When Do Mosquitoes Come Out

When Do Mosquitoes Come Out?

So, when do mosquitoes come out? Naturally, mosquitoes tend to go during certain times of the day or season. Knowing their most active time or season presents an excellent opportunity to prevent bites or diseases they come with. So, when do mosquitoes come out? 

Well, mosquitoes will come out either during the day or night, depending on the species. However, they often avoid the scorching midday sunlight to prevent dehydration. Besides, they remain active in the warmer months and hibernate during winter. 

But it’s possible to have mosquitoes in indoor spaces during the winter season because it’s warmer inside there. Thus it would help if you were prepared with mosquito repellents during winter to keep off those that come indoors to escape low temperatures out there. 

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When Do Mosquitoes Come Out? Most Active? 

Plus, it would be best to get rid of possible mosquito breeding areas such as standing water. Read Also: Bed Bug Bites Vs. Mosquito Bites. The time of the day that mosquitoes come out to varies from one species to another. 

Out of the 176 recognized mosquito species in the U.S, only two are regarded as the most common. These include Culex Pipiens (common house mosquito) and the Aedes Aegypti (Asian tiger).

The Aedes usually come out during the day. They tend to be active from the morning up to late afternoon when they aggressively bite humans like fleas to get a blood meal.

They can infect humans with yellow fever, Zika virus, chikungunya, and dengue fever.

Culex pipiens start biting in the evening and may remain active a couple of hours during the night. When Culex mosquitoes are infected with the West Nile virus, they can transmit it to humans through bites.

The Anopheles mosquitoes usually bite throughout the better part of the night, including dusk and dawn. They are known to cause malaria in humans. Read Also: Mosquito Yard Spray.

Are Mosquitoes Active Throughout The Year?

Well, you might have heard or come across some literature about “mosquito season.’’ These are times of the year when you’re likely to experience maximum mosquito presence or bites. But does it have to do with the seasons?

It’s something to do with the temperature levels and not the season. Since mosquitoes are cold-blooded creatures, their activity is affected by the temperature in their surroundings. Naturally, their action tends to be at the highest during the warm summer season.

Mosquitoes begin to become active above 10°C, often reaching full activity when temperatures reach 26°C and above.

Thus you expect higher chances of bites and infections from mosquitoes during such conditions. However, as temperatures escalate, mosquitoes go into hiding to escape dehydration.

Winter seasons are worst for mosquitoes. When temperatures fall below 10°C, they result in hibernation, and a period often referred to as diapause. During this period, you’re less likely to experience mosquito bites.

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Why Are Mosquitoes Active at Certain Times?

Naturally, mosquitoes are regarded as crepuscular because of their heightened activity at dusk and dawn. They prefer these hours because wind travels at slow speed, and there’s the presence of UV and polarized light.

Besides, there is increased humidity at these hours, which favors the functioning of their odor and thermal receptors. This enables them to locate their prey with ease. Read Also: Best Mosquito Repellent for Yard 

Schedule Your Travel to Off-Season: Some places like the equatorial regions are notorious for mosquito infestations, leading to illnesses. The best time to travel to these places is during the winter season when mosquitoes are less active.

To be on the safe side, it’s advisable to get vaccinated against mosquito-related illnesses, especially if you’re traveling to high-risk areas. 

Continuous Maintenance: It’s not enough to put up measures in readiness for the mosquito season. Regular assessment of risk factors can help you seal the loopholes that may put you at risk of mosquito infestation.

How to Prepare for ‘’Mosquito Season’’

Mosquitoes will disappear during winter and resurface once the cold season is over. Not only is the warm weather favorable to mosquitoes, but it’s also accompanied by rains that favor their breeding.

But how do you enjoy the favorable warm weather with mosquitoes in their most current mood?

Well, below are few tips to help you prepare your home against termites and for the dreaded mosquito season.

Get Ready for The Mosquito Season: Mosquitoes wreak havoc immediately as temperatures begin to get above 10 degrees. You should expect mosquitoes are starting spring all through to early fall.

So, it would help if you considered arming yourself with mosquito repellents and mosquito traps. The repellents expel as many mosquitoes as possible while the traps capture those that manage to come by.

Get Rid of Stagnant Water: Standing water provides the most conducive environment for mosquitoes to breed. So, identifying and draining standing water around your house goes a long way to minimize mosquito breeding.

With the onset of rainfall, it’s also essential to identify and remove items that may collect water in your backyard or lawn. Old tires, garbage cans, open ditches, clogged gutters, and tarps are potential areas for standing water.

Also, repair any leaking taps in your backyard as these could lead to stagnant water. Read Also: Best Mosquito Yard Spray.

Clear Bushes, maw Grass, and Trim the Fence: Overgrown vegetation provides hiding areas for mosquitoes to escape the heat during the day. Therefore, the plant should be kept to minimal levels to make it unattractive for mosquitoes to hide.

Erect Mosquito Screens: Putting up mosquito screens on your windows and doors early minimizes mosquitoes’ chances of getting indoors. You can erect the displays shortly before the temperature starts soaring up.

Beware of Peak Times: Mosquitoes tend to be active in the morning, evenings, and afternoons.

If you must go out during these times, then you should consider having extra protection in the form of repellents, head nets, and so on. These could be helpful, especially when you’re in the garden or during a hike.

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The winter season brings a lot of relief from mosquito bites and illnesses. That because mosquitoes tend to hibernate from the cold weather.

But once the winter is over, you need to get prepared to protect yourself and your family from the resurgence of mosquitoes. Armed with the above knowledge and tips, you don’t have to abandon your routines for fear of mosquitoes.

However, more considerable precautions are necessary when outdoors. Besides clearing hiding and breeding areas, you can use repellents and wear long-sleeved clothes to prevent bites.

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