What Kills Fleas in the Yard Naturally

What Kills Fleas in the Yard Naturally?

Using pesticide sprays, among other chemical flea control methods, is considered the best way to control fleas in every Yard.

  • But other home remedies are equally effective for someone who would like to try a DIY approach.

So, what kills fleas in the yard naturally? So, check the below home remedies: 

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1. Diatomaceous earth

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) for fleas has silica shards that’ll cut through the fleas’ waxy exoskeleton causing dehydration and eventual death of the bugs and the flea larvae.

Luckily, the Food-grade DE will be safe to use around human beings and animals. Avoid the DE that’s used in charcoal filters or swimming pools.

The razor-sharp edges of the crushed Diatomaceous Earth will kill the fleas through dehydration. However, ensure to wear kitchen or garden gloves to avoid drying the hands.

The next step will be sprinkling DE on soft furniture, dog beds, and carpet. Allow DE to settle and do its magic for about three days. Vacuum the surfaces thoroughly to kill fleas, their eggs, and also larvae.

2. Dawn Dish soap

Dawn dish soap is an excellent non-chemical solution to kill fleas. It damages the exoskeletons of fleas and thus kills them.

It’ll break the waxy layer in the bug’s respiratory system allowing water to enter and, therefore, suffocation.

Further, the dawn dish soap reduces the surface tension in water and thus causing the fleas to drown after sinking – and thus functions as a surfactant.

3. Fine salt

Next, sea salt or household salt will kill fleas if it is finely ground. You’ll simply need to sprinkle the fine salt on the infested areas such as furniture or carpets – allow 12 to 48 hours.

Sprinkling the finely-ground salt and spraying some water over it makes a recipe for killing fleas. You can use this process in pens of poultry, hogs, or horses.

Also, as the saltwater continues drying, it’ll absorb water and moisture from the surroundings and thus kill the bugs through desiccation. 

Whether it uses natural or chemical ingredients? 

Generally, flea sprays for yards that contain chemicals are more effective. But there are a few good, non-toxic solutions available too.

Remember: always follow all instructions carefully. Not only is this important for safety reasons, but it will also ensure you get the best results.

Is it safe to use around your pets? – Always read the ingredients, instructions, and warning labels carefully. Some sprays are made with natural ingredients and may be safe to use around your pets.

With other sprays, you’ll need to remove your pet first before spraying and also wait until it dries completely before bringing pets back into the Yard. 

Whether it’s also effective before the adult stage: For the best results, you want to use sprays that get to the source of the problem: flea eggs, larvae, and pupae. 

Can Fleas Infest My Yard?

Definitely, Yes! Fleas will readily infest and multiply in your yards or lawns as they have a favorable environment. But you can effectively cut down on the number and frequency of flea attacks in the Yard by trimming vegetation, tree branches, and grass.

Trimming the excessive foliage will cut down on the available dark areas that you’ll see in your garden or lawn. This significantly cuts down on the favorable shady conditions needed by fleas larvae to survive. In the short term, I recommend using chemical flea treatment as some may not exterminate the flea larvae and eggs.

Therefore, for long-term control of these bugs, you’ll need to consider various methods of bug control that are readily available.

How Long will Fleas Live in my Yard?

Adult Fleas and different pests will mainly be lying on the underside, neck, and back of dogs and cats.

However, in cases of massive flea attacks, you may find the bugs lying or jumping around your bedroom, on the carpet, or the pet’s bedding.

However, the fleas must be coming from another area before they land on your way to the house. This is the place where we consider the Yard as the breeding and feeding ground for the bugs.

The Yard provides a shady, humid, and moist environment that is favorable for the breeding and growth of fleas.

This will be even better if there are tall grasses or woodpiles lying around the Yard. Check the public parks and dog houses for evidence of flea infestations. 


These chemical sprays are more expensive but far more effective. On the flip side, these sprays are less toxic to adult fleas – so you’ll either have to wait longer (8-10 days) before they die, or combine with other showers for faster results.

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