No Spill Ant Kill Reviews

No Spill Ant Kill Review – 7 Quick Tips

In this article, I’ve reviewed the No Spill Ant Kill by Maggie’s Farm for killing insects like worker ants and foraging ants. But No-Spill Ant Kill is encapsulated thus safe for kids and pets. 

So, who would this roach killer compare to others like the Advion Fire Ant Bait, Amdro Kills (for fire ants), and Terro T300 Liquid (for indoor)? 

So, how do you kill ants without spills? Well, the no-spill ant kill creates a perimeter defense – applying around the foundation or the places with ant trails (place 5 – 10 feet apart). 

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Details: No-Spill Ant Kill Reviews

Last time we killed ants after the bugs leaked all over the floor bringing a mess. So, this product will help you witness the end of the ant invasion. 

1. Kills Many Household ants

The ants will consume the bait – become queasy and wheezy, die without involving a mess on the floor. Its made from alcohol, wintergreen oil, cinnamon oil, rosemary oil, and thyme oil.

The No-Spill Ant Kill product will attract & kill a variety of household ants except the harvester ants, fire ants, and carpenter ants. 

Its created to make the worker ants carry the poison bait back into the ant nest – this eventually causes a nested kill effect on the tiny and disturbing insects. 

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2. Ant Killer Safe for Pets

The nested ant killing effects allow the bait to kill the ants in the nests and the ants that are roaming around. Maggie’s killer is oil-based and thus safe for pets and cats. 

The Maggie’s ant-killer will be safe for animals as outlined on the product label – but don’t spray on cats directly since the oil-based insecticide can be slightly toxic. 

No-Spill Ant Kill also has borax (a natural ingredient) that makes it simple to exterminate the ants with no dangerous chemical effects on the pets or surroundings. 

3. Simple Installation Stations 

Those No-Spill Ant Kill stations will be simple to activate – through just removing that underside sticker. 

The bugs will walk on the surface of that bait and it won’t drown – and thus it’ll allow feeding and extermination of more of the ants around the home. 

Further, there will be no spills because it’s not a liquid bait type of ant-killer. The gelatin-like rigid gel has high moisture and is patented – plus it’s unique. 

You can use No-Spill Ant Kill for exterminating roaches for either outdoor or indoor spaces. 

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How Does Maggie’s Farm Ant Killer Work?

1. Usage Directions

Federal law bars anyone from using the chemical ant killer without adhering to the label instructions. 

It’ll attract + kills various household ants including big-headed ants, crazy ants, acrobat ants, pavement ants, cornfield ants, ghost ants, and Argentine ants. 

Further, you may use it in various spaces including on your mobile homes, storage areas, apartments, and homes. 

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2. Eliminates and Controls Ants

The No-Spill Ant Kill will exterminate the large drones of ants that will be invading your spaces. 

It created in a way that will make the worker ants eat it, but survives for some time so that they’ll carry the poison on their back to the ant nest and kill the whole colony. 

So, you’ll just require to position the ant baits around the house or outdoor spaces and then monitor the number and status of the ant infestation. 

3. Indoor Ant Control

The No-Spill Ant Kill is great for killing ants in indoor spaces. You’ll require to just apply on bait stations, foil, paper, or cardboard – in a place that’s inaccessible to pets or kids.

Ensure to set up the bait in places that ants frequent including in corners, baseboards, floors, bathrooms, food cabinets, window sills, and on sink edges. 

Make sure to place multiple baits in different places – but make sure to target areas that ants will use to gain entry into your house as they come from the nesting sites located outdoors. 

Check for the ant trails as this is what the bugs will follow as they search for water, food, and nesting location. You’ll achieve better control of the ants on the trails. 

3. Outdoor Ant Control

The ant killer will also be great for controlling the bugs in outdoor spaces like the lawn. Check the places near the house that ants are observed trailing. 

So, set up the No-Spill Ant Kill around those locations but ensure that kids & pets cant’s access them. You can create a perimeter defense by positioning the baits around the foundation. 

Ensure to space the No-Spill Ant Kill baits with like 5 – 10 feet to achieve the best outcomes. Furter, inspect the baits for any ant activity.


The no-spill ant kill by Maggies Farm has 3% borax that’ll effectively exterminate the ant colonies in both the indoor spaces or also outdoor locations.

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