PYRANHA Wipe N Spray Fly Review

PYRANHA Wipe N Spray Fly Review

PYRANHA Wipe N Spray offers protection to your horse against insects such as biting flies in addition to fleas, gnats, and mosquitoes. You’ll require just 1-2 ounces for every horse and will be excellent if you daily on your horse.

Interestingly, you won’t need to mix the chemical with anything as it is delivered ready to use. In this post, I’ve reviewed this PIRANHA Wipe N Spray which is among the best fly spray for horses

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Flies will particularly be rampant during the months of summer – particularly with areas that experience hot summers and mild winters. With this Pyranha Fly Spray, you can easily control the flies and bugs attacking your horse.

Definitely, with its conspicuously yellow bottle, it’s easy to identify this horse product even in your local store. I have to reveal that I first tested this horse fly spray after I saw very many horse owners with the yellow bottle during different shows.

Pyrethrin-based fly spray

It is a pyrethrin-based fly spray which makes it’s super effective. In addition, it comes with lanolin (with high sheen), an ingredient that’ll leave your horse’s coat shining amazingly. This lanolin acts like the coat conditioner while the spray also has a citronella scent. Therefore, recently when I attended a horse show, I didn’t require to purchase an additional horse product for extra shine.

Ergonomic bottle design

You can use a towel of mitt for the horse’s face or just spray all over the other parts of the animal’s body. In addition to having the gallon refill options, this fly spray has an ergonomic bottle designs that’s easy to hold and use.

How to use PYRANHA Wipe N Spray Fly


1. Clean the horse using a brush to clear all the dust and dirt for its coat. This will ensure that no spray is wasted on useless objects such as being taken up by dust.

2. Next up, just moisten the soft cloth you have using the PYRANHA Wipe N Spray Fly and finally rub it over the horse’s hair – make sure your wiping strokes are going against the animal’s hair growth.

3. It’s important to ensure you seriously spray critical areas such as shanks, shoulders, and legs in addition to giving the animals face area the required attention.


1. On spraying the PYRANHA Wipe N Spray, you’ll need to create a mist of the product that will reach the critical areas of the horse.

2. However, avoid spraying horse’s face since it could affect its eyes – therefore you’ll need to use the wiping method above.

3. In addition, you must not we the skin of your horse and must not go over 2 oz. for every fly spray application.

Why I love this PYRANHA Wipe N Spray Fly

1. Well, this PYRANHA Wipe N Spray truly kills fleas, gnats, mosquitos in addition to other dominant insects that tend to attack horses. Definitely, with this spray I don’t have to re-spraying my horse since it will actively control the flies for about 1 week.

2. After using the spray I noticed that my horse immediately tends to become less irritable with lesswagging of its tail.Luckily, this formula controls/ repel more than just the flies that you were initially targeting.

3. The fly spray will not irritate your horse’s skin. Further, it’s cost-effective as you’ll require less number of spray re-applications. However, you must not wet the horse.

4. Further, as noted above, PYRANHA Wipe N Spray contains lanolin that’ll ease the dryness or in your horse’s skin, even with the chapped skin. Further, as I noted earlier, this lanolin ingredient left the horse’s coat shining, healthy and soft.

The downsides of this PYRANHA Wipe N Spray Fly 

Despite all the love I have for this spray, below I outline some of the cons I experienced (this is for total transparency).

For dirty, sandy, or dusty areas, you might find out that upon applying the fly spray, dirt could s stick on your horse. Therefore, if you’re in a horse show, you might require to constantly need to wipe your horse’s skin.

Second, some horse owners may not like the smell (the strong citronella scent we discussed earlier) of this PYRANHA Wipe N Spray product. However, this is not the case with all of us out here – the best you can do is to test it as you night also love the citronella scent like myself.

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