Pictures of Bed Bug Bites

Pictures of Bed Bug Bites? Stings, Allergies?

Are you trying to determine if we have bed bugs in the house? First, I’ll narrate a personal experience I had eight months ago.

I had just come back from our vacation – I was into 1 Vrbo and two hotels – which I had thoroughly inspected with no signs of bed bugs.

However, the next day, spots appeared on my daughter’s arms and legs – as shown in the picture. I was worried – probably just like you are. 

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So, in this post, I’ll outline different pictures of bed bug bites that’ll help you determine if bed bugs have bitten you. 

But first, let clear this out of the way – bed bugs can’t bite through ​clothing, and bed bugs can’t jump or fly

Pictures of Bed Bug Bites? Stings, Allergies? –  What Do Bed Bug Bites Look Like?

The bites are usually found on the body parts that are exposed to the bed bugs while you sleep. These could be the neck, hands, shoulders, legs, arms, and face. Though not the usual case, bed bug bites are usually found in small groups.

Pictures of Bed Bug Bites 2


In the bitten area, they might be linear or in the form of a zigzag. If you see small, raised, or flat spots that might become itchily inflamed or blistered, then you might be a victim of a bed bug bite.

The type and time of reaction depend on the type of skin and the number of bites from the insects. Some people get skin reactions long after the bites, while some call it almost immediately.

The fact is that reactions don’t occur immediately you receive a bite. It could take from a few minutes to one week. This is also the time that your body starts to manifest the bite symptoms. When they pierce the skin to suck blood, bed bugs inject with their saliva, an anti-coagulant.

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Symptoms of Bed Bug Bite-Bite Identification

Some people will develop itching, and some will develop red welts or swelling the following day after receiving the bite. Still, other people will not show any signs of bites several days after the event. 

Pictures of Bed Bug Bites on the Back


Moreover, some people don’t react to the bed bug bites; neither do they have any marks after getting bitten. This means the problem will go totally unnoticed.

Compared to bites of other insects, the bed bug bites will always appear in grouped, small red marks on the areas that have been bitten.

In the beginning, the victim will encounter a slight burning sensation. This is followed by itchiness, and then the area might turn red and or swell slightly. The duration for the symptoms to appear varies among individuals.

The red bumps formed after the bites are known as wheals or papules. If the biting was extreme, the swellings might turn into skin inflammations that look like blisters.

Pictures of Bed Bug Bites on the Hand

Pictures of Bed Bug Bites


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Health Risks of Bed Bug Bites

One can get an infection from the scratches that are caused by bed bug bites. Since they get itchy, one gets the urge to scratch until the itch goes away. In the process, you could open a wound on your skin unknowingly.

Allergic reaction to bed bug bites is a significant health risk. Since the insects feed on the host’s blood, they could get a severe allergic reaction in the process.

If you are hypertensive to insect sings and bites, you might find yourself in anaphylactic shock when you get bitten by bed bugs. This is an extreme allergic reaction accompanied by itchy lips, swollen tongue, wheezing, and tightness in the chest.

Sleep deprivation is another problem caused by bed bugs. The bites come with the itchiness that could keep you awake all night. Due to a lack of adequate sleep, one might suffer from heart infections, impaired thinking, and accidents.

Due to the quick spread of bed bugs at home, living in a house infested with some might be stressful and frustrating. If you live in a stressful condition for a long period, you will end up with emotional anxiety, hence reducing your work productivity.

From emotional anxiety, you might develop unhealthy behaviors such as excessive smoking and drinking that might impact your immune system.

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How to Treat Bed Bug Bites

In most instances, one would feel improvement from bed bug bites within one to two weeks. This is a process that happens naturally.

However, if you want to rid of the symptoms sooner, you might consider doing the things listed below.

  • Use anti-itch cream so that you stop feeling the itchiness. Also, you can apply calamine lotion to the bed bug bites. Find out the best cream that will not affect your skin due to side effects.
  • Use an oral antihistamine so that you reduce the burning and itching.
  • Over-the-counter pain relievers can be used to remove the burning sensation caused by the bed bug bites. However, before using such medications, you need to confirm that they won’t cause severe side effects.

Though possible, bed bugs cause allergic reactions in sporadic cases. Still, if you encounter such reactions, you want to contact your local health provider as soon as you can.

You might get an infection known as cellulitis from the bed bug bites. After the bite, you need to wash the area with soap and water and avoid scratching it to prevent this infection. If the symptoms mentioned above persist, you might consider visiting a medical practitioner for improved care.

Home Remedies for Bed Bugs

The only best way to control bed bugs at home is to rid them permanently.

You need to employ a tactic that will target the eggs and remove them from hidden. The following tips can be helpful:


Bed bug bites can be a huge problem, especially if you don’t know how best to deal with them.

Once you learn that bed bugs have bitten you, you can use the tricks mentioned above to relieve yourself of the symptoms.  See a medical expert if the condition gets severe.

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