7 Best Pet Safe Roach Killer in 2021

Some roach killers contain harsh active ingredients that could harm your pets – including cats and dogs. So, I’ve reviewed the best pet safe roach killers available. Pet Safe Roach Killer

Due to the close relationship between roaches with pets and humans, homeowners are cautioned against using harmful insecticides without harming the surrounding.

Cockroaches can transmit harmful disease-causing organisms and destroy materials such as newspapers, books, or wallpapers. Let’s get started!

Reviews: Top 7 Best Pet Safe Roach Killer in 2021

1. Blackflag Roach Motel 61009 (24 small boxes)

Neem is gaining popularity as a top safe pest repellent product. It’s extracted from a neem tree, and its attributes are excellent in controlling cockroaches. It can be applied in either powder or oil form.

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When using powdered neem, sprinkle it in the infested area. If you’re using the oil form, pour it into a spraying bottle and apply the pray in roaches’ habitats. For the product to be more effective, mix neem with cocoa powder to attract cockroaches to it.

Yes, I am talking about beat to make the all-natural beer can roach trap. Check this video to know the details on how to use it – beer can roach traps are among the least toxic roach control methods. Luckily, this method is purely DIY and is safe for both you, your kids, and pets. 

2. Henslow Patent Latest Invention and Effective Cockroach Trap 

Henslow roach Trap will help you trap either small or large roaches since it has light doors and a large entrance. Set the roach trap in dark alleys like storage Room, kitchen cabinet, or under your kitchen sink.

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Henslow roach Trap is safe as it won’t use any repellents, sprays, or dangerous chemicals that might be harmful to your health or that of your pets and plants. The trap is a manual that won’t require electricity or battery power to work. So, it’s considered to be eco-friendly and cheap to operate.

Further, you can use the readily available roach baits such as fish meal, butter, cereal, or even biscuits. The baits will also be simple to install. Other baits include the cat or dog food and cookies.

Luckily, the trap has two-door layers that’ll easily trap the roaches. Further, it has four extra-sized doors that’ll fit all roaches. Therefore, roaches don’t have to die on your drawer, closet, or carpet.

3. MILLIARD Borax Powder – Multi-Purpose Cleaner

The active ingredients in this borax powder include nepetalactone, which is non-toxic to humans and pets. Place a significant amount of the product at places where cockroaches are frequently sighted. Another pet safe roach killer product is catnip.

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Also, you can mix it in water, making a catnip tea. In this application technique, follow these steps to ensure the effective eradication of roaches.

Boil water and add catnip roach killer. Let the solution to simmer for a few minutes. Remove the heat and allow it to cool down up to room temperatures.

Pour catnip tea in a spray bottle and apply this mixture in areas such as kitchen contours and baseboards. The chemical effect of this solution will repel cockroaches, and thus eliminating their invasion.

4. Safer 51703 Diatomaceous Earth Roach, Flea, Ant Killer

Diatomaceous Earth is an active and non-toxic roach killer. It’s safe and is used in most pets’ pesticides. Sprinkle this roach killer in all cockroaches’ habitats. You can also apply the pesticide in areas such as crevices, cracks, or any other potential places, including behind household appliances.

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After applying the pesticide, it’ll leave a white powder trail that contains algae fossils remains. This composition will cut the pest’s exoskeleton, and thus killing them. Diatomaceous earth is user-friendly, and you don’t have to wear protective clothing while handling it.

About 5-7 days after the treatment, there’ll be many cockroaches all over the house as they search for water. This is due to the dehydration effect on roaches caused by the pesticide. Thus, it’s essential to fix any leaking pipes or drain stagnant water to combat roaches’ invasion.

However, Diatomaceous may not be useful in wet or damp spaces. Sprinkle the product only in the areas free from water or other liquids. Related: the top drain cleaners.

Sometimes cockroaches can be difficult to eliminate from your home because they adapt to almost all environmental conditions. They can coexist with people who drive food and shelter, feeding on unattended cereals, leftovers, or juices. Previously, I reviewed the high-grade roach killers and roach bombs.

5. EcoSmart Technologies 682384615768 Ant & Roach Killer

A Greener mindset is blended with plant oils, which are significant in blocking the neural pathways in pests. This effect will cause an instant knockdown and killing of the cockroaches.

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It’s also an effective repellent pesticide that keeps pests away from the treated areas. This pesticide is in spray formula, and it has no harmful effects on pets.

One of its excellent advantages is that it’s 100 percent organic and non-toxic. Additionally, you can use it indoors around kids and pets, and it doesn’t contaminate water supplies.

6. Greener Mindset 12 Pack Cockroach Traps with Bait

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7. POP VIEW New Version Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Plug-in

Baking powder is an available household product and an excellent roach killer that is safe for pets. It’s user-friendly and non-toxic. However, ensure you keep it away from pets to prevent them from coming into contact with mixtures with germy pests.

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Mix a small amount of baking powder with granulated sugar. Ensure the mixture is uniformly distributed and pour it into several containers. These tins need to be shallow to enable the climbing of cockroaches.

The sugar content on the mixture attracts roaches. And the baking powder exterminates them pests by expanding their stomach once it’s eaten.


Organic methods of controlling cockroaches are always pet-friendly. They’re not harmful and don’t spread disease-causing organisms.

For pet safe roach killer techniques to be effective, it’s essential to keep your household clean and cut off pests’ food sources. Keep vegetables, fruits, juices, and trash in airtight containers.

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