How To Get Rid of Squirrels in the Yard

Below I’ve outlined how to get rid of squirrels in the yard. Are you literally tired from squirrels and want to get rid of them? How To Get Rid of Squirrels in the Yard We will help you with this.

With the passage of time and need of the hour, various methods have emerged in order to tackle this specie. Home remedies to get rid of squirrels.

Squirrels are an animal that apparently looks quite funny, being small in size and extremely active and elusive. The restless nature and extreme swift movements, they are awfully difficult to catch and potentially can cause a lot of damage to your property and holdings. 

How to Get Rid Of Squirrels in the Yard

Squirrels don’t leave anything unharmed, from woods to vegetables; all are vulnerable to their potential of harmful instincts. In fact they can cause fleas and even tick to your pets. 

1. Squirrels Repellents

In the present world, there are numerous products available in the market. These products come in rich variety.

Most of them are made with natural ingredients, which aids in keeping the squirrels away from the place. There are different ways how these repellents are being made presently, few of them are:

  • A kind of repellent is made from the urine of squirrel’s predators, which in itself very interesting and a relatively new concept, being adopt recently.
  • These repellent are sprayed around gardens for the sake of keeping the squirrels away. Their effectiveness has been very impressive and is slowly turning into a ‘go to option’ for people suffering from these species.
  • There are few kind of repellent which are made up of black pepper. The advantage with this type of method is that while they are very effective in repelling the squirrels, in the same time, doesn’t trouble birds, which makes it handful and keep the birds happy and calm. This kind of repellent can easily be added in bird feeder.

So what do you wait for? Get rid of squirrels by using the following easy to carry out remedies. But first: Check a Video Tutorial on How to Trap Squirrels

2. Don’t feed them

Squirrels come to the home because you feed them. Surprised? Yes, we are feeding these squirrels unintentionally. These squirrels come to our home regularly because every time they come, they find something to fill their belly up. 

So it’s high time we figure out what they eat and start keeping such things away from them. Don’t give them easy meal to have and party at your place.

3. Apply Apple Cider Vinegar

The usage of apple cider vinegar has turned fruitful in an attempt to free place from squirrels.

It works very simply by just adding apple cider vinegar into a spray bottle and spray it near the holes, open corners, flower pots or any other place where squirrels visits frequently.

The factor that makes this method useful is its pungent acidic smell which squirrels couldn’t handle.

3. Use Electric Fencing 

This method is an old fashioned one but mighty effective. Squirrels find it very easy to nibble the wires and extremely difficult to manage these fences. 

Even these fences have been upgraded to an electric type. Therefore, it is highly advisable to use electric fence around your place rather than mere wires.

4. Use of Safflower

Seeds of safflower are very bitter and acidic in taste, and can be live taking in terms of squirrels. If these rodents are to be kept away from bird feeder, simply put safflower seeds in it.

These seeds are on one hand devastating for the squirrels and on the other hand harmless for birds, making it a win-win situation.

5. Sprinkle Pepper (Chilli) 

A mixture of chili pepper and birdseed has turned into a good natural weapon in an effort to free place from squirrels. This mixture can be placed in the feeder for birds. 

Just like the previous method of ‘Safflower’, this method keeps the squirrels away while keeping the birds unharmed and normal.

6. Hot Peppers and Garlic Cloves

Talking about mixtures, one more mixture has become very useful. This is a mixture of finely grounded hot peppers and garlic cloves, in almost equal proportions.

Then add some water in order mix it and a paste of it. Once the powdery paste is ready, sprinkle it to the parts where squirrels normally visit.

7. Jalapeno Pepper

In the list of mixture, one more mixture has recently gained popularity, i.e. the mixture of jalapeno pepper, water and vinegar.

Shake it as hard as you can and like the other methods spray it to the corners and commonly used places by squirrels. 

How to Scare Away Squirrels

1. Squirrel Exclusion Collars

Want to scare the squirrels? Scaring the squirrel can be an effective and proactive approach for the exclusion of squirrel. One of the things that really scare out these squirrels is the collar typically made up of sharp metal.

These collars are positioned around the trees, poles and bird feeder. When this animal tries to climb up the pole, firstly it finds it extremely difficult to climb a smooth metal disk. Not only it is difficult to climb up, it also injures the squirrels, perhaps the reason of their fright.

2. Usage of chemicals

As science has evolved, different kinds of chemicals have been explored and use, with the intention of clearing the place from squirrels. These chemicals at times can be damaging for squirrels also, which aids in creating a fear factor in the mind of these species.

Attics are dry, warm and mostly uninhabited. Thus, it makes it an ideal place for squirrels to settle down, build a place for them, a nest, store food and try to be protected from other enemies outside.

How to Get Rid Of Squirrels in the Attic

1. Close Attic Entry Points

The basic thing to protect an attic from squirrels is to close all possible and visible entry and exit points squirrels can utilized.

Make sure you use nails and hammer to seal all such spots. Don’t give them an easy access points to come over and live and build.

2. Use of moth balls

Usage of mothballs has gained acceptance and popularity in near past, as they have proven themselves enormously useful when it comes to getting rid of squirrels. 

Moth balls are made up of naphthalene balls, which is the chief element in driving out these species. The cost of this method is very affordable, hence the grown usage.

How to Get Rid Of Squirrels in Roof Space

These days, squirrels are regarded as the peskiest of the pests, mainly due to their tenacity coupled with their devastating fretting as well as chewing on woodwork. The two options that have proven themselves most effective are Exclusion and Trapping. 

Upon removal of squirrels, it highly imperative that you should not let them these species come again to your home.

It is crucial that you carry out repairs and make sure you animal-proof your property and consequently more of this creature will come in to replace their evicted numbers. 

People are not very aware of this type of trap. Different agencies are marketing it, hoping that this will gather popularity and acceptance.

1. Cage Traps

An evergreen method of catching squirrels is to trap them in cages. This method has remained a useful option ever since its inception.

Even today, it’s being used very aggressively for the purpose of getting rid of squirrels. Again like previous methods, this one also scares and annoys the squirrels.

One way exclusion doors. As the name indicates, this box just has only a way in and no way out for squirrels. This is a slightly newer kind of trap box that has come into the market. 

Killing Squirrels with Anti-Freeze

Have you ever thought anti-freeze can kill these squirrels? Trust me they can, but the process is risky.

Anti-freeze’s active and decisive ingredient is its Ethylene Glycol. Its taste is quite sweet, hence that attraction for squirrels.

It’s proven now that anti-freeze works as an outstanding pest control poison that curbs or eliminate rodents from your home. 


The reason why it’s risky is the fact that these are dangerous for our pets like dogs and cats, as they also like the sweetness of it and fall in the trap, that’s being laid not for them but for squirrels. 

The anti-freeze works as a useful and effective homemade squirrel poison, its dark side is it put the lives of our pets on risk also.

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