Thrift Drain Cleaner Review – For Sinks & Toilets

Finding a decent drain cleaner is difficult. Most options on the market are far too expensive. And those that you can afford are often limited in the functions they can perform.

So you have to purchase multiple types and brands of drain cleaners to sufficiently cater to your home’s entire plumbing system. 

+What is the Thrift T-600 Alkaline Based Drain Cleaner?

Kitchen Sink Strainer

Thrift T-600 is an acid-free drain cleaner. In other words, it can eliminate the organic matter that clogs your drains without using acidic components.

The Thrift T-600 cleaner stands out because it provides four cleaning solutions where other drain cleaners only cater to one or two disparate issues.

+Why You Need the Thrift T-600 Alkaline Based Drain Cleaner?

Clogging is unavoidable. Human activity is designed to produce the sort of waste that debilitates a plumbing system’s functions. You can neither prevent nor guard against clogging.

Every time you shower, you shed hair. This is particularly problematic if you live in a home with multiple women. But even if the hair wasn’t a problem, any bath you take will probably involve soap, shampoo, or some detergent.

Soap scum and bath oils are common causes of clogging. The same can be said for the grease that pours down the drain of your kitchen sink every time you wash your plates after a scrumptious dinner.

Over time, all that grease and soap scum and hair and bath oils will accumulate to create blockages. The symptoms are difficult to miss. You will notice that the water in your sink drains slower than usual and that the drain even spits back food particles every once in a while.

If you allow the situation to deteriorate without taking action, your drains will stop working altogether.

Now, people are quick to reach out to plumbers who often waste no time in opening all the pipes and deploying their drain snakes whenever this happens.

Drain cleaners like the Thrift T-600 generally make all that chaos unnecessary. If you hate the mess that the unclogging process attracts, you can pour a drain cleaner down your pipes and sewers and then sit back and wait for it to do all the work.

It sounds like a lazy approach to the problem, but it works. You don’t really need any technical plumbing knowledge. Anyone can deploy the Thrift T-600 Drain cleaner.

+What Does the Thrift T-600 Alkaline Based Drain Cleaner Do?

The Thrift T-600 cleaner comes in a 6-pound bottle filled with dry, odorless crystals. To deploy the cleaner, pour the crystals down the drain and then pour hot water.

The hot water will activate the crystals, and the crystals will liquefy all the hair and the grease clogging your drains.

It is that simple. There are no unique drain snakes required, no plumbers that you need to hire to dismantle and re-configure your pipes.

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+What Makes the Thrift T-600 Drain Cleaner so Special?

As mentioned above, drain cleaners are nothing new. You can find one in most local stores in your area.

So what makes the Thrift T-600 so unique? Well, the most significant difference between this item and its rivals is its efficiency. The Thrift T-600 is not the only drain cleaner that can satisfactorily liquefy hair and grease.

However, most other drain cleaners perform this task over several hours, and that is perfectly fine. Dismantling organic matter isn’t easy. But this is where the Thrift T-600 shines.

It does its work in just 60 seconds. You wouldn’t be faulted for approaching that claim with some skepticism. Most people don’t believe it either.

But the drain cleaner is truly as effective as it promises. And everyone who has ever used it will tell you as much.

The Thrift T-600 is quite dramatic in its work, especially if you have particularly heavy blockages. Do not be too surprised if your home’s silence is broken by some belching and moaning sounds.

You don’t have to wonder whether or not the product is working. It will let you know immediately.

+ Pros

1). You can find plenty of drain cleaners on the market that works on either sewer lines, grease traps, septic systems, or drains. But this product applies to all four areas. Drain cleaners are rarely that multi-functional.

2). The cleaner works so quickly. Expect results in as little as sixty seconds. This is as opposed to other products that require several hours.

3). Despite its efficacy as a drain cleaner that eats hair and grease, the Thrift T-600 will only affect organic matter. It won’t eat acrylic, fiberglass, or any other delicate components. As such, you can use it on kitchen and bathroom surfaces without worry.

4). The drain cleaner is not disruptive. Whereas many other drain cleaners produce dangerous fumes, this one doesn’t even have much odor. So you can use it in hospitals, schools and the like without causing distress.

5). The product is straightforward to use. Just pour the crystals and then add hot water.

6). The crystal format makes the drain cleaner safer to use.

+ Cons

1). The drain cleaner is quite expensive.

2). Even though it is supposed to be less disruptive, the drain cleaner still produces toxic vapors when it is in use. If you come too close to the drain, the vapor will irritate your eyes and nose.

+Does, the Thrift T-600 Alkaline, Based Drain Cleaner Work on Toilets?

This product works so well that it is easy to see why some people might be tempted to use it in their toilet. But the drain cleaner only activates when hot water is applied.

So even if you got the crystals in place, you have no way of running hot water over them in a toilet. More importantly, even the packaging warns you against using the drain cleaner on toilet bowls and garbage disposals.

That being said, if you have the plumbing experience and can afford to pull the toilet up, the Thrift T-600 could work for you.


Drain Cleaners might be a dime a dozen today, but it is easy to see why this one draws so much attention.

You won’t find that many drain cleaners on the market that come in crystal format, only require hot water to activate, and can liquefy hair and grease in 60 seconds without ruining your polished brass, porcelain, and chrome trim, plastic, or even the metal pipes.

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