When to Use a Cockroach Bomb

When to Use a Cockroach Bomb? 7 Tips

Roaches will invade your building or home through various routes and then multiply rapidly. There are many methods you can use to control roaches – like roach bombs. 

So, on the question – when to use a cockroach bomb? Use roach bombs when other DIY control methods don’t work and when the infestation is massive and has proven stubborn. 

The nocturnal roaches can be noted with the oily (strong-scented) scent, empty egg casings, or droppings. Check too: Roach Infestation Signs. Check out the top roach bombs below…

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Effective? – When to Use a Cockroach Bomb? 

Cockroach bombs will exterminate the bugs when you apply the chemical insecticide in the confined or enclosed space – as explained by entomologists

  • The roach-killing insecticide will be hung around the air shortly before they drop on the ground – this allows them to cover the surfaces and poison the cockroaches. 

Mainly, roach bombs and foggers will work best when positioned at the center of the spaces or room and on top of the table or chair.

The fogger contents will jump upwards – the chemical droplets to get suspended in the air for some time before slowly settling on surfaces like countertops and floors.

  • The roach bomb allows the insecticide to readily penetrate into the hidden locations, voids and cracks to kill the silverfish, ants, and cockroaches.

Carefully read the bomb instructions and adhere to their usage instructions – note that it’s flammable due to the petroleum distillate. 

Likely Issues with Roach Bombs

The EPA works effectively in regulating pesticides plus those of roach bombs – this ensures the safety of the house, humans, and pets too.

  • Key considerations include the number of roach foggers to apply in a given space or area.
  • Further, humans and pets included must vacate the space under roach treatment using the bombs. 
  • Finally, the EPA recommends a thorough vacuuming, cleaning, and airing of the treated space. 

Notably, if you breathe the insecticide mist, you may cause poisoning to the pets in closed doors and various areas against pets and humans. 

  • Therefore, I advise you to keep off the roach-treated spaces for between 2-4 hours – and thus you’ll avert possible poisoning or illness. 

Should I use a Roach bomb?

But first, total release aerosols, roach bombs, foggers will offer an effective and quick remedy for the bugs as they release toxic pesticides. 

But also remove water and food souses to discourage cockroaches – but also seal various roach entrances and equally install bait traps

  • Roach bombs are an excellent DIY, cheap, and quick bug solution if you’re disturbed by those massive infestations. 

However, using roach foggers can have some drawbacks – these may include: 

  1. Roach bombs may prove toxic due to the chemical pesticides – the fogger residue will coat the home surfaces that may harm smaller pets like bearded dragons
  2. Foggers are equally flammable when the petroleum particles explode when there is a fire ignition such as a stove or water heater. 

Further, roach bombs may be blocked by house walls – and thus the chemicals might not hit all the cockroaches that are hiding – you’d better use roach sprays

  • Besides roach foggers or bombs won’t treat the roach source – it’ll exterminate just some of the roaches in your house. 
  • You’ll require to adequately treat yourself properly against roaches to prevent or reducing their entry into the house from outside. 

But should you use store-bought roach bombs? Are they effective? Well, don’t pick foggers from your store as they have a bad coat and odor, plus they’ll leave a mess. 

Safety Precautions while using Roch Foggers 

The precautions to consider in using roach bombs especially around kids, plants, and pets include: 

  • Note that the chemicals used in those roach foggers may be toxic – thus you’ll require to follow the usage directions – so you don’t harm the pets and family. 

Further, take care of the food containers and items – ensure they’re covered tightly and also store the uncovered food in areas that foggers particles won’t settle. 

Note that the fogger particles may penetrate some plastics, fabric, cardboard, and paper – since some of these are porous – do, you’ll need to cover food using non-porous materials. 

Besides, you’ll require to turn off electronics and ignition sources such as pilot lights prior to setting off your roach bomb – as a fire may start. 

Make sure the house and the premises are adequately ventilated once you’ve completed roach bombing. Remain (plus the pets) outsides as instructed on label instructions. 

Check label instructions on how to ventilate the house once you get back to the space – such as opening the windows. You may need to consult the landlord before the treatment. 

Should I Hire an Exterminator?

Roches will invade the home or office spaces and notoriously get challenging to control – they’ll hide easily and are equally resilient to pesticides. 

Therefore, first try DIY roach-treatment methods such as sealing wall gaps, boric acid, and removing water plus food sources – but if this doesn’t work, you’ll need a roach expert.

So, consult some pest management expert to find the bugs plus their sources and finally treat them. So, consult that expert bug professional to help. 

Roaches do pose a significant public health problem for many homeowners – they’ll help identify the harborage points where roaches may hide. 


So, on the question – when to use a cockroach bomb? Use roach bombs when other DIY control methods don’t work and when the infestation is massive and has proven stubborn.

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