Terminix Review

Terminix Review – Is it Worth the Money?

Pests such as bed bugs, termites, fleas flies, and ants are a nuisance to homeowners but they will also threaten our health and investments such as houses.

  • So that is why I am still in the process of determining my pest control service.

Below I’ve done a Terminix Review – to analyze the pest control service in terms of the quality of their offerings, the customer support, and pricing.

Expert pest controllers will help prevent or remediate any pest issue you have in your home or business premises.

  • But in summary, my review of Terminix shows that it is the top and most reliable pest control services company in the United States.

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Details: Terminix Review

In my mission to find a reliable pest control company, I came across various services and I can rate Terminix top followed by Orkin.

  • Terminix has been in the business of controlling pests for over 90 years handling a range of pests including bed bugs, termites, roaches, ants, etc.
  • Terminix serves over 2 million commercial and residential clients.

The company has hired (over the years) expert pest exterminators and they have adopted technology massively.

  • For example, Terminix is documented to be the first pest control service to get a patent in the termite control area.

My review is that Terminix is a reliable and effective pest control self but it is good to examine multiple companies prior to picking the final one.

Upsides & Downsides of Terminix


  • Terminix pest service included the Nix bug Guarantee™ for a general control plan for pests so the next exterminator will come back to your residence when the pests return.
  • Terminix offers crawl space services and attic insulation besides the bug control
  • Has experienced exterminators with the company having 90 + years of operation
  • The back specialists include BCE-accredited and ACE-accredited members.


  • Terminix will provide the money-back guarantee in the year general bug control plan
  • Does not have a free bug inspection.
  • Pricey

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Bug Control Plans offered by Terminix

The various Terminix branches offer their clients pest control plans depending on the region.

  • However, Terminix office the general bug control in the whole US and also incorporates quarterly services

To get a general bug on pest control prices you will need to contact the local branch of the Terminix company.

  • Besides, Terminix provides tick control services (one-time) and mosquito control services (one-time).

1. General Pest or Bug Control Plan

The general pest or bug control plan by Terminix offers exterior and interior inspection plus treatment.

  • Also, you will benefit from bi-monthly and quarterly exchange treatments that will be scheduled
  • Nix Bug Guarantee™ and qualified technicians will be included.

The Nix Bug Guarantee™ by Terminix implies that as a client you will keep the best problem under control since the technicians will come back if there is a reoccurrence of the pests.

  • Under this guarantee, Terminix will control bugs or pests that may come back between the various scheduled treatments for free

The general pest or bug control plan covers 13 pests that are regular in most homes.

  • These include paper wasps Millie b crickets earwigs centipedes silverfish clothes moths scorpions rats mice spiders (non-dangerous) cockroaches and house ants.

2. Monthly Quick-Guard Mosquito Plan

The monthly Quick-Guard mosquito control plan incorporates chemicals that will remove fast

The Terminix technician will conduct their initial bug inspection and formulate a treatment plan considering where the mosquitoes breed and live.

The active ingredients in the quick-guard formulation (making a protection zone) will be protected from weather and water by the unique polymer.

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3. Tick Defend Plan

The tick defense Plan by Terminix includes four steps that will exterminate various tick species.

  • The plan incorporates granules and liquids that are dual-action and this will help build a barrier against these bugs.

Luckily, this tick defense plan system offers a quick knockdown on the pests as you will get immediate results.

  • Also, the tick defense plan is a one-time treatment against pests.

4. Termite Removal

The Terminix On-Guard Termite plan enables the technicians to block these pests prior to them attacking your structures.

These are the steps that will be involved in this on-guard termite plan:

  • The exterminators will install termite bait stations at distances of between 10 feet – 15 feet with the aim of creating a protection zone in the home.
  • The termites will eat the setup bait before going back to the larger colony. The other termites in hiding will also eat the bait and get poisoned.
  • The exterminators will undertake annual termite inspections (on your property) by monitoring the stations for any presence of termites.

Luckily, the Terminix exterminator will create a plan that fits the needs of your own during the inspection stage.

  • You may also get the Nix and fix termite control car guarantee

5. Bed Bug Control

For bed bug control, Terminix will also offer treatments that are customized targeting the pests in their breeding and living areas.

  • The initial step (and free) will involve a comprehensive inspection of the home including linens, furniture, and beds.
  • The second step will involve the Terminix technician removing any bed bugs that are visible.
  • Also, Terminix will conduct an appropriate treatment to kill the hidden eggs and adult bed bugs.

The company utilizes various bed bug control measures including monitoring devices, mattress encasement, and steam.

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Terminix Pricing and Service Locations

Terminix pest control services are available in all the U.S. states except for Vermont, South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, and Alaska.

  • The annual prices for Terminix services are from around $550 – $700 – this will cover pest control for a home that is about 2,000-square-foot.
  • The additional tick control plan will be about $80 monthly while the mosquito plan will be about $60 monthly.


Terminix is a reliable pest control service that is dedicated to the clients in terms of offering quality services and great communication.

  • I love their online chat service because I can talk to the representative of Terminix whenever I have any pest control issue.