I Found a Scorpion in My House! Are There More

I Found a Scorpion in My House! Are There More

Scorpions are a pest that will come out regularly in the desert areas of the United States (especially the southwestern regions). 

So, we just today found such a scorpion in our neighbor’s house. So I’m wondering if there could be more around. My answer is that this will depend on the location and region that you found this scorpion 🦂 – which means where you live. 

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Details: I Found One Scorpion In My House? Could There Be More?

My detailed response on whether there could be more than one scorpion in a house is that it depends on the location; the weather, the terrain, and the climate.

  • Other factors that will affect the number of scorpions that may have entered your house is if your neighborhood and yard are an excellent habitat for the pests.

So if the conditions and location are right, your area and your house could experience the manifestation of more than one scorpion.

For specific directions, scorpions will mainly love shady, dry, and hot areas.

  • This is because scorpions love hunting in darkness and they grow best with heat.

So if you are neighboring or country that has arid weather, and also a location that has many insects, and bugs, then you might experience many scorpions on your property.

Besides, if there are any massive ground-digging or unearthing activities going on in the surrounding, then the scorpions may flee from the old ground into your house for safety – just like the Bearded Dragons.

  • So even in your new house, all structures could be infested by scorpions escaping dangers from a construction or unearthing site. 

Scorpion Species and their Biting 

First, scorpions are considered to be social animals and won’t pose a major threat to humans.

  • Are scorpions really dangerous? Scorpions are not dangerous but they are non-venomous.

But the scorpion bites will be painful and leave some swelling that’s comparable to what you get with a bee sting.

But elderly people and kids could experience relatively worse effects from the scorpion venom.

However, for any human that is bitten by a scorpion, medical experts advise you to talk to a doctor for a prescription and advice.

Scorpions do not love staying around humans and so they could have gotten there just by accident.

These animals will only bite humans during the panic in situations like when you crush them as they’re hiding in clothes, gloves, or shoes.

So if you’ve seen a scorpion in the house, it will be great to inspect the dark areas for the presence – at least to avoid a scorpion sting. 

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Scorpions Are Social Animals

Depending on the species, most spiders are described as social animals.

But this will also vary with the local environment such as your yard or neighborhood and how inviting it is.

So, if you’re home earlier has many scorpions, it will require extensive energy to eradicate them all within a short time.

  • This is because there could be many other scorpion eggs in the dark places waiting to hatch.

Preventing or repelling the scorpions from your house, especially in the scorpion-dense areas, will only push them to the yard or the neighbor’s house.

So, it is good practice to alert all the neighbors to enable the scorpion prevention or control to be more widespread (broad) and effective.

Scorpion Proofing Methods

In this section, I will outline the measures that can be used to scorpion-proof your house.

a. Remove or Control Bugs

First I advise that you remove or control insects and pests that are within the house surroundings which may include flies, moths, crickets, and beetles.

  • These are the creatures that scorpions use as food and so removing them repels scorpions.

To repel the insects and pests, apply effective and environment-friendly insecticides to act as a barrier for the house.

Father, for the basement, doors, and windows, you should use an indoor pesticide that is non-hazardous to kill the pests and insects.

b. Maintain the Yard Properly

Scorpions get into your house by first hiding in the yard.

So you must keep a well-organized and tidy garden or yard since this will help keep scorpions off your house.

Scorpions get dehydrated regularly and will hide in the cool and shady areas of your yard to avoid exposure to sun and heat in the daytime.

  • Trim the trees and bushes provide the overgrowth touching the house
  • Declutter the yard by removing excessive leaves and wood stacks.
  • Avoid over-watering the garden or yard by inspecting a water system.
  • Trim the garden or yard grass

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c. Remove Debris and Seal the House

For the house, you should remove the debris to keep it clean so that it doesn’t hide insects and scorpions.

  • Remove debris from the basements, bathroom, and kitchen.

Seal the entrance that the scorpions can use to gain access to the house. These openings may include ceiling fan openings, wall cracks, light switches, windows, and doors.

  • Inspect for more openings on the porch, patio, attic, and basement.

To sell the openings and trucks you can use expandable foam, sealers, fillers, silicone caulk, and concrete caulk.

When the windows and doors are not in use we should keep them sealed or shot.

As noted earlier, scorpions will regularly experience loss of moisture when either outdoors or indoors and so you should remove any moisture, standing water, or water puddles.

  • Keep the backyard area leakage free and dry since this will help repel the scorpions.

d. Install Scorpion Traps

The next step will be installing some suitable rat or mice traps in the house to trap scorpions – oor use dragon cages

Place them around water sources and the entryway and dark areas such as the closet and furnishings.

  • But remember that the sticky pest traps could have toxic chemicals such as hazardous pesticides.

You can also deter the scorpions by using essential oils such as cinnamon, peppermint, tea tree, lavender, and cedar.

Spray the water-diluted essential oil in the basement, windows, doorways, and other similar entry points.


So in summary seeing one scorpion in your house may not necessarily mean that there are more of such animals around.

  • But this could vary depending on whether the area is scorpion-dense and if conditions are pushing the animals to shelter in the house.

Some of these conditions may include wildfires or construction site unearthing.

Scorpions will bite humans but their venom is non-hazardous – but could be hazardous to kids and elderly people. Any massive ground-digging or unearthing activities are going

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