Stink Bugs Vs. Bed Bugs Expert Comparison

In this post, I compare stink bugs vs. bed bugs. These arthropods belong to the Cimicidae and Pentatomidae families, respectively.

  • Stink Bugs (shield bugs) have a shield-shaped body and belong to the Cimicidae family.
  • Bed bugs (in the Pentatomidae family) are often located in dark spaces like under beds, chairs, carpets, couches, and beds.

Sidenote: You can use steaming heat treatmentAmmonia or rubbing alcohol, or bed bug sprays. You can also check roach killers

Comparison: Stink Bugs Vs. Bed Bugs

1. Feeding mechanism

Bed bugs are blood-sucking in nature. Bed bugs feed on blood that makes them look round from their initial flat shape.

On the other hand, stink bugs like to feed on fruits, vegetables, and other insects. Stink bugs are often found in vegetable gardens and fruit trees. When found in a garden, stink bugs can destroy a lot of items and materials.

2. Appearance

Bed bugs are flat and round in shape. The shield shape of stink bugs makes them different from their counterpart bed bugs.

3. Wings – Do they fly

Stink bugs have well-designed wings that help them to fly. For bed bugs, you will find no wings in their makeup. Bed bugs do not fly because they have dysfunctional wing pads – and not wings great for flying.

4. Color

Without any scintilla of doubt, stink bugs come in a gamut of colors. These bugs can either be green, red, purple, brown, and black. However, the easiest way to notice a bed bug is its reddish-brown or yellow color. But before they suck blood (this is particularly true for baby bed bugs), bed bugs will appear white or yellow and have a flat oval shape.

5. Body Odor

Bed bugs may not unleash any specific smell when touched. Stink bugs are going to leave a foul odor on your hands when touched. One primary reason for calling these bugs to stink is that they often unleash a foul smell or odor when smashed.

When stink bugs touch anything, they often leave behind a distinctive lousy odor. These bugs can fly because they have well-crafted wings. It is essential to know that stink bugs will also bite or hurt you when disturbed in any way.

6. Living Environment

Stink bugs like light and can be found in places like vegetable gardens and fruit trees. The different colors of these bugs make them adapt and remain comfortable in any environment. Bed bugs like dark environments. Since they suck, blood human beings are their final host.

In a living apartment, stink bugs like hiding beneath sidings and other hard-to-reach areas. When winter is over, you can see these bugs matching out in their multitude from your house. Due to their nature of loving clear lights, you can find stink bugs around your windows and doors.

7. Body Size

The adult of both bugs maintains around a one-quarter inch long. The babies of a beg bug can be smaller than their counterpart stink bugs.

8. Bite differences

When stink bugs bite, there is every possibility to experience an allergic reaction. Besides, the bite from stink bugs can be painful at the same time. One fantastic feature of a stink bug is that it appears in a plethora of colors.

This feature makes it possible for stink bugs to blend and adapt to any environment they find themselves. Bed bugs will leave red welts that itch on your skin when they suck and bite.

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The bottom line is that bed bugs are blood-sucking in nature and can spread fast like a wildfire. Stink bugs can be irritating, annoying, infuriating, and can make people uncomfortable.

Remember that both bugs can be dangerous to human health and being. Controlling these bugs at the early stage is the only way to prevent infestation.

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