What is blep in pets (Cats and dogs)

The interwebs never cease to amaze! You must have encountered the popular word “blep” – among other words such as Boops and Mlems, particularly among the pet and cat fanatics.

So, what is blep? And why do cats blep?

In this article, I will discuss how you can identify a cat “blepping”. Also, I will outline why the cats blep.  

If you want a short answer, here you go. However, you can read on to know whether blepping is good or bad, in both dogs and cats.

Blep denotes an action where a cat or dog unconsciously sticks out its tongue, especially for an extended amount of time.

Bleps can be considered as unintentional actions. The pet leaves their tongue outside their mouth making the cat or dog seem like it has become suddenly shocked.

Further, cats blep normally while resting. Howvre, this action can also signify damage to the face, teeth or jaw.

Video of a cat Blep

Here’s is a Cat Blep

Do all pets Blep and Why Do cats Blep?

Despite that blep fans believe that cats are the only animals capable of blepping, I believe that most pets can blep.

Bleps is a normal act is most animals. However, in some cases, blepping could be an indication of an underlying medical condition.

Therefore, you should ensure to know your normal at-rest position of your pet to as to identify if there are any abnormal bleeping that could require medical attention.

A normal blep may happen due to

  • A cats or dog’s tongue being too big for its mouth such that it sticks out for increased comfort.


A blep could also happen because of face, teeth or jaw damage. In such a case, the pet’s mouth is unable to comfortably hold the tongue and thus it will stick out.  

Abrupt Disturbance

Most cats will hang their cat out if you disturb them while they are grooming.

However, you can investigate your cat further if it has suddenly started to blep, particularly if it shows additional signs like eating challenges and drooling.

Therefore, consider calling or visiting the vet to check your cat if you note abnormal blep behaviour.


A blep may be due to a Hanging Tongue Syndrome. 

Hanging Tongue Syndrome – Blep in Dogs

A blep in dogs could be a sign of Hanging Tongue Syndrome.

In Hanging Tongue Syndrome, a dog’s tongue is painful due to becoming dry and cracking, which forces the pet to stick its tongue out.

Therefore, if you not your dog blepping, check the above initial signs and symptoms of a possible Hanging Tongue Syndrome.

If you note some or all the signs, then you should call your vet to give your dog the required medical attention or carry them with the Dog Backpack Carrier to the Vets office for medical attention.

Wrap Up

Well, now you know – the common blep” should be investigated further beyond the fanaticism hype as it could indicate a medical condition in your pet.

However, a blep could also be normal in some pets in their resting position.

Therefore, stay woke with your pets.



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