99+ Pictures of Bed Bugs: What They Look Like

Leaving a fertilized female Bed bug (Cimex lectularious) will create a massive infestation in a few months. Knowing what to look for (pictures of bed bugs) will be your best defense.

Therefore, this post has 99+ pictures of bed bugs to help you tell if you have an infestation. I answer the following questions; What do bed bugs look like? What’s their size, color, or body shape? 

Sidenote: Bed bugs are not a socio-economic or a cleanliness question. But hearing or reading about bed bugs makes most of us itch – the psychosomatic effect.

So, let’s get started with the bed bug pictures! 

What Do Bed Bugs Look Like? (99+ Pictures of Bed Bugs)

Media coverage on television or online on bed bugs explain about searching behind your walls, examining the mattress and the bed, look behind picture frames, look behind pictures, and look in the walls. However, they only show adult bed bugs and that makes just one-sixth of these bug’s population.

Definition: Adult bed bugs will measure about a quarter-inch (4 – 5mm) in length and are reddish-brown in color. They are flat to oval shaped depending on the amount of blood they’ve sucked. 

But, baby bed bugs will mainly be pale white and about a millimeter in millimeter at birth and will readily blend with the background. So, let’s get into the details. 

Size comparison: Bed bug vs Regular objects

1. Aduilt Bed bugs pictures actual size – Adults are a mainly small, flattened and oval-shaped insect that has considerably reduced wings. They’re visible to the human eye. On size, adult bed bugs measure about one-quarter inch long (or slightly shorter) but are reddish brown in color.

Adult bed bugs

Adults are about one-sixth of the whole bed bug population.  The hemelytra (fore wings) are broad and short with a rectangular shape. Also, the bed bug’s sides are covered by stiff and short hair. Adult Bed Bug Image

But first, bed bugs are rusty-brown colored insects measuring 4-5 mm long and will suck blood from your while you’re sleeping or resting. Other names of these bugs are mahogany flats, chinches, or red coats.

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2. Pictures of baby bed bugs These are the smallest bed bugs in terms of size. Bed bug larvae measure about a millimeter when they are born and they tend to be pale white, which makes them blend readily with the background.

Well, for a small bed bug infestation, could be just one female who’ve mated and she’s in a package or in your home – and that’s all they’ll require. The bed bug needs to feed on blood to nourish the eggs she’d produce.

Females will lay about 250 eggs over their lifetime, which is about 2-4 months. The eggs will be laid is cracks and crevices and are oval and white in color.

Bed bug Eggs
Bed bug Eggs (Oval and White in color)

Need a video instead? Check this…

3. Pictures of bed bugs on mattress

Bed Bugs on Bed



3. Pictures of Bed Bug Bites 

Bed bugs don’t spread disease but they’re expensive to exterminate and difficult to contain. Also, some people experience allergic reactions from bed bug bites.

In this video, Louis Sorkin (an entomologist) describes how bed bugs look, behave and what we can do to control them.

4. Bed bugs on Suitcase

Most people will either see bed bugs crawling, bed bugs dirt, have a skin reaction from a bed bug bite. Most of the bed bugs will get into your home through hitchhiking your clothes or jump onto your briefcase or luggage when you’re traveling.

5. Bed bugs on Liberty Coin 


6. Bed bugs on Wiring

Also, bed bugs will easily migrate from one room or house to another through wiring. Bed bugs will usually feed on your blood when you’re sleeping. First, the bug injects a mumbling agent into your body such that you’ll only feel the bites after about 10 minutes. 


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