Pet Safe Roach Killer

Top 7 Pet Safe Roach Killer for 2024

Living in a roach-infested house, kitchen, apartments, car e.t.c is a nightmare. The bugs will transmit organisms and destroy newspapers, books, or wallpapers e.t.c.

But you also don’t want to use all harsh ingredients as this may harm your pets – including cats and dogs. Check these pet safe cockroach killers. 

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How Do I Get Rid Of Roaches Without Harming Pets?

Roaches can be found anywhere but they seem to love warm, moist places like bathrooms and kitchens where food spills happen often.

Here we will give some tips on how to get rid of roaches without harming pets?

1. Prevention

Sealing up all entry points like loose-fitting door openings can be an important step in preventing roaches from entering the house. Also, keep your counters and floors clean to avoid attracting roaches.

Do not leave pet food out where a roach can jump in from a surrounding counter. Garbage containers should be kept inside and secure, preferably in airtight containers.

Remove clutter like paper, books, and old clothes in your home so that cockroaches will have less of a chance to infest. Also, clean garbage disposals and sink strainers often.

2. Roach Traps

There are a few different types of roach traps that can be used to capture and kill these roaches.

  • One is the glue trap, which you just place in an area where there have been sightings of them (such as under or near kitchen appliances).
  • They get stuck on this sticky surface when they try to cross it. You can then dispose of the captured bugs by simply peeling off the cardstock backing.

Grease bowl traps work by luring roaches in with bait, such as bacon or ham. They are then trapped by a lip on the bowl and cannot get out so they die of starvation.

These traps should be placed where there is an infestation to cut down on their numbers before you try any other type of trap for catching them.

3. Baits

This type of roach trap uses poison gel baits that do not harm pets but will kill these bugs within hours after coming into contact with it.

Roach baits that do not pose a danger to your pets since their ingredients are enclosed in some sealed container.

Put the boric acid roach Trap near corners, cracks, or under appliances where you have seen them.

Roach baits work by attracting these bugs and they then eat the bait that contains a fast-acting, slow-killing poison.

This gives you time to find out how roaches are entering your house and control them with more efficient methods.

4. Boric Acid

Boric acid is an inexpensive roach killer. It is generally used as an outer perimeter treatment around the perimeters of homes, apartments, or businesses to prevent pests from entering.

It can also be applied inside as bait for German cockroaches only – the borax will not kill other roaches such as American, Brown-Banded, or Oriental Roaches.

  • A little borax goes a long way with this natural product that has been shown in various studies to be up to 95% effective against all types of household insects including ants, fleas beetles, weevils, etc.

In addition, it’s safe on plants and won’t harm any pets you may have at your home. This makes it one less thing you need to worry about when it comes to pest control.

  • One reason for this is because bugs are highly attracted to its taste due to the sugar content which makes them take it back into their nest where they then pass it onto others making a chain reaction of death from within.

5. Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth (“food grade” option) is a natural product made from the fossilized remains of diatoms that are ground up into dust.

Diatomaceous earth can be used around pets to deter roaches, but it needs to be applied often.

But there’s still some limited risk for your pet if they go outside or lick their fur after walking on dirt where DE has been applied.

Apply the Diatomaceous Earth in the areas where you have seen cockroaches.

It will work as a repellant for them and they won’t be able to cross it without feeling that their exoskeleton is being scratched by the DE particles.

You can sprinkle enough food-grade Diatomaceous Earth all over your house (in corners or along walls), it should keep roaches away from your home altogether!

1. Combat Max Pet-Safe Roach Trap

Combat Max Trap is a pet-safe and effective way to get rid of roaches – it’s non-toxic, odorless, and doesn’t leave stains. 

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Combat Max Trap is pet-safe because it uses a non-toxic Fipronil lure that the roaches can’t resist. You’ll never have to worry about harming your pet friends again!

They are easy to use – just place the trap near your problem area in kitchen counters or cabinets where food crumbs accumulate.

  • I use this roach trap every spring with no live bugs in the house. I have a lot of shelf space, so I place traps on every shelf.
  • For the corners, I put traps on two opposite surfaces next to each other and alternate between corners.

I had a roach infestation in my apartment and was at my wit’s end when trying to solve the problem with just store-bought products.

  • I decided to try this Combat Max Trap, putting them out in 36 hours.
  • It has not only killed all the roaches that were already here, but no more have returned anywhere near their usual hiding spots!

