Spraying Yard with Dawn for Fleas

Spraying Yard with Dawn for Fleas

My brother and I are neighbors and we have lawns that are green and well-manicured. So we are always worried about the idea of pests like fleas taking over the yards.

So, on the question of spraying the yard with dawn for fleas, I note that spraying dawn dish soap might be all that’s required to eliminate those fleas from your yard. So just mix dish soap (1 ounce) with water in a garden sprayer and spray.

I recommend that you repeat the spraying using a similar dawn dish soap solution every 10 to 12 days so that we exterminate all the fluids that could have survived and arent’s hatched yet.

Despite that dish soap is an effective technique for controlling fleas there are other effective methods you can use to remove the bugs from your yard.

  1. Clearing the yard remove those shady areas that have leaves and up.
  2. Identify the spots that fleas love to hide.
  3. Kill the fleas using chemicals such as insecticides like the flea insecticide
  4. Use an IGR-based insecticide that will ensure the fleas won’t be coming back for longer.
  5. Use natural remedies such as diatomaceous Earth that you’ll sprinkle in the yard or on carpets.
  6. Use natural predators and allow sunlight to shine on the spaces.

Details: Steps of Using Dawn Dish Soap to Control Fleas in the Yard

So much of the alternative flea control methods but how long will Dawn dish soap take to kill fleas in your yard?

Well, dawn dish soap will kill fleas within a few hours but its residue effect will remain on the yard for about 24 hours.

1. Mix Dawn Dish Soap With Water

Take that sprayer and in it mix about 1 oz of the Dawn dish soap and water.

Shake the soap water mixture thoroughly to make sure that it is well prepared.

  • Ensure that the sprayer is not leaking or was used to handle other hazardous chemicals that may cause harm to humans and pets in the yard.

Check the sprayer part that it is working well so that you won’t get challenges while you trying to flea treat the yard.

2. Spray your Lawn or Yard

Next, it’s time now to treat the lawn and garden to make it safe for humans and pets.

  • As you are spraying, put emphasis or concentrate more on areas that you think have many fleas such as under shades.

Other areas to concentrate on include the best hiding or sleeping area as they may have dropped adult fleas, their larvae, or even eggs.

Continue spraying various areas of the yard to ensure you cover all its inches.

  • Experts recommend that you do the flea-spraying around evening hours since this is time you might get many fleas.

Also, you should respray the yard or garden using the Dawn dish soap mixture weekly in the month that you’ve begun the application.

But on natural flea control in the yard nematodes will work effectively as they will eat those flea larvae and flea eggs.

  • Luckily these nematode worms will be safe for your garden, grass, vegetation, pets, and humans.

3. Inspect the Yard Further

Next, you’ll need to go back to the yard and inspect it if you’ll find any other fleas or even flea eggs let me have hatched.

So, if you can find traces of the fleas, you’ll need to continue respraying they had every evening.

  • Adopting this flea control schedule you will ensure that the outdoor garden becomes free of these bugs.

To exterminate the flea larvae and flea eggs you’ll need to use chemical treatments or continually spray the yard using Dawn dish soap and later apply diatomaceous Earth.

For a thorough and effective control of their bugs, you’re required to respray the yard or garden monthly using those DIY treatments (like dish soap), or chemical solutions.

How will the Dish Soap Affect your Yard?

Already we have seen that Dawn dish soap is effective in controlling fleas and weeds but what is its effect on plants and grass in the yard.

In summary dish soap (depending on its concentration) can harm grass and plants in the yard. The soap strips natural oils from the plants which cause their shriveling and death.

  • Spraying the soap on the yard to act as a DIY pesticide will help you control some weeds and also exterminate various insects including fleas.

However, the chemicals in the dish soap are not selective.

So, this is not a solution that you can use over the long term since the chemicals in that so we’ll strip off the oils from the plants and thus kill them off.

  • Also, the soap may end up killing beneficial insects in your yard and that may deny you the men of it that could have been derived from having such animals around.

Is It Possible To Safely Use Dish Soap In The Yard?

Despite that the dish soap could still cause damage to your plants, homeowners have derived a way you can use it but have lesser damage in the yard.

The basic formulation is using a mixture of dish soap, vegetable oil, and water in a very diluted form.

  1. Simply measure out equal volumes of vegetable oil and dish soap with one cup of water. I note that just one teaspoon of vegetable oil and dish soap will be enough.
  2. Put the dish soap mixture into a spray bottle and spray the areas of the yard that are infested with weeds and insects.

Spray in a way that there before plus vegetable oil mixture will directly touch the pest – so continue respraying the yard until you can’t find more fleas.

  • Wait for some hours and then wash down the yard to ensure that all the dish soap + vegetable oil mixture are washed off.

Dish Soap Alternatives for Killing Fleas in Yard?

First I note that this hope is an easy-to-use and cheap DIY remedy for killing fleas but we’ve also noted that it might harm the yard plants.

  • The safer and yet really effective alternative for using dish soap for controlling fleas in your yard is the insecticidal soap.

With the insecticidal soap, you won’t be concerned about killing off your yard grass and plants since this remedy is less toxic.

  • Luckily the insecticidal soap is more specific in its flea-killing action compared to the dish soap.
  • Therefore the pesticide soap won’t kill all the insects indiscriminately

I find this a very important aspect of the pesticide soap as you use it in the yard since not only insects can be classified as harmful while others are beneficial such as the bees and some bugs in the yad.


You can’t remove fleas from your yard or garden using natural solutions like diatomaceous earth and nematodes without harming your pets like cats & dogs.

  • I can also recommend that you insure the yard is always trimmed neatly as these will help keep the pests away.

However, Dawn dish soap is also an effective remedy that you can use to remove the fleas from your yard despite that it is less effective compared to other chemical remedies such as IGR yard flea sprays.