Kelsey Creek Farm and Park

Located in the heart of Bellevue, Washington, Kelsey Creek Farm and Park is a charming urban oasis that offers visitors a unique blend of natural beauty, historical significance, and educational opportunities.

The park spans over 150 acres and is a beloved destination for families, nature enthusiasts, and anyone looking to experience the tranquility of farm life without leaving the city.

History and Heritage

Kelsey Creek Farm has a rich history that dates back to the early 1900s. The farm originally operated as a dairy farm and has since been preserved as a historical and educational site.

  • The farm buildings, including the iconic red barns, have been carefully maintained to reflect their historical roots, providing visitors with a glimpse into Bellevue’s agricultural past.

Today, the farm serves as a living museum, showcasing the traditional practices and heritage of farming in the Pacific Northwest.

Farm Animals and Activities

One of the main attractions at Kelsey Creek Farm is the array of farm animals that call it home. Visitors can meet and interact with a variety of animals, including cows, pigs, sheep, goats, chickens, and rabbits.

The farm offers a hands-on experience, allowing children and adults alike to learn about animal care and farm operations. Seasonal activities, such as sheep shearing, cow milking demonstrations, and pony rides, provide additional opportunities for visitors to engage with farm life.

Educational Programs

Kelsey Creek Farm is dedicated to education and community engagement. The farm offers a range of educational programs and camps designed to teach children about agriculture, animal husbandry, and environmental stewardship.

  • School field trips, summer camps, and special events are organized throughout the year, providing interactive and fun learning experiences.

These programs aim to foster a connection between urban residents and the natural world, promoting an understanding of sustainable practices and the importance of preserving our agricultural heritage.

Park Features and Amenities

In addition to the farm, Kelsey Creek Park boasts a variety of recreational features and amenities.

The park’s extensive trail system winds through lush woodlands, open meadows, and along Kelsey Creek, offering scenic routes for hiking, jogging, and wildlife observation. Picnic areas equipped with tables and barbecue facilities provide perfect spots for family gatherings and outdoor meals.

The park also includes playgrounds, sports fields, and a large open lawn area, making it an ideal destination for recreational activities and community events.

Wildlife and Nature

Kelsey Creek Park is a haven for local wildlife and a fantastic destination for nature enthusiasts. The diverse habitats within the park support a variety of bird species, including ducks, herons, and songbirds, making it a popular spot for birdwatching.

The creek itself is home to fish and amphibians, and the surrounding woodlands provide a habitat for small mammals and insects. Interpretive signs along the trails offer information about the park’s ecosystems and the wildlife that inhabit them, enhancing the visitor experience and promoting environmental awareness.

Community Events and Volunteer Opportunities

Kelsey Creek Farm and Park hosts numerous community events throughout the year, such as the annual Farm Fair, sheep shearing events, and seasonal festivals.

These events celebrate the park’s agricultural heritage and provide entertainment and educational activities for all ages. Additionally, the farm relies on the support of volunteers to help with animal care, gardening, and event coordination.

Volunteering at Kelsey Creek Farm offers a rewarding opportunity to give back to the community and gain hands-on experience in farm and park management.

Planning Your Visit

Kelsey Creek Farm and Park is open year-round, and admission is free, making it an accessible and affordable destination for families and individuals.

  • The farm and park are conveniently located near downtown Bellevue, with ample parking and facilities to accommodate visitors.

Whether you’re looking to spend a peaceful day exploring nature, learning about farm life, or participating in community events, Kelsey Creek Farm and Park offers a welcoming and enriching experience for everyone.


Kelsey Creek Farm and Park is a treasured community resource that combines the charm of a working farm with the recreational and educational opportunities of a public park. Its historical significance, diverse range of activities, and commitment to environmental education make it a unique and valuable destination in Bellevue.

Whether you’re a local resident or a visitor to the area, a trip to Kelsey Creek Farm and Park promises a memorable and enriching experience that celebrates the natural and cultural heritage of the Pacific Northwest.

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