Should You Spray Your Yard for Fleas

Should You Spray Your Yard for Fleas?

If used around the house (beyond just the Yard), Vet’s Best Flea Spray will leave no stains even in places that the pets eat, play, sleep or live.

  • However, you’ll need to test a small area like on pant legs or shoes before you undertake full-blown spraying. 

Now, point the spray nozzle in any direction in your Yard or lawn to spray. However, ensure that you flea-spray the yard area evenly and avoid forming a puddle. 

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Considerations in Yard Flea Spray

1. Ease-of-use and Duration:

The flea sprays for yards we’ve reviewed can be used with a garden sprayer. Some even come with a very handy hose applicator. Most of the products we’ve reviewed last 3-4 weeks.

How long does the spray last? – The longer the duration, the less frequently you’ll need to spray your Yard. Most flea yard sprays last 3-4 weeks, despite what the product labels may claim. Cheaper sprays will wash away in the rain.

Where can it be used? – Check whether the spray can be used on lawns, flowers, shrubs, and sidewalks. While it’s hard to find sprays that can be safely used on vegetable patches, you want to make sure that most of your Yard is covered. Some sprays can even be used indoors, giving you great value for money.

2. Coverage and Whether it only kills adult fleas:

Is it suitable for small or large yards? Some yard sprays are very effective in killing adult fleas quickly on contact. However, these probably won’t kill the eggs and larvae. This means you’ll need to spray again after the insects have hatched and grown.

How much area does the spray cover? -If you have a small yard, then a lower capacity will do. But for larger yards, you either want to buy a higher capacity spray or end up getting multiple bottles. So it’s essential to check the coverage.

Is the yard spray valid for the entire flea life cycle? This is probably the most important thing for you to consider when choosing a flea spray for your Yard. If you’re looking for a cheap, quick solution, then get a yard spray that only kills adult fleas. 

BioSpot Active Care Yard & Garden Flea Spray

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BioSpot Active Care contains 2.5% Permethrin and will control fleas and cover your Yard for about four weeks – this is what is denoted as ongoing care against fleas and other harmful insects. 

Long residue effect – it’s one of the longer-lasting yard fleas sprays available. 

You can spray the BioSpot Active Care formula on the lawn, trees, roses, and flowers without damaging them. It’ll cover your Yard against a variety of insects, including fleas, gnats, and mosquitoes.

This is one of the best yard sprays for adult flea control. BioSpot Active Care Yard & Garden Spray is effective in killing fleas and keeping them away from your pets.

This means you don’t have to spray as often and still enjoy the benefits of remaining flea-free.

It does contain some pretty toxic ingredients, so be very careful in letting pets near the sprayed area until completely dry. However, this is the price you pay for a powerful, potent solution. It’s Long-lasting and Fast-acting.

You can apply on building foundations up to a height of about 3 feet. For the outdoor spaces, you can use on the Yard, doors, windows, porches, patios, driveways, and sidewalks.

However, don’t apply on drains and sewers or gutters as such water will eventually drain to aquatic habitats, water bodies, storm drains, and sewers.

Another related product is the NyGuard Insect Growth Regulator – This is probably the best solution for large yards, covering over 52,000 square feet.

Nygard also disrupts the entire flea life cycle, making it highly effective. It Disrupts the entire flea life cycle, is Long-lasting, Great for large yards, and Can also be used indoors.

The Good:

  • Has a long residue effect – covers your Yard actively for about four weeks
  • It covers your Yard against fleas, Grasshoppers, ticks, Millipedes, flies, Leafminers, mosquitoes, Bagworms, Japanese beetles, and gnats.
  • Safe to use even on roses, turf, flowers, shrubs, vegetation, trees, and lawns.

The Bad:

  • Toxic to your aquatic organisms including invertebrates and fish


However, as we’ve shown in our guide, the most effective sprays are those that kill flea eggs, larvae, pupae, and adults.

  • While these are more expensive, they are your best solution for long-lasting results.