Orkin Pest Control Review

Orkin Pest Control Review

If you are looking for a reliable pest control service that is professional and will help exterminate pests such as fleas, bed bugs, termites, etc, read on for more details.

  • This article is a comprehensive Orkin Pest Control Review that will help you and other pet owners decide on a suitable company.

The market has a variety of companies that offer pest control services but which have different quality levels and costs.

  • So, this article comes as part of a series of reviews I have made of quality pest extermination companies.

Let’s dig in!

My Honest Review Summary on Orkin

Orkin is a leading service (started in 1901) that has excelled both in commercial and residential pest control.

I know that Orkin has been leading in using technology (with massive experience) in controlling various pests.

This has been made possible by the comprehensive staff training that Orkin offers.

  • The best exterminators under Orkin boast of 150 + hours of pest control training that is super targeted.

The effectiveness, Orkin reports that it has been hired by 1.7 + million commercial and residential clients all over the world.

So, my conclusion is that Orkin is among the most tenured and cognizable exterminators globally.

Facts about pest control by Orkin

Pests covered

  • The best covered in the Orkin extermination service include wildlife, ants, stinging insects, spiders, silverfish, rodents most mosquitoes bites millipedes flies, fleas, earwigs, crickets, cockroaches, centipedes, carpenter ants beetles bed bugs, and ants


  • 24/7

States Covered

  • Orkin is available in all US states except in Wyoming, South Dakota, and Alaska.

Online Presence

  • Orkin is available online and you can get a pest control quote on their website

Upsides (Pros) and Downsides (Cons) of Orkin

Here are the pros and cons of using Orkin as your pest control company in both commercial and residential spaces.

Upsides (Pros):

  • Offers an Integrated Pest Management
  • Offers a 30-day money-back service guarantee
  • Holds pest control experience getting to about 100 years
  • Available in many US states and Worldwide
  • Amazing customer support

Downsides (Cons):

  • Not available in Wyoming, South Dakota, and Alaska.
  • Does not offer live chat
  • The initial pest inspections are not discounted

Review of the services offered by Orkin

Orkin exterminators will provide targeted and general bug control for either commercial or residential spaces.

The Orkin pest control strategy described as general will safeguard your spaces from ca 15 + pests that include earwigs, centipedes, spiders, mice, roaches silverfish scorpions hornets crickets moths, and ants.

  • However, the price and the nature of the first inspection visit for pest control will be determined by the pest that is causing the largest issue in your spaces.

Once the first best control mission is done, Orkin will schedule other treatments bimonthly.

  1. Ants: Orkin includes control of ants in their general pest control planning and puts special emphasis on the control of carpenter ants.
  2. Bed bugs: if the first pest inspection by Orkin determines that you have bed bugs, the company will document the bug generations and the hiding places. The methods used to control the bed bugs will include chemical treatment, freezing, and heat treatment.
  3. Wildlife: Orkin will create a plan to either safely trap or deter the word life pest disturbing your peace – this could be raccoons or even gophers.
  4. Ticks: Ticks are an immediate health risk in pets and humans. Orkin will conduct inspection politics and employee insecticides to treat the pets and their surroundings.
  5. Termites: Foam treatments such as Orkin Foam and Termidor treatments come in handy for Orkin professionals when controlling termites.
  6. Stinging insects: the company also provides a control for stinging insects like hornets and wasps – this may fall under the added or individual services.
  7. Spiders: Orkin offers to control spiders in your spaces under their standard coverage. Some spiders may be venomous and so special care must be taken by the homeowners if you are to handle these pests yourself.
  8. Scorpions: there are some states or regions of the United States that experience being attacked by scorpions. Orkin, therefore, office scorpion control in their general plan.
  9. Silverfish: Silverfish are regular guests that you will find in a bathroom and so Orkin resolved to control them in most homes.
  10. Rodents: Orkin will cover products such as rats and mice in the general plan but controlling a current attack (inspection) may cost more.
  11. Flies: Flies will be controlled by the Orkin team under their bimonthly plan
  12. Fleas: Fleas’ control of fleas in your spaces may come as an add-on or stand-alone service where the professionals will identify the source of the bugs and the most appropriate extermination strategy.
  13. Cockroaches: Roaches are a common problem for most homeowners and Orkin has incorporated their control in the bi-monthly treatment.

Another advantage of using the Orkin professionals is that you may opt to include the exterior and interior pest control in the plan.

  • The general plan for pest control offered by Orkin can be either monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly.

The general Orkin pest control plan

Initial inspection done biking will examine the conditions that attract pests.

  • Then, the professionals will exterminate the current infestation while also putting measures to stop the bugs in their whole life cycle – this hinders the occurrence of a future infestation.

Here is an outline of the steps that the Orkin follows in their general bug extermination plan.

  1. Investigate: The Orkin professionals will conduct an inspection of the exterior and interior of your house for potential or current pest problems.
  2. Protect: To increase the protection levels of your home against pests, Orkin will treat the whole property and remove spider webs and wasp nests.
  3. Fortify: The Orkin professionals will fortify the home against best buy sealing cracks and gaps using plugs and caulk.
  4. Pest monitoring: The exterminators will install different bug monitors in critical locations such as the kitchen bathrooms, utility rooms, and the garage.
  5. Detailed Reporting: The company will write a comprehensive report on the services provided and also their recommendations on how to maintain a pest-free home.
  6. Finally, Follow Up: The company will keep an open communication line with the client and can come to the site whenever requested.


In summary, Pestpolicy rates Orkin pest control services as second best with the top spot being taken by Terminix.

  • The notable upside of Orkin pest control service is that it offers both targeted and general pest control including extermination of carpenter ants and ticks.