatomaceous earth as dusting under your appliances and along walls for more protection against them. Finally, if all won’t work, hire that roach exterminator.