Rentokil Pest Control Review

Rentokil Pest Control Review in 2024

Rentokil provided various services for controlling and preventing pests like termites, roaches, and ants. 

In this article, I will review Rentokil pest control on its suitability for bug control

  • This company is among other pest control companies that are in the United States. 

Let’s get into the review! 

I will consider the reputation, pricing, and quality of services provided by the Rentokil pest control company. 

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Details: Rentokil Pest Control Review 

For starters, Rentokil company has many branches all over the world and it boasts off hundred plus years of experience in pest control. 

  • Further, Rentokil serves over 500k Plus customers globally – this includes pest control in commercial and residential properties. 

Rentokil has other subsidiary pest control companies operating in different regions and these include Western exterminator, Presto-X, and J.C. Ehrlich. 

Quality of Services by Rentokil 

Rentokil pest control started in 1925 and so it has about a century of experience in controlling pests. 

  • The company provides sustainable and efficient strategies for pest control to safeguard their clients and also the environment. 

Notably, rental kill is quality pro and Greenpro certified. 

Its subsidiaries, companies, and brands include Presto-X, Western Exterminator, and J.C. Ehrlich which does regional pest control. 

Rentokil has experience in controlling pests using advanced and safe technologies for both commercial and residential properties. 

  • Their innovative technologies allow effective pest management that will control the pests and also prevent the occurrence of future infestations. 

The pest control coverage varies with location and plan but these are the household pests that Rentokil manages. 

  • Wasps 
  • Stink bugs
  • Moths Spiders
  • Flies 
  • Fleas 
  • Fabric pests
  • Crickets
  • Cockroaches
  • Bees 
  • Termites – check these quality termite killers
  • Bed bugs 
  • Ants 

Pestfree365 Plan 

The Pestfree365 Plan is offered as a pest control program by Rentokil that is comprehensive. 

This comprehensive program offers protection against 36 common pests such as bed bugs, fleas, cockroaches, mice, rats, moths, and spiders. 

The Pestfree365 program provides monthly tick control and mosquito control (for peak seasons) and annual termite inspection. 

The Rentokil technician will conduct an initial exterior and interior pest inspection and later undertake servicing in the property after every 4 months. 

  • You can make a service call (unlimited) in between the scheduled pest control visits to handle any issues. 
  • Also, you can’t request emergency pest control services even during holidays and weekends – 24/7. 

Luckily, the appointment times for pest control can be created around your schedule. 

  • Also, the company provides unique solutions for every specific pest issue. 
  • In addition, the remedies or treatments are pet and child-friendly. 

Once the pest control service is offered, the company will provide prevention guidelines and leave the client satisfied. 

  • As noted earlier you can call the company for the technicians to visit your site whenever required and when there is a pest problem that persists. 

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Rentokil Pest Control Plan 

As you’re considering getting the pest control services of Rentokil, here are the steps you should expect to go through in their process. 

  1. Contact – Once the client contacts the Rentokil company, they will get back to you within 24 hours (during the weekdays). 
  2. Survey – The pest control expert will discuss the pest issue at hand and schedule a good appointment time for you. 
  3. Treatment – The pest control expert will pest treat the house during the scheduled time for both the yard and the house. 
  4. Aftercare – Rentokil will visit your residence or business premises until the pest problem is solved appropriately. 

How will Rentokil help in controlling mice? 

When there is a massive mice infestation in your house or business premises, the Rentokil experts can assist by providing specialized techniques and products which will perform better compared to using over-the-counter remedies. 

The Rentokil specialists and Technicians have the expertise for distributing and administering – for example, the technicians will use baited and humane traps to assist in controlling pests. 

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  • Getting mice around the business premises and house may be distressing. These pests may spread disease as they find suitable shelter and food, and this may trigger health risks around the food storage location and the kitchens.

If not controlled early enough, the mice will cause massive damage to your house and property as follows: 

  1. The mice will gnaw on your property and cause damage to the floorboards, doors, pipes, and insulation – they’ll use the soft materials they get from such activities for their nesting. 
  2. Mice will also contaminate your foodstuffs because their body waste has pathogens that can transmit diseases such as Salmonellosis and Hantavirus. 
  3. Mice will also gnaw materials to allow them to squeeze through tiny gaps – their incisors are sharp – which allows them to chew electrical wires and wood – this may lead to the risk of fire. 

So, you must inspect for common mice signs around the house as this will assist identify if there is a mice problem the soonest as possible.

The Rentokil pest control specialists are certified by the British Pest Control Association (BPCA) and so you are assured they’ll provide targeted, effective, and fast bug control. 

Rentokil Termite Treatments 

Rentokil provides excellent termite control services plus it has that one termite inspection that is free for homes. 

  • The Rentokil inspector (unlike those from different exterminators), will give you a comprehensive termite inspection report. 

The exterminators and pest control technicians will employ a range of termite control techniques and products. These will include: 

  • Termite Tent fumigation – This fumigation technique is rarely used nowadays. But Rentokil notes that they can offer this service whenever required. Therefore, I would recommend you have a budget upwards of $15,000. 
  • Using Liquid barrier termite treatments – These liquid treatments will be upwards of  $2,000 but this varies will the size of the home. However, Rentokil may require that you place a 10% deposit. 
  • Spot treatments – The spot treatment for termites offered by this exterminator will range from $700 – $2,000. The exterminators will use liquid foam treatments, crevice & crack applications, and spraying. 
  • Bait stations – Despite that experts discourage using termite baits alone, a number of homeowners may still order their use for prevention purposes. You’ll be charged around $300 – $600 for the termite bait station


Since the company has about 100 years of experience in bug control, its technicians have developed innovative and expert strategies for pest control worldwide. 

  • The company outlines its mission as offering protection and enhancing the lives of residents through providing sustainable and efficient pest control.

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