Ortho Home Defense Dual-Action Bed Bug Killer

Ortho Home Defense Dual-Action Bed Bug Killer

The Good:

The Bad:

  • Labourious to apply

Caution: Leave the area you’ve sprayed for about 3 to 4 hours. This allows the spray to dry and thus avoid poisoning your kids, or pets such as cats and dogs.

#2: My Detailed Review

1. Ultra-fast-acting formula

Ortho Home Defense Dual-Action has a quick knock-down effect (kills within minutes) against bed bugs and other crawling insects – and thus, it can be classified as an ultra-fast-acting insecticide.

The insecticide is both a contact-killing and spot treatment formula. Therefore, this will ensure that the bed bugs won’t come back to your living spaces.

However, Ortho Home Defense has high potency, which means that it might not be very safe around kids or pets. Therefore, you must clean the sprayed areas sometime after treating your home for bed bugs.

2. Odorless and Non-staining on clothes and Furniture

Ortho Home Defense will be safe to use on your furniture since it will not damage or stain the furniture’s finishes in your home.

Further, the spray may be considered odorless but has a little smell that most humans and pets will not find irritating. Also, it comes in both travel and regular sizes that are convenient.

Despite being super powerful against household bed bugs, this spray won’t hurt the environment, including producing dangerous fumes.

However, some fabrics or clothes might not be compatible with this spray, and thus you might need to undertake some cleaning after bed bug treatment.

3. Exterminates even Pesticide-Resistant Bed bugs

If you’re dealing with bed bugs that have developed immunity against various pesticides (as noted by National Geographic), then Ortho Home Defense is an excellent solution for you. 

From the onset, Ortho comes out as a highly reliable manufacturer of pest control solutions. Equally, this roach spray brand will kill even stink bugs, dust mites, and fleas.  

#3: My Experience:

1. Is Ortho Home Defense kid and pet safe? 

Ortho Home Defense and its active ingredients are EPA-registered and safe to use around for yourself, your kids, and pets such as cats and dogs. However, please don’t use it around aquatic life like fish. 

However, I haven’t experienced many people who’ve been poisoned by Ortho Home Defense. However, realize that deltamethrin may be neurotoxic or irritate your skin. 

I found this spray great for safely treating the covering of the traveling luggage as a spot treatment. Further, it’s safe for treating mattress seams, furniture, and carpets.

In summary, Ortho Home Defense will be safe to use around your kids and pets, but you must not use it near aquatic life like fish. 

2. Has a 2-weeks residue effect

Ortho Home Defense (dual-action) has a long residue effect of about two weeks. Further, some other customers note that this spray formula will have 7-10 days or residue effect. 

However, the manufacturer also recommends that you spray regularly. For example, Ortho states that you begin with the daily application before going to 2-3 times spraying per week. 

Finally, you can now spray weekly or once every two weeks. Therefore, you can use bed bug spray to both protect and kill the pests. 

3. Ortho Home Defense Dual-Action vs. Proof Bed Bug Spray

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