The Pet-safe Roaches Killer – Combat-Max

  • Pet & Kid safe
  • Offers a 3 weeks roach-killing effect
  • Simple to use
  • No activation required
  • No mess

I was wondering if Combat-Max is safe for dogs and cats. (I have a food-driven cat at home.) 

  • Well, first, Combat-Max bait has small openings that your cat’s tongue cannot go through but roaches will.
  • Also, Combat-Max Fipronil ingredient (used in feline flea products) that cats and dogs will easily tolerate – plus it’s just 1/200 of this roach bait (small amounts).

You can place this bait near ovens, corners, cupboards, behind toilets, cabinets, or even under your sink where roaches frequent or hide including crevices and cracks.

Combat-Max is a perfect bait trap for eradicating and preventing cockroaches. It has twelve bait stations and a syringe of gel (12-gram) to eliminate roaches.

2. Raid Roach & Ant Killer (from Essential Oils)

Raid Roach & Ant Killer will kill ants and roaches on contact and during their foraging time. Plus it has the added bonus of being made with essential oils that can help your body naturally fight against bugs invading the home! 

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  • It works as a powerful repellant by masking odors from food sources or other organic materials in the environment, but when sprayed directly onto insects they are killed immediately.

Raid Roach & Ant Killer will be safe to spray even when pets and kids are around – it made from pine trees and lemongrass extract.

Clean using soapy water and damp cloth to reduce staining from the Raid spray – particularly on the hard floors.

Raid Roach & Ant Killer will exterminate carpet beetles, wasps, and other crawling bugs including ants.

The Raid products are made without any ozone-depleting chemicals so they’re safe for everyone around pets or kids.

  • It doesn’t get much easier than spraying on Raid roach killer – just hold upright (away from face), and press the nozzle button once every six inches while moving along surfaces where pests might hide including under cabinets or behind appliances like refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers.

3. EcoSmart 682384615768 Roach & Ant Killer

EcoSmart 682384615768 Roach & Ant Killer is an excellent choice for pest control. It kills ants, roaches, and other crawling insects with a non-staining formula that can be used around pets. 

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  • It’s great if you live in an apartment with neighbors who are not very careful with the garbage.

We were having a roach issue and tried EcoSmart 682384615768 worrying that it may smell strong. To our surprise, the mint-scented product only smelled for a couple of hours before fading.

  • Start by spraying lightly to dampen surfaces where these pests are likely to hide or travel such as kitchen counters, baseboards, cracks in cabinets, and closets.

This pet-safe insecticide will eliminate ants in your home, and the flower smell is not overpowering for your dog and cats – I love this pet-friendly roach spray.

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4. EcoLogic HG-75000 Roach & Ant Killer

If you’re looking for a natural, plant-based roach insecticide, this EcoLogic HG 75000 is the best. It is safe to use around pets and kids as its ingredients are derived from botanical plant extracts. 

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The contact-killing roach killer will also exterminate other insects like crickets and spiders. EcoLogic HG-75000 was helpful enough that my apartment is now roach-free!

EcoLogic bug products (eco-friendly) offer a way for mindful homeowners to avoid traditional pesticides that can be harmful – it made from a botanical oil and  Lemongrass oil.

Some people are skeptical that bug sprays containing only natural oils can work or roaches but after using it, I am completely sold.

EcoLogic HG-75000 is perfect for people who don’t want to use traditional pesticides. This insecticide can be applied on the outside of your house and clear away any insects that pose a threat.

5. All-N-One Roach Defense – Non-Toxic

I have had a difficult time in my garden because of roaches and spider crickets. 

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Nothing seemed to work for me and the hordes of ants until I got All-N-One Defense.

The roaches stopped coming in after being sprayed All-N-One Defense around the windows.

Crickets and roaches had made their way into my brother’s garage. And laying traps after placing close proximity to night lights where they hide are some of the ways we decreased the bugs.

Spraying the porch area and the bushes can prevent roaches from entering your home. You’ll love it for bathrooms and kitchen surfaces as it lacks harsh chemicals.

6. Blackflag Roach Motel 61009 (24 boxes)

Neem is gaining popularity as a top safe pest repellent product. It’s extracted from a neem tree, and its attributes are excellent in controlling cockroaches. 

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It can be applied in either powder or oil form. When using powdered neem, sprinkle it in the infested area.

If you’re using the oil form, pour it into a spraying bottle and apply the spray in roaches’ habitats.

