Southern Pest Control Review

Southern Pest Control Review in 2024

Southern Pest Control is a pest control company offering bug management in residential locations, especially in the areas of Texas, Georgia, Tennessee, Maryland, and Virginia.

  • The service prides itself in offering pest control to more than 30,000 homeowners annually – covering a number of pests including termites.

The company is A + Rated on the BBB accreditation which also has the Super Service Award n- it’s on Angie’s List.

The company offers eco-friendly and innovative techniques and technologies to enable the excellent elimination of pests as scheduled for the convenience of the client.

Southern Pest Control specializes in controlling pests such as roaches, earwigs, scorpions, rats, silverfish, centipedes, crickets, spiders, and ants.

Southern Pest Control Profile

Pest Control for Commercial Spaces


Pest Control for Residential Spaces


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Services Offered

Southern Pest Control offers its bug control services in just 5 states. In addition, the company technicians are trained to provide preventative bug control – this will assist to keep the pests at bay.

  • Besides, the company will provide suitable pest prevention and killing plan that fits the bugs that are present or anticipated.

Convenient Appointments Schedules

To enhance the convenience for the clients, Southern Pest Control allows scheduling the bug control visits at exact times.

  • As noted above, Southern Pest Control boasts of offering top spec pest and bug control services to homeowners in Maryland and Virginia – attending to more than 40,000 clients yearly.

The company markets its services as available “when you need it” and this has proven convenient and progressive for most clients – this has revolutionized the pest control sector.

  • So, with Southern Pest Control, you’ll get convenience, value, and quality services while also being responsible environmentally.

With this company, you’ll get appointment windows that are considered multi-hour. Luckily, you’ll get the on-the-hour schedule of the pest control appointments.

  • The technicians and the management at Southern Pest Control respect their clients and thus create schedules that are convenient (EXACT TIME appointments) and easy.

The recent rankings show that this pest control service comes among the top 100 in its industry in North America.

  • You may contact their technicians by phone or also check additional details on the Southern Pest Control’s website.

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Preventive Services


Annual Pest Plan


One-Time Treatment Available


Emergency Services


Pests Controlled

Southern Pest Control offers pest control for a number of bugs including unique treatments for rodents, Biting & Stinging insects, Termites, Spiders, beetles & Cockroaches, and Ants.

  • Also, the company provides bug control for ticks, fleas, mosquitoes, flies, and bee nests.
  • However, the technicians will not provide control for wildlife animals.





Stinging & Biting Insect


Beetles & Cockroaches









Ticks, fleas, mosquitoes, flies, and bee nests.

Customer Support Offered

Southern Pest Control offers a convenient contact line (hotlines) that is also toll-free. You’ll love the flexibility for the appointments that I describe as one-hour.

Account Management Online


24-hour assistance


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Response Time

24 Hours


The real question is can a pest control service or exterminator truly be eco-friendly? Well, choosing the correct bug control service that won’t utilize poisonous products on the property or home is very important.

  • So, yes, pest control companies can be eco-friendly just like Southern Pest Control as they use biological controls such as oils, tastes, and scents that are combined with greener and safer chemicals.

The company uses treatments that are created especially for the control of specific bugs while also being safe for pets and humans.

Better and Longer-lasting Outcomes

The benefits of using eco-friendly pest control techniques include achieving better and longer-lasting outcomes.

  • This can be noted by the fact that indeed some pests could develop a given level of resistance to chemical techniques.
  • Such resistance to chemicals could on pests may be passed to the pest’s offspring and may render the infestation challenging to exterminate.
  • So, using eco-friendly techniques and products will guarantee that the pests won’t develop resistance to the administered treatments.

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Won’t Harm Landscapes or Useful Insects

Chemical pest remedies will need frequent re-application such as monthly. Notably, the harsh chemicals could be dangerous to your landscaping and also the property – plus the health of humans and pets.

  • The toxic methods for pest control will harm the plants, bushes, and grass – making their leaves die or shrivel.

In addition, the toxic chemicals tend to remain buried in the soil for extended times, which may render plant or roots re-growth challenging.

  • Besides, eco-friendly products for pest control won’t harm the insects in and around your yard or property.

Further, eco-friendly bug control products won’t leave a bad smell or odor in the air – so your spaces won’t be left having toxic smells or chemicals.

  • For example, after applying some of the conventional bug control products, you’ll need to leave the house overnight, seal the foods, or clear the fridge.


Southern Pest Control provides affordable bug control remedies for households. You’ll love the GPS tracking and on-the-hour appointment.

  • The pests that the company has expertise in controlling include outdoor party services, termite control, Cicada killing, Pantry bugs, fly prevention, and nest removal.