How to Kill Cockroach Eggs? All Steps

How to kill cockroach eggs? Cockroaches are common pests in apartment buildings and our homes – you must control the roaches in your apartment.

To get rid of a cockroach infestation, you must take care of all stages, including the eggs (you’ll notice the roach smell), nymphs, and adults. 

  • The best way to deal with cockroach egg sacks or baby roaches is by using an insect growth regulator (IGR). 
  • IGRs are generally used to prevent hatchlings from reaching adulthood and thus stopping further reproduction.
  • However, IGRs are also very useful when it comes to killing the cockroach eggs. It can be obtained in liquid form, and when sprayed on the eggs, it causes them to become sterile. When the eggs are killed, you are guaranteed they won’t be another generation of cockroaches.

Kitchen trolleys, the underside of stove burners, bookcases, and cupboards are the favorite places of cockroaches when it comes to laying eggs.

Also, roaches lay eggs near food items that aren’t safely stored in air-tight containers and too near leftovers that aren’t correctly disposed of. Read Also: Water Bugs Vs. Cockroaches

How to Kill Cockroach Eggs? Tips To Kill The Eggs

Now that you’ve identified cockroach types, it is time to destroy the eggs. The best strategy is eradicating them so that there won’t be future generations to deal with. Below are the effective methods of destroying cockroach eggs.

1. Crush the Eggs

Yes, you can crush them with your shoes or use a heavy object. However, this can be a bit messy, so make sure to clean up the destroyed egg cases afterward, or they might serve as food for any lurking cockroaches. 

2. Burn Them

You can try burning them, but kindly do this outside and be very cautious that you don’t set anything else on fire by mistake. Sure, this method may be somewhat satisfying, but it is not very practical. Also, you won’t enjoy the smell of burning cockroach eggs.

3. Pour Boric Acid over the Eggs

Boric acid is a proven method of eradicating roaches of all sizes and ages, including the eggs. To eliminate the eggs, you are required to pour enough acid into them.

They will instantly die due to coming in contact with the boric acid even if they were almost to hatch – or use roach bait for babies or adults

4. Spray Them with Pesticides

Effective commercial-grade cockroach pesticides are commonly used to spray and kill adult cockroaches, eggs, and even hatch-lings.

Remember, this will work only when the egg sac is sprayed with a powerful and effective pesticide. Also, you can use roach bombs

5. Vacuuming

Although you won’t kill them, vacuuming up the eggs can be another great option. However, the cockroach eggs might end up with hatching inside of your vacuum cleaner.

So, if you decide to use this method, ensure you empty your vacuum cleaner in a safer place and then dispose of the eggs so that they do not hatch. 

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What Do Cockroach Eggs Look Like?

There are four main types of cockroaches, which commonly appear in living areas and domestic homes. They all lay eggs in sacs known as oothecae.

The egg sacs, which are elongated and look similar to a pill, contains multiple eggs. Since all the egg sacs are basically the same shape, identifying them can help you determine what type of cockroaches you are dealing with in your residence.

The differences are in the size and color depending on the cockroach species. The differences between the four types of roach egg sacs are described below.

  • Brown-banded cockroach – Light brown with some red. Approximately 5 mm
  • Oriental cockroach – Medium to dark reddish-brown. Approximately 8 to 10 mm.
  • German cockroach – usually shades of brown. Approximately 6 to 9 mm.
  • American cockroach – Dark brown. Approximately 8 mm long. 

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This can be challenging since eggs are often hidden in secluded and dark areas such as cracks and crevices.

With a little bit of knowledge and some significant strategies, you can destroy cockroach eggs and stop an infestation before it is too late.

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