How To Remove Ants From Carpet

How To Remove Ants From Carpet [DIY Guide]

Ants are common household pests that you’ll find in the strangest places like carpets or bathrooms. But how do you know how to remove ants from the carpet? Let’s find out! 

  • There are 3 easy and safe ways to get rid of the ants from carpets; you can use some ant carpet powder, ant bait, baking powder, or borax. All these 3 methods are very effective and reliable though there are other ways too that you can employ.

Before eliminating the ants from carpets, you need to understand what draws them to your carpet. Remember that ants don’t eat carpets and therefore finding them in your carpets is something to worry about.

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How to Remove Ants from Carpet? The Safest Ways of Doing It

Most ants that you are seeing on your carpet are there because they were attracted by something.

Food droppings are the first thing that attracts them to your house and the carpet. You can control them by:

1. Using Ant Carpet Powder

Anti-ant carpet powder is a pest control product that is used to control ants. If ants have all over the carpet, you can use this powder to control them.

This powder is very effective especially when the ant’s infestation is much. With this powder, all you need is to sprinkle it on the carpet and the ants will start dying immediately.

  • Those that are lucky will run but cannot survive for long before they die.
  • When that is done, you can clean your carpet with a vacuum cleaner or by other means.

Be cautious because it can be harmful to you, your children, or your pets. Always wear gloves before using them and keep the children and pets when sprinkling. Remember to do vacuum clean the carpet,

2. Using Baits

This is so far the best way to rid the carpets from your carpet. But this only works if the level of an ant infestation is low.

  • Unlike the powder, you set the baits as food to the ants. They are placed around the carpet so that the ants can pick is as food and take them to the nest.
  • Upon eating all the ants in the nest will die. The bait kills the ants from the source but if the ants are many, it, may not be the best method of control.

The good part with using baits is that your carpet remains clean from the dirt of dead ants. It is also safer to use even when you have kids and pets in the house.

As a precaution, baits are more effective if kept around the carpet. Apart from the carpets, you can also set these baits on other parts of the house like the kitchen and bedroom among others. 

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3. Using Baking Soda

Baking soda can be a very good agent of killing ants in your home. It is both a natural way and also safe to use with our homes.

  • But when you opt to use this method, you have to mix the baking soda with some sugar so that you can attract the ants to eat it.
  • You can then sprinkle it around the carpet. When the ants eat it, their stomachs bloat and they end up dying.

Sugar is not the only agent you can use with baking soda because you can also use diatomaceous earth (DE) or boric powder.

  • When you mix it with diatomaceous earth, it also works very well also in controlling bedbugs and roaches.
  • However, when mixed with boric powder, this mixture is harmful and children and pets should be kept off.

Ensure you do a thorough clean before you can let the children and pets in. 

Can You Use Ant Spray On Carpet?

No. Though sprays are a good way of controlling ants, they are not recommended for use indoors especially on carpets.

  • Their liquid form is likely to have a long residual effect which may later affect your kids and pets. This is also applicable to all other liquid control methods for the ants.
  • If you have to use them, maybe on the entry points or and cracks in the walls or even outdoors.

For carpet use, powdered ant control products work the best. Remember to vacuum cleaners to remove off the dirt both from leftovers, the dead ants, and the chemical residues.

 Why Have Ants Invaded Your Carpet?

Ants are on your carpet is because of food. Ants don’t eat carpet and a closer look at your carpet, you will either find bread crumbs and other sugary leftovers on your carpet.

  • Secondly, ants also love moist areas. They find an environment under the carpet favorable to make their nests and establish their colonies.
  • To reduce this, you can use the elimination methods listed above before you can thoroughly clean your carpet.

If you have children in your house, they keep on dropping leftovers, which is a good way of attracting the ants. Regularly clean the carpet after every meal. 

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Can Ants Live Under The Carpet?

Under the carpets is not really the favorite place for the ants to make their nests.

  • But if the carpet has a lot of leftovers and crumbs, they will make the nests near the food source.
  • Therefore, if you have seen ants on the carpet, it is also good to check under the carpet too.

Secondly, under the carpet, there is some moist environment which ants prefer. This could also attract them into making their nest there.

Natural Home Remedies for Ants on Carpets

Getting rid of ants at home should be practiced in the safest way possible to avoid harm on the others within the same roof.

  • If you have to get rid of the ants from the carpet, using powder forms is much safer than liquid forms.
  • For instance, using boric powder or baking soda is much safer than using sprays to control ants.

However, the best options still remain keeping your carpet clean at all times to avoid ant infestation. Vacuum cleaning after every meal will avoid too many leftovers in the carpet that can attract ants. 

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In Summary

As listed above there are several ways on how to remove ants from the carpet. The 3 listed methods are both safe and effective in controlling ants from the carpet.

  • Technically, keeping the carpet well cleaned is the best way to keep your carpet free from ants.

As a DIYer applying the methods would work but in extreme cases, you can engage a pest control expert for the assistance of eliminating the ants and other pests.

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