For the product to be more effective, mix neem with cocoa powder to attract cockroaches to it. Yes, I am talking about beat to make the all-natural beer can roach trap.

Check this to know the details on how to use it – beer can roach traps are among the least toxic roach control methods. Luckily, this method is purely DIY and is safe for both you, your kids, and your pets.

7. MILLIARD Borax Powder – Multi-Purpose Cleaner

The active ingredients in this borax powder include nepetalactone, which is non-toxic to humans and pets. 

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Place a significant amount of the product at places where cockroaches are frequently sighted – try catnip.

Also, you can mix it in water, making a catnip tea. In this application technique, follow these steps to ensure the effective eradication of roaches.

Boil water and add catnip roach killer. Let the solution simmer for a few minutes. Remove the heat and allow it to cool down up to room temperatures.

Pour catnip tea in a spray bottle and apply this mixture in areas such as kitchen contours and baseboards. The chemical effect of this solution will repel cockroaches, and thus eliminating their invasion.

8. Safer 51703 Diatomaceous Earth Roach, Flea, Ant Killer

Diatomaceous earth is an active and non-toxic roach killer. It’s safe and is used in most pets’ pesticides. Sprinkle this roach killer in all cockroaches’ habitats. 

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You can also apply the pesticide in areas such as crevices, cracks, or any other potential places, including behind household appliances.

After applying the pesticide, it’ll leave a white powder trail that contains algae fossils remains.

This composition will cut the pest’s exoskeleton, and thus killing them. Diatomaceous earth is user-friendly, and you don’t have to wear protective clothing while handling it.

About 5-7 days after the treatment, there’ll be many cockroaches all over the house as they search for water.

This is due to the dehydration effect on roaches caused by the pesticide. Thus, it’s essential to fix any leaking pipes or drain stagnant water to combat roaches’ invasion.

However, Diatomaceous may not be useful in wet or damp spaces. Sprinkle the product only in the areas free from water or other liquids.

Sometimes cockroaches can be difficult to eliminate from your home because they adapt to almost all environmental conditions.

They can coexist with people who drive food and shelter, feeding on unattended cereals, leftovers, or juices. Previously, I reviewed the high-grade roach killers and roach bombs.

A Greener mindset is blended with plant oils, which are significant in blocking the neural pathways in pests. This effect will cause an instant knockdown and killing of the roach eggs.

It’s also an effective repellent pesticide that keeps pests away from the treated areas. This pesticide is in spray formula, and it has no harmful effects on pets.

Additionally, you can use it indoors around kids and pets, and it doesn’t contaminate water supplies. 

Which Raid Is Safe for Pets?

Raid Roach & Ant Killer spray is safe for pets and children if applied as directed to exterminate flying and crawling insects including roaches and ants.

The plant-based ingredients in the raid roach killer are from pine-ree and lemongrass are not hazardous to pets.

  • Never spray in a room where your pet is confined, even if that animal cannot enter the sprayed area due to size or other factors such as mobility limitations.
  • The label may contain some warnings against spraying onto surfaces that contact food; this exclusion includes dishes containing water and live plants being grown by houseplants.

How long after spraying Raid Is it safe for pets? After spraying the Raid or using a roach fogger, leave the room with the pet for a minimum of 30 minutes, and then open the door.

Should I use bug spray indoors? For indoor infestations, we recommend using a product with an active ingredient of pyrethrin or phenothrin in aerosol form to treat cracks and crevices where roaches are hiding.

What Kills Roaches and Their Eggs?

There are many roach-killing products available for purchase, but what is the best way to get rid of them?

Products that have been shown to kill all stages of life cycles are those with Nylar or Dichlorvos. Products that contain Pyrethrum and pyrethroids will also work well against both crawlers and eggs (which may be found in cracks and creases).

The most important thing you can do when battling a cockroach infestation is to eliminate any food sources it might find.

  • By reducing moisture levels below 50%, the need for water by these pests will decrease significantly, making their survival more difficult. It’s also wise to seal up spaces around pipes where they’ve been entering buildings as this

Diatomaceous earth is a natural roach killer that is made of crushed fossilized water-dwelling plants.

  • The sharp edges cut through the exoskeletons and cause them to dehydrate and die in just 24 hours!

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In summary, if you have pets, then the best roach insecticide for your needs is Pet Safe Roach Killer.

  • Also, it’s essential to keep your household clean and cut off pests’ food sources.
  • Keep vegetables, fruits, juices, and trash in airtight containers.