How to Get Rid of Gnats: Once & for All

Gnats are a major pest problem when they attack your household or business premises (they also bite humans). Generally, gnats will include a number of small insects – fungus gnats, drain flies, and fruit flies.

You’ll need to control the pest issue (gnats) from its source (and promptly) since they tend to reproduce fast.

  • Physically, drain flies will be around water and their wings are moth-like, fruit flies have a round shape and they’re brown, while dark-colored fungus gnats have legs that are long.

Below, I’ll outline the various techniques you can use to prevent and control a gnat infestation, and finally, I’ll recommend the top exterminators you can use for the bugs.

The method of choice in controlling gnats for different homeowners varies depending on their budget, the materials and time available, or the severity of the pest problem.

Details: How to Get Rid of Gnats

Gnats will attack the house from the outside, getting in through the foundation cracks, windows, doors, and walls.

These bugs will be attracted to your house by drains, sinks, toilets, garbage cans, and rotting fruits – among other damp and smelly locations.

  • Below are the methods you can use to control gnats in your spaces – safe and effective.

1. Build Gnat Traps: Apple Cider vinegar, Red wine or Rotting Fruits

a. Apple Cider vinegar

Use of apple cider vinegar is a traditional technique used for controlling gnats by many homeowners across different regions.

To make this gnat trap – you’re required to mix(in a bowl), some apple cider vinegar (3-5 tablespoons) with dish soap (equal amounts) and sugar (1 tablespoon).

Mix these ingredients well and position the bowl on locations that are damp or smelly such as in the kitchen (these are locations that gnats and flies will mainly congregate).

The sugar plus vinegar mixture works effectively in attracting gnats toward the bowl and the dish soap will trap and drown the insects.

b. Red wine and Dish Soap

Next, you can also make an effective trap using a mixture of dish soap and red wine.

  • To make this trap, simply mix dish soap (3-5 tablespoons) with red wine (4 tablespoons) in a suitable bowl.
  • Next, place the mixture (in the bowl) on locations that are gnat-heavy.

Notably, you may need to set up multiple of these gnat traps if the gnat infestation in your house is massive.

So, you’ll need to distribute the red wine traps around the house but concentrating on locations where gnats tend to congregate.

c. Rotting Fruits Gnat trap

Finally, you can make a gnat trap using rotting fruits – if you have these available in your locality.

  • Simply smash the rotting fruits in a jar or bowl (bananas will be an excellent choice).
  • Cover the top of the jar or bowl using a plastic wrap.
  • Next, you’ll need to poke tiny holes on the plastic wrapping. This will allow the gnats to be trapped inside the fruit jar or bowl when they drop through the small holes.

d. Candle Gnat trap

I would also recommend creating a candle Gnat trap.

  • You’ll simply need to position a candlestick (upright and lit) in a shallow bowl with water.
  • Next, you’ll require to switch off the room or space lights to attract the gnats toward the candle.

The gnats will be attracted to that light source – where they’ll drown in the water or burn from the candle flame.

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2. Use Bleach to kill the Gnats

Next, you can also breach out the gnats to kill them.

It’s common that gnats (and other insects such as ants) may gather in the kitchen sink or bathroom.

Therefore, using the different gnat traps may not work effectively and you could require another technique.

So, when the gnats are in your bathroom and kitchen sink, bleaching them to death can exterminate these bugs.

  • For this, mix some water (about one gallon) with bleach (half a cup) and pour it slowly into the drain.
  • This will kill the gnats that are in and around those drains.
  • You may be required to repeat the bleach application process to achieve great bug control outcomes.

For best results on the gnats, you’ll need to pour the diluted bleach into those tub drains or sinks directly.

3. Hire a Gnat or General Exterminator

If the gnat infestation is massive and if it is recurring, I recommend that you’ll need to hire a professional gnat exterminator.

The pro gnat exterminator will handle the bug problem in your spaces using safe and effective pest products and techniques.

  • The pest service will treat the gnats in all stages including the larvae.
  • The specialists will create an effective gnat treatment plan to execute in your spaces such as office premises or house.

The exterminator will spray the gnats and also schedule an appropriate pest treatment plan for your spaces including the home considering the scope and nature of the infestation.

  • Hire an exterminator who is experienced in controlling adult gnats and the larvae. But, the service may cost you about $500 to $700.

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Prevent any Future Gnat Infestation

After you’ve controlled the current gnat infestation, you’ll be required to undertake various steps so that the bug problem won’t recur.

  1. So,I recommend you clean up various drinks and foods that are lying around the various spaces overnight – throw them safely into trash bags and seal them off well.
  2. Further, specialists recommend that you water the plants less often – this is the soil moisture (water) will attract the gnats.
  3. Also, place the various fruits inside the refrigerator, as opposed to dropping them on the counter, to avoid attracting fruits.
  4. Finally, remove the moisture that is outside or inside the house – this will include repairing any sink stoppages and plumbing leaks plus also removing moisture that is accumulated in the birdbaths and gutters.


Getting rid of gnats can be challenging to many homeowners – but you can use the most DIY techniques and materials outlined above to make your work easier and clean your house from these bugs.

  • However, if you need the expertise of exterminators, I recommend hiring either Orkin or Terminix.

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