Revolution for Cats without Vet Prescription

Revolution for Cats without Vet Prescription

I, like many other pet owners, prefer getting effective and safe flea medications for my cat without having to visit the vet office or giving them a call.

In this article, I will discuss how you can get your Cat’s revolution flea killer for cheap and without a vet’s prescription.

NB: Other common flea medications for your cat such as interceptor, Capstar, and frontline plus will require a vet’s prescription.

So, let’s get started with Revolution flea killer for cats!

Details: Revolution for Cats without Vet Prescription

Besides protecting your cat from fleas, Revolution also controls and treats ear mite infestations, hookworm infections, and roundworm infections.

  • Therefore, this will be an advantage since most pet owners do not pay attention or control these parasites.

In addition, customer reviews for the non-prescription flu medication are just as effective as the prescription-based remedies.

So, getting the Revolution Plus medication to kill fleas but without prescription brings so much convenience to most pets and homeowners.

But why is Revolution Plus so good at killing fleas? This is mainly due to the medication’s special formulation that protects the cats from fleas for about a month.

  • So, as you are starting the flea control journey, you must seek to know the pests under consideration and how they attack your cat. 

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Controlling Fleas on Cats Using Frontline Plus Flea Medication

Frontline Plus is an excellent and effective oral flea treatment that won’t require the prescription of a vet.

  • You can purchase Frontline Plus without a prescription to kill pests including ear mites, chewing lice, heartworms, ticks, roundworms, ringworms, flea larvae, flea eggs, and adult fleas.
  • Frontline Plus tends to kill the bugs including fleas and ticks within around 18 48 hours.

But will Frontline kill exterminate the fleas in your house? Well, NO. I recommend using FRONTLINE® HomeGard for flea control in the house (also kills flea larvae and flea eggs) avoid using it on pets.

  • Are there any side effects if one applies the Frontline Plus too soon? Well, Yes, this may result in seizures, trembling, hypersalivation, and twitching.
  • If the poisoning happens, you’ll require to wash the cat using lukewarm water and some Palmolive, Dawn, or dish soap.

Revolution Plus contains Sarolaner and Selamectin, active ingredients to kill flea larvae and eggs around your house.

  • Further, Revolution Plus will also provide your cat with fast relief from flea allergy dermatitis.

Buying the Non-Prescription Revolution for Cats

Simply drop some of the revolution plus medication on your pet’s shoulder and it will exterminate all the external and internal parasites. 

There are different factors to take into thought as you are starting the journey to flea treatment using revolution Plus.

  • Failure to consider these may lead to causing harm to the cats’ health.

First, ensure to cover and protect yourself the best you can as you are treating the cat for fleas.

  • For example, if you aren’t well protected, the fleas may jump from the pet onto your skin.

Also, conduct a thorough inspection of the pet (for the hotspots of the fleas) prior to applying the revolution flea treatment.

  • Finally, avoid over-applying the flea medication as this could lead to skin burning and irritation.

1. Pet’s weight

As you are starting the flea treatment journey, determine the weight of the pet and the appropriate dosage.

  • It’s important that you don’t miss or exit the dosage you offered to your cat.

Also, experts recommend that you Revolution, cats that are 6 + weeks old and only administer it once a month.

2. Active ingredients

Before you purchase a flea treatment from the local stores you must check the active ingredients.

  • For example, if your cat has a specific allergy, ensure to check if the product’s active ingredients will affect them.

Further, examine if the dosage of the active ingredient in the products is appropriate for your cat.

Also, check on the safety of the products’ active ingredients, comparing them to the health, age, and weight of the cat.

3. Products expiry date

Another consideration to make as you’re purchasing the revolution flea killer is the product’s expiry date.

You are responsible for checking the expiry date of the revolution flea treatment and ensuring that it won’t harm the health of your cat.

Manufacturers and stockists can play tricks when it comes to non-prescription revolution flea Killers.

  • So check the product’s expiry date label and if it is not there take that pack.

Besides you should purchase revolution and other cat products from a reliable and trusted brand.

This is because brands that are keen to maintain their name will always stalk quality and original products including pest Killers.

A sneak peek into fleas on your Cat

Fleas follow the same life cycle and stages as butterflies. But why do you love butterflies and hate fleas?

  • First, fleas will bite pets and humans to leave them with pain and even infections that may affect their health.

Also, fleas are quite challenging to control due to their hardness as they will survive even at 37 degrees Fahrenheit.

On reproduction, fleas are fast at creating a massive population in a small space provided they have a suitable blood meal.

Finally, here are the critical flea facts that you should know as you are using revolution.

  • About 3 – 4 cat fleas (females), if they’re taking four blood meals daily, will cause about 1500 + flea bites within 4 months.
  • Flea dirt or the flea’s body waste will be the food that the flea larvae will eat to achieve effective development.
  • Also, if you have seen an adult flea in your space or on the pet, be sure that there is another flea population that is hiding.

Usage directions for evolution Plus in treating fleas

For safety purposes, you must not use revolution Plus to control fleas on kittens that are under 8 weeks or also have a weight of between 2.5 – 7.5 kg.

You must not also apply Revolution Plus on the areas of the pet that have scratches, fresh wounds, or broken skin.

  • After applying the flea control remedy, don’t bathe the pet within 24 hours as this may minimize its effectiveness.

However, even if the pets have ear mites inside their ears, you must not apply revolution class inside the ears.

  • As noted earlier, Revolution Plus is only formulated for application externally on your pet’s skin and you must not massage it.

Finally, remember to keep the Revolution class away from any fire or heat sources since it is flammable.


We all love our pets and the advice that they give but sometimes require non-prescription medication for emergency or convenience purposes.

  • So, the non-prescription Revolution Plus for controlling fleas in cats is a great savior.

Besides, revolution plus will also help exterminate intestinal worms, ear mites, and heartworms.