What Kills Spiders Instantly

What Kills Spiders Instantly? – 11 Effective Ways

This question of what kills spiders instantly is very tricky. Why kill the spiders when a large number are harmless? Some eat mosquitoes and other bugs in our homes and play an important role in the ecosystem.

  • So, what kills spiders instantly? Well, use essential oils, vinegar, diatomaceous earth, ammonia, bleach among others. You can also use pest control products that kill fast though on the other hand, their safety levels are questionable. 

That notwithstanding, spiders in our houses-whether venomous or not make our houses look untidy. Related: Compare Spider Bite to Mosquito Bite.

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What Kills Spiders Instantly? –  A Safer and Quicker Remedy

Though most spiders are harmless in our homes, some are a serious threat within the house.

  • In the US some spiders like the black widow and brown recluse are very common and may force you to take immediate action against all spiders in your house.

As a homeowner, when killing those harmful spiders, always take note of the ways that are also safe and maybe the natural ways of doing it. Essential oils, vinegar, cider, ammonia, diatomaceous earth can be used.

1. Diatomaceous Earth

This is a white powder that is very common for use in our households to control common bugs and pests. The good thing about this powder is that it is safe for home use even when there are children and pets.

  • This powder works by dehydrating spiders causing them to die. It absorbs the soils, waters, and fats from the spiders causing their death.
  • After contact with DE, it will not take more than 24 hours before the spider dies.  This powder also remains active

Also, the DE remains active as long as you are able to keep it intact and also dry within your house.

When applying a tablespoon of DE mixed in a bottle will effectively do the work of killing those venomous spiders and other bugs hiding within and outside your house.

  • Spray the target areas being careful not to inhale the dust because it is harmful. 

2. Vinegar

This is still another useful product within your house that you can use to control or kill spiders. Vinegar has acetic acid which plays a vital role in chasing spiders from our houses.

  • It chases spiders by producing a strong odor that keeps them off.
  • Vinegar is very common in most homes and also safe to use where there are pets and children.

Before you can use vinegar in control against spiders, mix it with water in a ratio of 1:1 and then spray it around the infested area.

3. Ammonia Mixed With Water 

Ammonia is a good agent for use against spiders. It works by producing a staunch smell that rebels against them. However, it cannot be used alone and should be mixed with water in the ratio of 1:1.

  • When you have achieved this, you can then proceed to spray it around the affected areas to chase away the spiders.

Ammonia has also been used as one of the active ingredients to manufacture Windex which is used to kill spiders both outdoors and indoors. 

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4. Citrus

Citrus is as good as vinegar. You can use it to keep spiders out of your home.

  • You can use citrus in many forms. You can opt to mix it with water and spray it around your house to keep off the spiders.

You can spray it on their entry point on windows, crevices, and others hiding areas for the spiders. You can also use citrus to clean around your house. The strong smell from the citrus repels away the bugs and also spiders.

5. Mint

Mint is among the essential oils that you can use to repel the spiders from your homes.

  • When using this essential oil, it is good to mix it with water before you can spray it all-around your house and any other place you intend.

If what you have are the flesh peppermint leaves, try smashing the leaves in order for them to produce the smell. You can place them at strategic points within your house to repel all the bugs and spiders.

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6. Borax

Though borax is not used to kill spiders, it serves a very good purpose in keeping the spiders away from your home.

  • As for borax, it kills the bugs and other insects within our homes that spiders feed on.

This leaves the spider with nothing to eat and with no choice but to relocate where there is food.

7. Vacuum cleaning and dusting

Though this does not involve the use of chemicals and substances, dusting helps keep your house off spiders. Spiders love dusty areas where they can establish cobwebs to trap their prey.

  • With proper and regular dusting, spiders will not be able to thrive in such an environment.

Alternatively, vacuum cleaning is also a good option for dusting your home and keeping off spiders and also other insects.

8. Cedar

This is also another essential oil that you can use to eliminate spiders and other bugs from your home.

  • Like most other essential oils, mixing cedar with water makes it easy to spray around the infested areas and eliminate the spiders.

Don’t allow spiders to scare you when all you can do is use cedar. Related: Spider Spray for Yard.

9. Neat Housekeeping

Poor housekeeping is also a good recipe to attract spiders into your house.

  • If you leave your house unattended for days, you are likely to find spiders and cobwebs all over.

To avoid all this keep your house neat as with regular cleaning, dusting and properly arranging your clothes in the wardrobe.

In Summary

Other than what kills spiders instantly, you can consider repelling them away from your home.

  • This is despite some being venomous but a big number of spiders are also harmless and sometimes helpful by preying on dangerous insects in our homes like mosquitoes.
  • Even so, allowing spiders into our house makes it look weird and sometimes untidy.

Instead of killing them, you can repel them to the natural environment or trap them because they are an important part of other parts of the ecosystem. As discussed, use the trick of natural and safe ways of repelling spiders away from your home without harming them.