How to Stop Geese from Pooping in Yard

How to Stop Geese from Pooping in Yard

It’s unfortunate that most of us don’t understand the dangers of geese droppings. How to stop geese from pooping in the yard still becomes a challenge.

  • Fencing the yard, taking away the food, planting tall bushes and grasses in your yard are among the strategies you can use to keep off the geese.

Additionally, you can also have a special shelter for them to avoid them constantly being in your yard. Geese will always visit your yard as long as they are looking for food and a nesting place

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Details: How to Stop Geese From Pooping In Yard

Everybody wants their yard well-maintained and neat but not when you have geese around.

  • Their droppings are huge and if they find a good nesting place, it will take your time to get them off.

1. Fencing the Yard

When the geese decide to invade your lawn they do it in numbers.  Unless you have ways to control them, they will not leave voluntarily.

  • Apart from the dropping having harmful elements like E.coli, they are also large in size with each geese pooping 2-4 pounds per day.

If you mount a fence around your yard, it will help you keep geese away.

  • You don’t have to put a very high fence but just a sizeable fence to keep them off.

With a fence around the yard, geese will not break through but keep off the yard. 

2. Stop the Food Supply

What brings geese around the yard area is food-grass, leaves, berries, bulbs, and others.

  • As long as there is something in the yard for the geese to feed, they will always hang around the yard.

Though the droppings are good manure for the lawn, it is the E.coli and other toxins that harm both humans and animals that must be avoided.

To stop this, you can feed the geese from a caged area or another area different from the yard.

  • The problem that starts when you start feeding them from the yard is that they will always be frequenting the same area as they expect more food.

More and more geese will keep coming to the yard for food. Cut them off from the food supply and you keep them off from the yard

3. Providing a Shelter for the Geese

If the geese don’t come to your yard because of food, they may also visit your yard to seek shelter.

  • They will come and nest there as they enjoy the shade from the structure.
  • This is a good distraction to stop them from visiting the yard and leaving the droppings everywhere.

At this point, you will have managed to control geese movements within the yard and limit it within the sheltered area.

4. Scaring Away the Geese

When worse to worse and geese are all over the yard, eating and pooping, you can take a step and literally chase them away from the yard.

Geese will not know that they are in an unwanted area unless you chase them.

  • If you do this repeatedly, geese will soon realize that the yard is an unwanted area for them and you begin to see less of them in that area.
  • The more you don’t have them in the yard, the better because there are fewer chances of them pooping all over.

If you are scared, you can use dogs which are natural predators to scare them off. Lastly, you can make the environment noisy which drives them away.

5. Planting Bushes and Tall Grasses in the Yard

Geese like an environment where they feel safe and enjoy tranquillity. They like open areas with lawns and ponds.

  • However, when the yard has tall grasses and bushes, geese get scared of attack from animals and other perceived enemies.

That way you will see fewer geese in the yard and fewer geese droppings in the yard.

  • Controlling them keeps them away and helps keep your yard clean and free from harmful E.coli.

You have to have away what bring them into your yard if you have to win a war against them. Here is what you can do.

6. Use Goose Repellents

The good lawn in the yard is a good attraction point for the geese. You can apply the lawn with repellents that make the lawn inhabitable by the geese.

  • These repellents are available in retailers. For instance, you can get a liquid goose repellent that can be sprayed on the lawn.

The smell from this repellent is very irritating and you will not see geese around the lawn. However, you will need to constantly keep on spraying as its effectiveness slows down with time.

What Problems Do Geese Cause?

1. Harmful droppings

When geese are in your yard for whatever reason, they go popping everywhere. These dropping though beneficial to the lawn also have negative effects.

  • They have harmful microorganisms like E.coli that can cause disease to both humans and animals.

Therefore keeping the geese away from the yard as well as keeping them off from pooping s for the greater good.

There are many reasons why you need to keep geese in your yard. This is because of the damages they are likely to cause in the yard. Let’s have a look at these damages.

2. Destruction on the lawn

If you allow geese into the yard, it won’t be long before you realize that the well-maintained lawn is destroyed.

  • Geese will not only feed on grass but they will also destroy the lawn and leave their harmful droppings all over.

These will leave your lawn shabby and also risky for both humans and animals.

3. Contaminated Pool

If there is a pond within your yard, that will geese favorite spot.

  • However, with their droppings, they contaminate the pond making it unhealthy for use even by other bids and animals.

The droppings from geese are in large quantities and also with the presence of harmful E.coli and other microorganisms. 

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In Summary

The techniques on how to stop geese from pooping in yard are easy and somehow costless.

  • But it is the effect on the droppings that might cost you much.
  • You can choose to blend all the methods all choose one that is most suitable for you.

Either way, it works provided it keeps the geese from your lawn and also protects it’s from toxic droppings.

Keep your lawn protected.