Pure Lye Drain Opener Review

Here’s a Pure Lye Drain Opener Review – I am here at my basement and the sink drain has been clogged for a few weeks. Definitely, the sink now has serious stuff such as oils, grease and debris. I can already smell the bad odor since the water has been standing for a long time.

In this post, I’ll be going through tips on how to use the Pure Lye Drain Opener, to unclog slow-moving drains. However, the caveat is that this cleaner, despite being among the top drain cleaners, is not as effective on a totally clogged drain. However, you can use it to unclog bathtub that has standing water.

Pure Lye Drain Opener Review
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Precautions: Ensure you wear disposable rubber gloves and safe goggles while ensuring that the rooms is adequately ventilated.

Pure Lye Drain Opener Review

Natural drain cleaner 

The Pure Lye Drain Opener is a pure white formula that is a natural remedy for your clogged drain and sewer full of odor. Pure Lye allows you to do away with the pungent vapors and fumes that come from clogged drain. It’s safe to use either in restaurants, hospitals, educational institutions, and households.

I noticed that the finely shaped and small lye beads works great for PVC and metal pipes, chrome trims, and bath fixtures. The green/ eco-friendly clog remover contains almost 100% biodegradable formula that has no bad odors, toxic chemicals, acids, or dyes.

Works in all drain types

Pure Lye Drain Opener is powerful enough to quickly unclog (in about 15 – 30 minutes) all types of septic systems, sewer lines, sinks drains and shower/ bathtub drains. Also, make sure you pour some hot or warm water down the drain so that you warm (or almost there) the pipes. This will make the lye cleaner function better by quickly activating it.

You’ll require to begin with just a few lye tablespoons and when the water starts going down you can now add some more over the clogged drain. Finally, pour some hot or warm water with the aim of dissolving the lye and activate it.

Now allow the lye to work on the clogged drain for about 15 – 30 minutes. Definitely, some cracking sounds will be coming off the clogged drain as the lye cleaner does its work. Finally, pour additional hot water to fully clean the slow-moving drain.

Is lye drain cleaner safe for pipes?

Lye (in chemical terms described as caustic soda/ sodium hydroxide) is considered to be a reliable drain clog remover. However, some home owner has understandable fears that it would be too powerful for d rain pipes. This is because the chemical is also used on an industrial scale for a cleaning agent or different purposes.

However, to settle this debate, I have to say that this lye drain cleaner could corrode your pipes if you don’t use the right concentration (as described in the product label instructions). Therefore, it will be helpful if you use the right concentration to protect you plumbing systems.

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipes 

PVC pipes are made from some form of thermoplastic polymer that is both cheap and strong enough to withstand weather changes and some chemicals in your plumbing system. In addition, PVC will not react with most chemical and is also light, which implies that the lye clog remover won’t corrode its pipes.

Corrosive to metal pipes?

Despite that PVC pipes can resist corrosion from the lye chemical, we’ve noted that it’s important to avoid very high concentration that go beyond the recommendation on the product label instructions. In addition, lye can also corrode some metals due to its caustic nature. In addition, you must not mix the lye drain cleaner with different chemical like Drano Max Gel Clog Remover. To  get a great glimpse of such reactions check this guide on how drain cleaners work.

Caustic Lye 

As noted above, lye is a caustic alkali base with its pH being 7.0 or more. Therefore, despite not being an acid, a strong concentration of the chemical would still corrode the PVC pipes. Notably, some of the lye cleaners will be mixed with different quantities of aluminum.

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